Do Ragdoll Cats Travel Well?

White cat with blue eyes in the car chair, Do Ragdoll Cats Travel Well?

There’s no doubt about it, Ragdoll cats are uber-cute and make the best pets. They’re the type who wants to always stay close with their humans. But what about when traveling, are they also great to bring along for a…

Are Ragdolls One-Person Cats?

Two month old ragdoll kitten, Are Ragdolls One-Person Cats?

It is heartwarming to know that you are your pet’s favorite human, right? However, it can pose some problems when they get clingy to you. If you’re wondering if Ragdoll cats get attached to one person, in particular, we’ve researched…

Can You Over Brush A Cat?

Woman combs a dozing cat's fur. Ginger cat's head lies on woman hand., Can You Over Brush A Cat?

Who here loves to brush their cat’s hair? Do you sometimes worry that you’re overdoing it, especially when you hear about stories of cats going bald after too much brushing? When should you stop brushing your feline’s hair? We asked…

Can Cats Eat Fried Chicken?

Beautiful young cat eating fried chicken wings, Can Cats Eat Fried Chicken?

Does your cat give you that pitiful look whenever you’re eating fried chicken? And when you finally give in and give her a chunk of it, she won’t leave your side until you give her some more? We find it…

Can Cats Eat Doritos?

A British shorthair cat climbing on top of the table, Can Cats Eat Doritos?

Pet parents sometimes can’t help but share whatever it is they’re eating with their furry friends. Especially when they look at you with those big eyes. But is this a good practice? What about if you’re snacking on your favorite…