10 Best Cat Beds For Large Cats

The Maine Coon, British Shorthair, and the Norwegian Forest Cat are some of the many large cats that can have difficulty fitting in a standard-sized cat bed. Finding an appropriately sized bed for your large cat can become a tough challenge. Take note that you’re now at the right place as we already searched the market for the best cat beds for large cats.

The following cat beds have been reviewed as the best for large cats because of the benefits and features they offer:

  1. Bedsure Comfy Pet Cat Bed
  2. Sunstyle Cosy Pet Bed
  3. Mora Pets Cat Bed
  4. Miss Meow Cat Bed
  5. Petmate Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed
  6. Long Rich Rectangle Pet Bed
  7. JIAYUAN Cat Bed and Cat Tree Condo
  8. Western Home Faux Fur Cat Bed
  9. Midwest Curious Cat Cube
  10. Pupagree Cat Window Hammock

You might be wondering about the things that make these large cat beds the best on the market. Hang on and let’s dissect some of these products’ advantages and features to help you finalize your purchasing decision.

A cute cat relaxing on his cat bed with cat foot print designs inside a living room, 10 Best Cat Beds For Large Cats

Recommended Cat Beds for Large Cat Breeds

In this section, let’s get into some specifics for the popular cat beds that we have chosen to be the best options for large felines.

1. Bedsure Comfy Pet Cat Bed

Treat your large feline with this premium cat bed. Its design is reminiscent of a small yet comfortable one-bedroom condominium for cats. The enclosed space presents kitties with a strong sense of security, perfect for pets trying to isolate themselves when guests arrive.

This cat bed also comes with a lightweight fluff ball hanging at the top of the entryway to provide a bit of light entertainment for your pet. Additionally, this cat bed also doubles as a cat scratcher with the rough material found at the bed’s side.

Check out this Bedsure comfortable cat bed on Amazon.

2. SUNSTYLE Cozy Pet Bed

This plush donut-style bed is perfect for all kitties (and small dogs) up to 35 lbs! It is crafted from durable polyester and faux fur which enhances the comfort and warmth of your kitty as she grows! The smaller 20"x20" inner section will calm your new kitten as she gets adjusted to her new surroundings. The overall size is 27"x27", making it ideal for a larger cat that needs room to strech out!

This bed is also machine-washable and can be dried in the dryer for easy care!

View this cat bed on Amazon.

3. Mora Pets Cat Bed

Fairly massive felines like Persians, Ragamuffins, and Maine Coons will find great comfort with this cat bed. With an XX-large size, it can fit most household cats. This product comes filled with a reasonably comfortable material without sacrificing optimal support. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for cats that may have issues like arthritis and joint pain.

This cat bed also has a non-slip and waterproof bottom for felines having some trouble controlling their bladders while sleeping. The material is also machine washable, but pet parents should keep their washing machines at a gentle wash cycle to avoid ruining the product’s construction.

Take a look at this Mora Pets pet mattress on Amazon.

4. Miss Meow Cat Bed

This cat bed isn’t only stylish, but its plush material makes it comfy for many domesticated cats, especially for the large breeds. The contemporary design looks like a personal cave for felines who don’t want to be bothered when they’re resting. Also, the memory foam fabric provides optimal comfort and support.

The included cushion cover is also removable and replaceable. Therefore, cat parents can replace this accessory easily when needed.

Check out this Miss Meow bed for indoor cats on Amazon.

5. Petmate Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed

The cold winter months can be harsh on a cat's skin and fur, which is where this cat bed comes into the scene. It uses self-heating technology, which is an excellent choice for proud pet parents that live in locations with cold climates. It’s because the material reflects the pet’s body heat across the entire cushion, providing excellent comfort and warmth.

The bed’s reasonably large size also makes this product an ideal fit for households that have both cats and dogs. Its lightweight construction also allows the bed to be sufficiently portable for vacations and road trips with pets.

Look at this Aspen self-warming cat bed on Amazon.

6. Long Rich Rectangle Pet Bed

This pet bed is an ideal choice for pet parents who don’t want to go through the process of second-guessing their purchasing decisions. With a length of 63.5 cm (25 inches), your large cat should have no problem fitting into the cushion, even when they stretch. Additionally, the reversible design offers great comfort while the raised sides provide extra security for your pet.

View this Long Rich all season rectangle pet bed on Amazon.

7. JIAYUAN Cat Bed and Cat Tree Condo

While many cat beds on the market follow a general design, it’s tough not to miss this product. With a design that looks like a cactus in a desert, this reasonably large cat condo is one way to make your pet’s relaxation time more enjoyable than before.

Its removable cushion is machine washable, which makes it easy to clean for cat parents. The chipboard base is also stable to avoid tipping and shaking, especially when your pet scratches on the built-in mushroom-like scratching post.

Check out the JIAYUAN cat tree bed and scratching post on Amazon.

8. Western Home Faux Fur Cat Bed

One look at this faux fur cat bed and your pet feline may not resist sleeping on it for extended periods. The furry and cozy plush invites small, medium, and large cats with its sizeable dimensions. This product's design also has a raised rim to provide extra head and neck support for sleeping pets.

Look into this Western Home LBUS20CB13LGM cat bed on Amazon.

9. MidWest Curious Cat Cube

Pet parents with this large cat bed will find it easy to relocate the cube to different indoor locations, thanks to its collapsible design. The package also includes a plush cushion and a hanging ball for some mild playtime with your cat. Furthermore, the neutral brown color should fit many household themes to avoid color clashes.

View the MidWest 137-BR cat bed on Amazon.

10. Pupagree Space Saving Cat Bed/Hammock

Many cats love to relax in high places, and so, this cat hammock that also functions as a bed can be the perfect way to satisfy that specific need. Its rugged frame and steel wires can handle the weight of many cats up to 40 pounds. It’s also easy to install, remove, and maintain.

Check this Pupagree window hammock for cats on Amazon. 

What Size is a Large Cat Bed?

Many household cats do have lengths within the 12 to 18 inches range. However, a Parade article says large cat breeds grow as much as 20 inches long. Therefore, large cat beds should have sizes that can cater to reasonably lengthy felines to provide optimal comfort and support.

Does My Cat Need a Bigger Bed?

If your cat is a growing kitty, it might need a bigger bed. Still, many cats prefer fairly large cushions so their bodies can stretch without compromising their relaxed states. It's best then to consider buying a fairly large bed regardless of your domestic cat’s breed and size. This idea can also apply when choosing cat trees.

Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Beds?

The different personalities of cats can make it challenging for many pet parents to choose open or closed beds. But you can closely observe your feline’s personality for your choice. Choose an open bed if your cat doesn’t mind sleeping with people nearby. On the other hand, buy a closed bed if the feline likes to isolate themselves when they sleep.

How Can I Make My Cat’s Bed More Comfortable?

A big cat sleeping in his small suede bed

Different options exist to help make your cat’s bed more comfortable than before. For instance, you can change the cushion’s material to a plushier option to increase the bed’s provided comfort. If you’re looking for a free method, you can change the location of the cat bed to a more preferable spot, such as an area with more light.

Final Words

The best cat beds for large cats offer top-notch features, such as superb comfort and ease of cleaning. Furthermore, the cushions should have adequate sizes to provide optimal support for the bodies of large felines. Take note of the details of each product to make sure your cat will be happy and snug in its new bed.

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