Do American Shorthair Cats Like Water?

Some cats like water, some don't. But there are breeds that seem to be predisposed to like water better than others. Are American Shorthair Cats one of them? We've done the research and here's what we found out.

American Shorthair cats surely love water and not just for drinking, but they also enjoy playing with it that their owners won't have a problem with them when it's time for their bath.

Continue reading because we'll talk more about American Shorthair and other cats particularly on how they deal with water—be it for drinking, playing, or taking a bath. Let's get splashing!

An American Shorthair resting on the hood of a car, Do American Shorthair Cats Like Water?

Why Do Some Cats Like Water?

Needless to say, water is essential for our pets. Among other things, it plays an important role in the proper digestion of the food that they eat and how they eliminate waste from their body. It keeps them hydrated and prevents dehydration which could lead to diabetes, liver failure, and kidney disease.

Water is also necessary to keep our pets clean. Taking a bath should be part of their regular grooming routine to wash away dirt from their bodies.

However, as some pet parents could attest to, there are cats that simply have an aversion to water. They don't enjoy bathtime or have less water intake than the recommended amount.

On the other hand, there are also felines who actually like water and everything that has to do with it such as drinking, bathing, and playing. And the American Shorthair cat is one of the breeds that love water!

The reason for this is simple—they find water to be cool and refreshing! Cats like running water much better because they think it is fresher. This is mainly the reason why they put their paws inside their bowl to make the water move and they are fascinated by water fountains or even water flowing from the faucet.

How Much Water Do Cats Need To Drink?

A resting American shorthair cat on the sofa

Just like us, cats need water to survive. It is a basic necessity. Otherwise, they won't get the nourishment that they need and they'll get sick or worse, die from dehydration.

The required daily water intake would depend on a cat's weight. For every 5 lbs in their body, they should be able to consume 3.5 oz to 4.5 oz of water. So, if you have a furball weighing 15 lbs, her intake should be around 10.5 oz to 13.5 oz within a 24-hour period.

The operative word here is "consume". They can drink water or it could be mixed with their food so that they will stay hydrated. This is why you will notice that those on a wet food diet do not seem to drink as much water because it already has high H2O content.

It is important for pet parents to monitor their cat's water consumption to ensure that they are well hydrated. If you are having problems getting your pet to drink, try switching to a wet food diet, add (unseasoned) broth to their water, or put some ice cubes on their H2O to make it cooler and fresher.

Make sure that water is always available to them. Another fun way to encourage them to drink is to put a cat water fountain inside the house. Fill it will clean drinking water. The free-falling water will attract them and entice them to take a sip of H2O.

Should you notice that they are not drinking well or observe that they are lethargic, lose their appetite, pant a lot, have dry gums or sunken eyes, you better take them to the vet immediately. They might be suffering from dehydration.

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Why Do Cats Play In Their Water Dish?

Some pet parents observe and wonder why their cats like playing with their water dishes. Experts offer different explanations for this behavior.

It could be that they are curious about it. This is more common among kittens as they explore and learn more about the world around them.

It may also mean that they're just being their usual playful self. They see the bowl as a toy and they are amused when the water moves.

But many are saying that cats play with their water bowls to make them move and seem like running water. They have a preference for moving water as they think that it's much fresher and cleaner than water that isn't moving or stagnant.

This behavior is crucial to their survival in the past. Their ancestors were very particular about their water sources because they didn't want to be poisoned or get sick from contaminated H2O.

Can Cats Swim?

Our furry friends are truly full of surprises. We've been so used to seeing them indoors that we forget that they were once roaming wild and free and needed to do certain things to survive.

They used to go swimming to hunt for prey. This is one of the reasons why they are natural swimmers like their big brothers, the jaguars, panthers, and lions.

So, yes, your furball can swim but since they are creatures of habit, they may seem hesitant to go into the water at first because it's not part of their everyday routine. But know that if needed and necessary, they can swim for their life.

For those with felines that love swimming, make sure they are well supervised when they get into the water. Because although they can swim, there's also the risk of drowning especially when the water level gets too deep, they get tired of swimming, or they don't know how to go out of the water.

You can put ramps on their swimming pool and remove stuff that can get in the way as they swim or go out of the pool once they're done.

While they may enjoy the water so much, don't let them stay there for too long especially when the weather is really cold. They might suffer from hypothermia wherein their body temperature will drop below 100 degrees Fahrenheit which could lead to their death.

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What Breed(s) Of Cat Might Join You In The Shower?

Some pet parents are lucky to have cats who enjoy the water in all its forms. There won't be a constant battle when it's time for their bath or getting them to drink the recommended amount of water daily. They like water so much, they are game to join you in the shower!

You can expect this from certain cat breeds such as the American Shorthair, Turkish Van, Bengal, marine Coon, and Manx. These furballs aren't bothered by getting wet and love to play with water as you're taking a bath. You can consider getting toys for them so that they can have more fun while you shower.

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Final Thoughts

You can include water activities in your list of fun things to do with your American Shorthair cats. They will surely love them and you'll create a lasting bond with your furry pet.

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