Top 10 Cat Treats Brands

Looking for the best cat treats brands for your favorite furball? The abundance of brands promising top-notch, nutritious snacks for cats can leave you overwhelmed. Worry not - this article is here to guide you through this treat-laden labyrinth.

We've researched and curated a list of the top 10 cat treat brands, considering various factors like their reputation, the ingredients they use, and more.

As you explore further, you'll discover valuable insights about each brand, along with key aspects that could influence your purchasing decision.

Learn which treats may pose a risk to your cat's health and which ones could be a beneficial addition to their diet. Plus, we tackle intriguing questions like, 'Are all cat treats equally nutritious?'

Without giving too much away, this article will equip you with the knowledge you need to make the best treat choices for your pet.

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Revealing The Top 10 Cat Treat Brands

Navigating the multitude of cat treat brands, each proclaiming to offer top-grade, nutritious snacks, can be a daunting task.

We've done the heavy lifting for you, diving into the cat treat market and distilling the best ones based on a variety of crucial factors like brand reputation and ingredient quality.

Here's our cherry-picked list of the best cat treat brands:

  1. Temptations
  2. Greenies Dental Treats
  3. Purina
  4. Meow Mix
  5. Blue Buffalo
  6. Wellness
  7. Vital Essentials
  8. Delectables
  9. Cat-Man-Doo
  10. Orijen

The following sections offer a detailed analysis of each brand and what makes them stand out in the market, thus empowering you to make an informed choice that benefits your beloved pet.

Deep Dive Into The 10 Best Cat Treat Brands

Rewarding cat treats to your pet feline is a good way to teach the animal good behavior. However, not all cat treats are the same as some options come from reputable brands.

The following are some of the trademarks in this sector that we found to be go-to brands for many cat parents.

1. Temptations

Temptations is a cat treat brand that prioritizes providing household kitties of relatively all sizes with complete nutrition from its products.

Many treats from this brand have crunchy shells with soft, chewy, and delectable interiors that many cats love.

Check out the Temptations MixUps Cat Treats on Amazon.

2. Greenies Dental Treats

Teeth and gum problems can still occur in household cats. It’s part of the main mission of Greenies to help both cats and dogs to have excellent dental health and optimal well-being.

This cat and dog treat brand takes pride in adhering to the guidelines set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Therefore, all consumable products offered by Greenies are safe for animal consumption.

The treats offered by Greenies work like a toothbrush; the products scrape along the gums and teeth of pets, removing plaque and tartar in the process.

Take a look at the Greenies Chicken-Flavored Dental Treats on Amazon.

3. Purina

Purina has been providing cat and dog food for over 90 years, which is why it’s relatively common to see the brand’s products in many pet stores.

The company’s operations began in 1894 when William H. Danforth partnered with William Andrews and George Robinson. At first, the business had the name Robinson-Danforth Commission Company, which was later renamed Ralston Purina in 1902.

The people who established Purina had a deep passion for caring for pets. This love allowed the original owners and their staff to create pet-friendly products, such as kitten food, wet cat food, and cat treats filled with nutritional goodness.

Check the Purina Friskies Party Mix Adult Cat Treats on Amazon.

4. Meow Mix

One way to get closer to your pet cat than before is to allure them with treats made with real meat, which is where Meow Mix enters.

Not only does the brand offer treats oozing with meaty flavors, but your cat also won't be at a high risk of becoming malnourished as the Meow Mix's treats have no artificial flavors.

Check out the Meow Mix Irrestistibles Cat Treats on Amazon.

5. Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo has a goal of wanting to provide nothing but the best food possible for pets. Everything began with Blue, this family-owned company’s dog.

Today, the brand offers different food options for both cats and dogs, including dry dog food, wet cat food, and cat treats.

Take a look at the Blue Wilderness Cat Treats on Amazon.

6. Wellness

Make your cat's snack and mealtime more enjoyable than before with the help of Wellness. This brand aims to build and solidify the foundation of many cats’ longer and healthier life.

Wellness provides different cat food and treats, using nothing but organic ingredients without fillers.

Check the Wellness Kittles Cat Treats on Amazon.

7. Vital Essentials

Vital Essentials is a brand known for using only USDA-inspected animal protein in their products, including their cat treats.

The company’s mission is to help as many cats and dogs in the world with products optimized for these animals’ optimum nutrition while catering to the spending allowances of different customers.

Take a look at the Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Cat Treats on Amazon.

8. Hartz

The Hartz brand began in 1926 when Max Stern, a German native, went to America with almost no cash in hopes of finding financial freedom. Stern found himself in the canary-selling business until he expanded his market to the pet care sector.

Today, the company is now offering different noteworthy products for various pets, including dogs, fish, reptiles, and cats.

Check out the Hartz Delectables Bisque Wet Cat Treats on Amazon.

9. Cat-Man-Doo

Cat-Man-Doo tailors its treats for different pets. Therefore, you can feed this brand’s products to both cats and dogs.

The company offers a range of flavors for its offered treats, including chicken, salmon, and bonito.

View the Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes Cat Treats on Amazon.

10. Orijen

Orijen is a trusted brand for many cat and dog parents for several reasons. For instance, this company dedicates itself to providing biologically appropriate diets to cats and dogs using science.

You can also find Orijen’s investigations regarding certain topics on its website, including pet food safety and high-protein diets in cats.

Check the Orijen Freeze-Dried Cat Treats on Amazon.

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Are Cat Treats Nutritious?

Cat treats may or may not be nutritious, depending on the ingredients used in their manufacturing. Some commercially prepared snacks for cats don't take note of many kitties' optimal nutrition.

Instead, these products may use synthetic and unhealthy ingredients to enhance flavor.

Additionally, some cat treats may contain over 85% protein. Take note that the experts from the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University recommend pet parents feed food with a minimum protein profile of 6.5 grams per 100 kilocalories.

Feeding treats or other food with higher-than-average protein profiles to cats may increase the risks of health concerns.

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What Cat Treats Do Cats Like Best?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) notifies cat parents that their household felines are obligate carnivores. With that in mind, many cats like the smell and taste of meat.

Therefore, treats with flavors like pork, chicken, and fish are generally irresistible to many cats.

What Treats Should Cats Avoid?

As a proud cat parent, you should be vigilant and practice due diligence in reading the ingredients of cat treats before feeding them to your feline.

You may encounter some treats with certain ingredients like chocolate, onions, and garlic, which are unsafe for cat consumption.

Even though cats are carnivores, feeding an unhealthy amount of meat-flavored treats can still cause health issues.

Feeding your pet significant amounts of protein without considering factors like their age and current health can put them at risk of malnourishment.

Plus, avoid feeding your cat human snacks, especially junk food. Chips like Doritos have little to no benefit for a feline’s health.

Do Calming Treats Work For Cats?

Yes, calming treats can work for cats. But the efficacy of the treats can depend on many factors.

For instance, some cat treats may have more vitamin B1 (thiamine) than others, and it may help in promoting relaxation for particularly anxious felines.

Other calming cat treats may also have Colostrum, which is the fluid produced by mammary glands before mammals release milk.

Final Words On Selecting Treats For Your Cat

It’s important to trust reliable cat treat brands to ensure your pet’s well-being. Companies like Purina, Temptations, and Orijen are among the many trustworthy brands you can choose for your feline’s treats.

Also, make sure to follow your cat’s nutritional requirements so that the treat you feed them will supplement their health.

Cat eats food from the hand of owner, Top 10 Cat Treats Brands

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