Can Kittens Have Temptations Treats? – What You Need To Know

Ever thought about treating your little furball to some Temptations treats? These popular goodies are adored by grown-up cats, but what about kittens? Can kittens have Temptations treats?

In this article, we'll dive deep into the age-appropriate treats for your tiny pet. Are there alternatives if they're too young? And, how about the quantity - how many is too many?

We'll also investigate some rumors. Can these treats trigger urinary tract infections? The answers might surprise you. Stick with us as we unravel the world of cat treats and snacks - helping you make the best choices for your beloved kitten.

Decoding The Hype: Temptations Treats For Kittens

Primarily, Temptations are treats designed for grown-up cats. The creators advise against offering these goodies to kittens younger than 12 months.

This period is a time of transition, as they slowly shift from kitten food to adult varieties, and their bodies adjust to digesting mature cat foods.

Hang on as we tell you more about why you need to hold out on giving Temptations cat treats to your young furball.

When can kittens eat Temptations treats?

Felines are not yet considered full-grown adults until they reach the age of 18 months.

This can even take up to 2 years or longer for large breeds of cats. So that means that those who are below this age are still considered kittens.

We need to point this out because cats have different dietary and nutritional needs at every stage of their life cycle. Kittens need to consume more protein, fat, and calories to support their growth and development.

On the other hand, the recommended diets for adult and senior cats involve lower calories and protein since they are less energetic than kittens.

According to the Temptations cat treats' website, their goodies are recommended for cats ages 12 months and above.

These treats have been specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of adult cats.

Temptations treats aren't really fit for your kitten who has a specific dietary requirement. H

er body is also not yet able to fully digest grown-up cat food so you're better off giving treats that have been particularly produced to meet the nutritional needs of her age group.

Kitten eats from a steel bowl

How many Temptations can I give my kitten?

The manufacturers themselves do not recommend that you give these treats to kittens below 12 months of age.

When you're already transitioning your pet to adult cat food upon turning 1 year old, it is best to give these treats a little at a time.

Referring to their feeding guide, producers suggest that you shouldn't give more than 10 to 12 treats per day for every 10 lbs of cat's weight. This is for the regular varieties of their cat treats.

For their Dentabites, you can give them up to 14 pieces. You may adjust the servings depending on your pet's weight.

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Can Temptations cat treats cause urinary tract infection?

Temptations cat treats are advertised to be healthy delights that we can give to our pets. Their website says that these treats have complete nutrients that adult cats need.

However, a couple of notes of feedback from some pet parents disclose that these treats have caused their cats to develop urinary tract infections.

But there hasn't been any conclusive evidence that Temptations was really the culprit.

On the other hand, many pet parents say that they use these treats and their cats are perfectly healthy. What we can learn here is the importance of giving these treats to felines in moderation.

As stated in their feeding guide, the daily limit for the regular varieties of Temptations cat treats is 10 to 12 pieces for those with a weight of 10 lbs.

Meanwhile, you can give a maximum of 14 Dentabites treats per day for cats of the same weight.

Producers also recommend that you always provide fresh water for your pet to ensure proper hydration.

This will help prevent other health issues as well.

If your pet manifests symptoms of a urinary tract infection, it is best to take her to the vet immediately so that she will get the right treatment.

What treats are safe for kittens?

Pet parents want to start teaching their kittens to be house-trained as early as possible. Treats are an essential part of training as your little furballs see them as incentives to learn the behavior that you're teaching.

When your kittens have been weaned and they already have teeth, you can introduce them gradually to solid food and treats.

Of course, it's best to choose nutritious treats for your pets so that you can instill good behavior and at the same time, contribute to their nutritional needs for optimum development.

Here are some of the most recommended healthy treats formulated specifically to meet their dietary requirements:

Buddy Biscuits Grain Free Cat Treats

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We recommend these healthy cat treats for all life stages, which means they're safe for your kittens. We make them with premium meat.

These goodies are free from grains and do not contain any gluten. Their soft and chewy texture makes them appealing to young furballs.

INABA Churu Lickable Creamy Puree' Cat Treats

You can give these nutritious lickable treats to cats of all ages. We make them with high-quality chicken and tuna meats.

These treats are low in calories but have high moisture content. They don't contain any grains, preservatives, or artificial flavors. That's why they are safe for your kittens.

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Get Naked Kitten Health Soft Treats

They have prepared these soft kitten treats using real chicken meat.

To know more about the best cat treats, you can read our post on the Top 10 Cat Treats Brands.

Kitten eats from a steel bowl

What snacks can I give my kitten?

Aside from occasional treats, some pet parents also give their felines snacks in between their main meals for the day. Of course, when choosing snacks as with treats, you should go for the healthier options.

Remember to go easy on these goodies as you don't want to diminish their appetite for their cat food.

Here's a list of some nutritious snacks for your pet:

  • Catnip
  • Cat grass
  • Boiled chicken
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Banana
  • Cooked carrots
  • A piece of melon
  • Sliced cheese
  • Fresh strawberries and blueberries
  • Canned or cooked fish

It is your duty to familiarize yourself with foods that are toxic for kittens so that you won't put them in their bowls.

Take note also that it really isn't necessary to feed your kittens with snacks. Given in excess, they might even cause your little pet to be obese and develop other related diseases.

If you're concerned about your kitten's diet, you should consult your vet or pet nutritionist.

They are the ones who can give you professional advice so that you'll know how to provide your little furball with the best nutrition that she needs at this point in her growth and development.

Wrapping It Up: Healthy Treat Choices for Your Kittens

At the end of the day, your kitten's health should be your priority. Nutrient-rich snacks and treats can go a long way in ensuring their well-being.

You may introduce Temptations cat treats into their diet once they hit their first birthday, but moderation is key. Remember, these treats should complement, not overshadow, your kitten's balanced diet.

If you want to know more about caring for kittens, you can also read Are Cat Trees Safe for Kittens?

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