Are Maine Coon Cats Always Big? How Big Do They Get?

When it comes to deciding on a cat breed, size is important. Knowing if your pet will be big small or big will help you prepare a comfortable living environment for them. You might be wondering whether Maine Coon cats are always big. We did the research to bring you the answer.

Maine Coons are considered a large breed of cat. When fully grown, they can weigh between 8 to 18 lbs with males being on the heavier spectrum. Their normal height falls between 10 and 16 inches. When compared to the average cat, this breed is certainly considered large.

Continue reading because we'll tell you more regarding Maine Coon's size and how big they can get. We'll also share with you how long it takes before they are fully grown, how you'll know if your Maine Coon is big, and if they are high-maintenance pets. Without further ado, let's get into it.

A Maine Coon cat sleeping on the garden, Are Maine Coon Cats Always Big? How Big Do They Get?

How Big Is A Maine Coon Compared To A Normal Cat?

Maine Coons, also known as the American Longhair, are a popular breed of domestic cats. They are well-loved for their affectionate nature. Besides, they are no ordinary felines. There are many traits and characteristics that set them apart from other cats.

The size of Maine Coons is one of their distinctive features. They are often referred to as gentle giants because, well, they are a big breed of cats. After all, they are directly related to the Norwegian Forest cats, which are also one of the biggest cats around.

Whereas normal cats have an average weight of 10 lbs and a height of 10 inches, a full-grown Maine Coon can be as heavy as 25 lbs and grow up to be 18 inches tall.

A huge Maine coon cat sleeping on the flooring

They can have a length of up to 30 inches from the tip of their nose up to the base of their furry tail while most cats are just around 20 inches long.

There have been reports of Maine Coons being as heavy as 33 lbs, but these are already considered overweight. Pet parents are advised to always give their pets a proper diet and exercise so that these friendly pets don't get overweight. With their laidback personality, they are prone to obesity.

How Do I Know If My Maine Coon Is Big?

American Longhair cats are indeed a large breed. If their big paws as kittens are any indication, you can bet they will grow to a massive size since these are said to be proportional to their size.

You can also check their weight chart to give you an idea of how big they can get as they develop into full-grown adult cats.

Of course, how big they get would still depend on your cat's genetics, diet, and whether they are purebred or with mixed lineage. For example, purebred Maine Coons are larger and have a more muscular body frame than those with mixed lineage.

Meanwhile, genetics would dictate which traits they will inherit from their parents. Recessive genes might also manifest themselves, so we can't really say if they'll be taller or shorter than their feline parents.

The kind of nutrition that they get will also play a major part in their growth. They need food that's high in protein to help in building their bones and muscles.

Each feline is different, and the weight chart is just there to serve as a guide for pet parents to see if their pets are on the right track when it comes to their growth and development.

How Long Does It Take A Maine Coon To Reach Full Size?

Surely Maine Coons aren't your average cat when it comes to size. But it also takes them a much longer time to reach their full growth potential compared to most cats.

While the average cat reaches its full size after one year of age, Maine Coons take 4 to 5 years before they're fully grown! During this time, male American Longhair can weigh around 15 to 25 lbs while females can be between 8 to 12 lbs.

Their slow growth is also the reason why they develop into larger cats. Their bodies are given more time to develop their muscles and bones.

These American Longhair felines should be fed with kitten food until they reach 24 months old because this diet contains the essential nutrients that their growing bodies need. They are specially formulated to offer more proteins, fats, and calories that promote growth and development.

When they turn 2 years old, you can transition them to adult cat food. This is more for the maintenance of their overall health. With proper nutrition and exercise, they can have a strong body and muscular build. Their life expectancy is an average of 15 years.

It is also not recommended to start breeding the American Longhair before they're are all grown up because it might hinder their growth.

Are Maine Coons High Maintenance?

A fierce looking Maine coon cat looking at the camera

One of the things pet parents need to consider when deciding to get a Maine Coon cat is their requirements regarding their maintenance.

There are felines that are high or low in maintenance, and pet owners need to take note of this. You might end up with a lot more work than you can manage to give.

What does maintenance require? It's not just about regular grooming. It entails spending more time with your pet for their physical exercise and mental stimulation. They demand your attention and affection. You need to train them to manage their behavior.

You also need to make sure of the cleanliness of their environment so they won't get sick. Some pets even require a special diet so that they will reach their full growth and development.

Maine Coon cats aren't considered to be high maintenance. They have a laidback personality that makes them so easy to live with.

When it comes to grooming, since they have a long and thick fur, you need to brush it frequently so that it'll be shiny and free of mats.

For their diet, you only need to feed them small meals during the day as long as you're giving them high-quality food. This will also prevent overeating that could lead to obesity.

Their bodies are hardy and strong. But you need to watch out for signs of hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or spinal muscular atrophy. These are diseases that they could inherit from their parents.

Mature Maine Coon cats can be left by themselves for 12 hours at most, and they're expected to do just fine. They are not too demanding of your attention and can keep themselves busy while you're at work.

Just make sure that you've catproofed your home and leave your cat with everything they need and they'll be fine.

Final Thoughts

Maine Coons are bigger than most cats. But despite their large size, they aren't high maintenance at all. This just means you have a cuddlier pet who gets along well with everyone in the family and will definitely make your days happier.

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