Cattitude on display: Watch as two cute cats battle for attention!

Are you ready for the cutest thing you'll see today? Check out this hilarious TikTok video from Haus of Pets (@pawsonwood) that has taken the internet by storm!

With over 6.9 million views and 874.2K likes, this video is a must-see for all cat lovers out there.

The video starts innocently enough with a woman browsing through a pet shop to pick out a new cat. But what happens next is pure comedy gold.

As the woman approaches the glass enclosure, two adorable gray tabby cats eagerly stand up to greet her.

One of them has white paws and a white fur locket on its chest, while the other is just as cute with its playful demeanor.

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But as the woman tries to interact with both cats, the one with the white paws gets a little too possessive. It starts pushing down on the other cat's head, squishing its face, and insisting on being the only one standing up and interacting with the visitors.

The woman can't help but laugh at the cat's antics, and we can hear her giggling in the background.

The video is only 20 seconds long, but it's enough to make you fall in love with these adorable felines. They look so playful and relaxed, and there's no aggression, just playful dominance assertion. It's no wonder that viewers can't get enough of this video, with over 23.5K shares and 6404 comments.

The comments section is filled with people asking if the woman took both cats home. Some even suggest that she should have taken both because they have great energy together.

One commenter even joked that this is usually the moment when you decide to pick out two cats.

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