Do Calico Cats Like To Cuddle And Be Held?

Cats with white, black, and orange patches are commonly called calico cats. Some people believe that owning a calico cat will bring them a lot of luck. Most people don't know that the term calico only refers to the cat's color pattern and not the breed. Some breeds known to have calico patterns are the Persian cat, Shorthair cat, Max cat, and Japanese Bobtail. We have consulted cat experts on if your furry little calico friend likes to cuddle and be held.

Yes, most breeds that have the calico pattern will enjoy cuddles. While calico cats tend to be sassy, spunky, and independent, they will jump on their owner's lap when they want to seek affection. All cats are unique, so the way you raised them or the environment they grew up in will always play a factor no matter what the breed of cat.

Calico cats have many different breeds one of those breeds is the British Shorthair. While these breeds of cat enjoy the occasional cuddle, British Shorthairs don't like to be picked up or held. If you pick them up they will try to squirm their way out in a nonaggressive way. While not a lap cat, a British Shorthair will gladly sit beside you and would love to be pat. Keep reading to learn even more about calico behaviors to best understand your breed.

A beautiful Calico cat sitting on a lap being petted, Do Calico Cats Like To Cuddle And Be Held?

Are male or female cats more affectionate?

Many people believe that male cats are more affectionate than female cats. The truth is there is no real difference regarding the cat's gender. Like all living things, all cats are unique. Many factors can affect whether your cat is affectionate to you or not, such as its breed, the environment the cat lives in, the way you socialize with your cat, or if your cat is neutered or spayed.

Cats like the male Maine Coon may show more affection towards you since they like to be cuddled and be the center of your attention. While female Maine Coons tend to be more independent and relaxed. It is still worth mentioning that even if the male Maine Coon shows more affection towards its owner, the environment and the way the cat is raised would play a big part in its personality.

Young woman with her cat at home relaxing

While cats tend to be loners when they need affection, they will seek out their owners for that snuggling or even climb up your lap to get a pat. Wild cats would tend to be more aggressive and cautious towards humans, whereas if raised since a kitten would be more affectionate towards you since they would have formed a bond with you from a young age.

A wild cat would also be more independent hence not showing affection all that much towards its owner. Cats that grew up with a lot of love and attention will likely show more signs of affection towards you.

The personality of a cat can also differ on whether you have gotten your cat spayed or neutered. Non-spayed female cats, while at a sexually mature stage, will be more affectionate and vocal, while non-neutered male cats tend to be aggressive. Neutered and spayed cats can still have the same personality as non-neutered and spade cats simply because your cat's personality is unique.

Why calico are cats always female?

Calico cats are almost always female because of genetics. Cats have 19 pairs of chromosomes and the last pair are sex chromosomes, which could either be an X or Y. This will determine whether the cat will be a male or female. Females have the XX chromosomes while males have XY chromosomes.

If a cat inherits an X chromosome from its mother and an X chromosome from the father, it will result in a female offspring. But if the father produces a Y chromosome instead, it will result in a male.

The X chromosome also carries the gene for the calico pattern. The color could be yellow-red pigmented melanin called Phaeomelanin which gives the cat its orange fur or brown-black pigmented melanin called Eumelanin, which produces black fur.

Closeup of a senior calico cat looking at the camera

Each cell only needs one X chromosome, so to prevent doubling the gene product, the female embryo will inactivate one X chromosome during development. The X chromosome that is going to be inactivated is random for each cell.

The inactive chromosome will then be supercoiling into a Barr Body. The X chromosome that carries the color code can only have a black or orange color code and not both. So if a female offspring receives an orange color code from both parents, the cat would have orange fur. The same goes if both parents have a black color code, the offspring would have black fur.

For a cat to get the calico pattern, the offspring must receive an X chromosome carrying an orange color code from one parent and an X chromosome carrying a black color code from the other parent. The final step for a cat to be a calico is it needs to get its white color.

This happens due to another gene unrelated to the X and Y chromosomes. A gene called Piebald then produces white unpigmented patches by delaying the migration of Melanocytes to the skin's surface, Hence completing the tri-color pattern of the calico.

For a male cat to get the calico pattern, it must have three chromosomes, two X and a Y. This rare genetic combination happens to humans and animals. This condition is known as Klinefelter Syndrome. This condition is rare and only affects 1 out of 3,000 male cats.

Do calico cats have more health problems?

Female calicos typically don't have any health problems from birth, but male calicos, on the other hand, tend to live shorter lives. Male calicos short life is caused by a second X chromosome, giving it an XXY chromosome. This genetic condition is called Klinefelter's Syndrome and can lead to multiple problems. Some of these problems are behavioral problems, diabetes, heart problems, and the risk of broken bones.

Most male calicos are sterile and by the rare chance he isn't, your cat will produce a litter consisting of all female kittens. Even if most male calicos are sterile, neutering them will bring health and behavioral benefits, preventing territorial sprays and can prevent testicular cancer.

We advise whether your calico cat be male or female that you bring them to a vet for regular checkups. Giving your calico a good home, quality food for your cat's diet, and a lot of love and attention will improve your cat's health.

How long do calico cats live on average?

Male and female calicos can differ life spans since a male calico suffers from a unique chromosome makeup giving it an XXY chromosome. This unique gene makeup also called Klinefelter's Syndrome, will also lead to male calicos contracting different kinds of illnesses.

While female calicos, on the other hand, will most likely live a long life. Since calicos have many different breeds their life span will vary from 15 to even 20 years. If you want your calico to live a long life, you must take care of its health, giving them the proper nutrition and affection that they need will surely prolong the life of your calico.

Do calico cats get along with dogs?

Shiba Inu puppy and his friend grey kitty

For the most part, yes. Cat breeds that have the calico pattern can get along with dogs even if they are known to be very independent. Cat breeds such as the American Shorthair are known to get along with dogs since this breed of cat is known to form attachments easily. Tonkinese and Ragdoll are also good breeds to introduce to a home with dogs.

While a decent amount of calicos can live in a home with a dog, that could not de said of the dog. Aggressive dog breeds could cause conflicts with your cat. They may be energetic and too much for your cat to handle.

Dog breeds with a friendlier or tamer personality would be the best companion for your cat. Your dogs must also be trained not to chase your cat around, this might cause stress to your cat and they might end up fighting. In the end, all these animals have their unique personalities and will differ depending on how they are trained and the environment they grew up in.


Calico cats refer to their color pattern and not the breed. While calicos consist of many cat breeds, most of those breeds would enjoy cuddling with their owners. Note if your calico is male, make sure to pay extra attention to its health and regularly take him to the vet for a regular checkup.

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