Do American Shorthair Cats Get Along With Other Cats? [And Other Pets]

As parents looking to adopt your next cat, you might have considered getting an American Shorthair. But of course, you want to be sure that American Shorthair cats get along with other felines. Also, can this cat breed get along with other pets, too? We've consulted with pet industry experts, and here’s what they have to share.

The American Shorthair is a friendly cat breed known to get along well with other cats and pets. This feline breed is also generally sociable with children. American Shorthair cats are quite gentle creatures that can be perfect playmates for human and animal household members and guests.

Knowing that the American Shorthair is a well-mannered cat should be enough for pet parents to adopt one for their animal-friendly homes. Keep reading, though, to learn more about this cat breed’s temperament so you can better care for them.

A full body portrait of American Shorthair Cat, Do American Shorthair Cats Get Along With Other Cats? [And Other Pets]

How Do American Shorthair Cats Behave?

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) finds the American Shorthair cat to be a great option for pet-friendly households. This cat breed usually exhibits a well-mannered temperament, allowing them to get along with other cats and pets easily.

American shorthair mother cat was breastfeeding

But pet parents still need to follow a few steps to introduce a new American Shorthair to the rest of the household feline family. Here are the steps to follow in introducing a new cat with other household kitties:

  1. Separate the new cat with other cats and pets during the first meeting. Some pets may not find it interesting to meet the new animal member of the family yet. Therefore, hold and don’t release the new American Shorthair during the first pet meeting.
  2. Let the American Shorthair meet other pets personally after a week. Cat parents should take note to only move to this step if you don’t see aggression between pets.
  3. Allow the American Shorthair to play with their new family members. Once the pets become comfortable with each other, pet parents can now let the animals play around the house. But continue to supervise the pets’ behavior to prevent unwanted conflict.

Also, many interested pet parents find the American Shorthair cat a sought-after breed because of their adaptability. This easy-going feline blends well with their surroundings, creating happy and welcoming atmospheres in homes.

American Shorthair cats will also most likely grab the chance to play with their human and animal playmates if possible. Some of these kitties might not be able to resist the allure of cat toys being waved around.

Since American Shorthair cats are quite playful, they only have moderate exercise needs. Make it a point to play with an American Shorthair cat at least a few times per day, especially if the feline isn’t keen about roaming outdoors.

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Do American Shorthair Cats Like Cuddles?

Beautiful Asian girl kissing American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair is a physically affectionate cat breed. This particular feline adores being cuddled and petted. Lap time with an American Shorthair can be an especially comfortable and enjoyable experience for them.

Moreover, many American Shorthair cats usually don't play favorites among household members. These cats will likely seek attention and playtime from the closest household member. These felines may not be shy about going near guests to demand attention.

Are American Shorthair Cats Aggressive?

American Shorthair cats aren’t aggressive thanks to their reasonably calm personalities. It’s rare to see aggression and destructive behavior in these felines, making them ideal pets for first-time cat parents.

But some American Shorthair may still portray some unwanted behavior such as climbing on top of fairly unsafe places. However, this breed’s mild-mannered personality makes it rare for them to have destructive tendencies like peeing on the carpet or knocking things off tables.

Can You Leave American Shorthair Cats Alone?

American Shorthair Cat in room

The American Shorthair is one of many cat breeds that can still do well when left alone. Other cat breeds that usually have this personality trait include:

• American Wirehair
• Maine Coon
• Norwegian Forest Cat
• Ocicat
• Persian
• Russian Blue
• Scottish Fold

Pet parents that are unsure if they can leave their American Shorthair cats alone may do the following:

• Start leaving the cat alone for 30 minutes at most.
• Stay outside a little longer than usual each time the cat is alone at home.
• Monitor the kitty’s reaction each time you return.

If the American Shorthair shows signs of behavioral differences upon your return, you found your pet’s maximum tolerance in being left alone. If so, reduce the time you’re away slightly. Then, continue to train the cat’s tolerance in being alone by increasing the time you’re out slightly each time you leave.

You may also monitor the American Shorthair’s activities and behavior while you’re out with the help of a pet home camera. Another option is to reward the kitty with treats for behaving. To help you choose the right rewards for your feline, check out this post: What Are The Best Cat Treats For Training?

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Are American Shorthair Cats Good With Dogs?

With their adaptable and friendly demeanor, the American Shorthair cat is one of many feline breeds that can get along well with other animals, especially with dogs. Other cat breeds that fit this category include:

• Abyssinian
• British Shorthair
• Devon Rex
• Maine Coon
• Persian
• Ragdoll
• Scottish Fold
• Sphynx

Natalie Marks, DVM, cat expert, and veterinary partner of Royal Canin, talked with Reader’s Digest in an interview about the affectionate personality of the American Shorthair. She tells readers that this cat breed is confident, social, and playful and that they love to play with other housemates, including dogs.

Do American Shorthair Cats Meow?

All cat breeds, including American Shorthairs, meow at certain points because this act is their way of communicating with people. Meowing can be a sign of salutation or hunger. It can also be a way of telling pet parents that they need attention.

But some cats may meow more than others because they want to tell their parents about something urgent. When that happens, don’t ever ignore them. Their pleas or excessive meowing may reveal they’re in discomfort.

If an American Shorthair doesn’t meow frequently, they might crave attention through other actions. For instance, the pet might claw their human parent’s leg. For more information on that topic, check out this post: Why Does My Cat Claw My Leg?

In Closing

The American Shorthair breed can get along with other household pets, including dogs and other cats. This breed commonly has an affectionate personality and doesn’t mind sharing their personal space with other animals.

It’s also rare to see American Shorthair cats being aggressive. In most cases, pet parents can leave these cats alone for extended periods. Moreover, household items should remain intact while these kitties remain home alone.

With their fairly gentle and adaptable temperaments, American Shorthair cats can be excellent additions to pet-friendly households. Overall, the American Shorthair is an excellent choice for first-time pet parents.

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