This ‘Must Have’ Will Alleviate Your Cat’s Anxiety

Feeling anxious is not just a human predicament; it happens to our feline friends too. A change in environment? A vacation?

You may notice a shift in your cat's behavior. Once playful and affectionate, your cat may now seem distant or even display aggression. It's clear - something is amiss.

Imagine if there was a 'must-have' that could transform your pet's life, easing their anxiety and offering them a calm refuge. Intrigued? Well, stick around to find out more.

Through consulting with experts, we've discovered that a specific product could be the key to relieving your cat's distress.

This magical item offers a safe haven for your anxious cat, reducing their stress levels and paving the way for a peaceful, undisturbed sleep.

Designed to cater to every cat's unique needs, this 'must-have' comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials. However, the solution extends beyond the product itself. The placement and environment play a crucial role too.

Eliminating anxiety triggers in your cat's environment is vital. Curious about how to select this 'must-have' that will reinstate your cat's sense of safety and comfort?

Tackling Feline Anxiety

Witnessing your fluffy companion in distress can be heart-rending. Unfamiliar environments or injuries might provoke this discomfort, manifesting as signs of anxiety - aggression, disinterest, or withdrawal.

Their usual playful selves seem eclipsed by this cloud of anxiety. So, how do we rediscover their joy?

Imagine an intriguing solution that ensures your pet's sleep is never interrupted - a significant step in mitigating anxiety.

This comforting answer goes beyond just being a fluffy space; it is designed to combat stress, tailored in various sizes, shapes, and materials to meet your unique feline's needs.

Unlocking The Secret: How Anti-Anxiety Beds Work Wonders

Your cat loves to sleep, often clocking in between 12 to 16 hours a day or more. An anti-anxiety bed can turn these snooze hours into therapeutic ones.

Instead of settling for a cardboard box, tissue paper, or just the cold floor, gift your cat a cozy retreat. A haven, where they can rest and recover.

Anti-anxiety cat beds come in diverse designs and sizes, each with unique benefits. Some come with raised rims, soothing your cat's nervous system, and easing joint pain.

Others are kneading-friendly. With a well-suited bed, you pave the path for your cat's healing and normalization.

Let's delve into some notable benefits of these beds:

  • A solution to the sibling squabbles among your cat family
  • Stress and tension reducer
  • Provides warmth and ultimate comfort
  • Shields from startling noises, like thunderstorms
  • Offers a safe haven during physical recovery.

Tabby cat sleeping in his brown cat bed

Understanding Your Cat's Needs: The Case for Anti-Anxiety Cat Beds

Before you buy the cat bed, you must first evaluate your cat's anxiety level.

To better understand your cat, read below for the common causes of anxiety that might signal the need for an anti-anxiety cat bed:

  • Your family might have recently moved into a new place or made some changes in furniture arrangement inside the house.
  • You might have introduced a new pet or family member to your cat.
  • Your cat may have experienced a traumatic event.
  • There may be an existing illness and pain (e.g., aging, infections, lead poisoning)
  • Your cat lacks socialization and exposure to the outside environment.

Recognizing the cause of anxiety can help you foster better behavior in your cat. Tune into their unique mannerisms and reactions.

Reading the Signs of Anxiety in Cats

We have listed below some signs to check if your cats have anxiety:

  • Becoming less social or frequently hiding when there are guests or other family members.
  • Aggression is shown without a valid reason.
  • Excessive meowing to get your attention or not wanting you to leave their side or following you everywhere you go.
  • Ignoring or avoiding the litter box or the bathroom.
  • Changes in your cat's eating habits like eating a few or not eating at all, and experiencing digestive upsets at worst.

If the signs are not obvious, you can ask your vet to diagnose your cat.

Choosing the Right Bed for Your Cat

Cats will have different preferences due to their body, age, and health conditions.

You have to observe your cat's sleeping patterns and behaviors before choosing the type of cat bed.

A pure bread Abyssinian cat lying in his cat bed

Below are common cat bed types you can choose from:

  • Pads or cushions — You can find a variety of pads and cushions with soft fillings like fleece or high-fiber polyester that gives comfort to your cat.
  • Donut-shaped Cats love to curl up. You can count on donut-shaped beds for that cozy feeling your cats want. This type of bed also provides headrests for your cats at every angle.
  • Cave or pod style — If your cat curls up often but wants to have some privacy while resting, a cave-style cat bed is a great choice. Some soft padding on the side offer protection for your cats.
  • Bolster This is great for large cats, as it allows them to rest their head on a soft and raised height.
  • Perches These are best if your cat loves to rest or sleep near a window with sunlight or an outdoor view.

How To Choose The Best Cat Bed

You have to get the correct bed size for your cats. Bigger cats will need more space for stretching.

If your cat has injuries, consider the specific body parts that need attention.

If you want to avoid flea infestation, the fabric of your cat bed should be easy to clean. Read our guide about washing your cat bed: How To Wash A Cat Bed

Other things to consider when choosing a cat bed include:

  • Material
  • Heating/cooling
  • Durability
  • Fabric design

Whatever type of bed you choose, the best bed for your cat is the one that your cat loves. You can read further to find a calming bed that your cats will like.

Choosing the Perfect Calming Bed for Your Anxious Cat

When you notice that your cat has anxiety, one way to help them is by buying a calming bed.

Calming cat beds provide warmth and security. Your cat also benefits from calming beds when they need to heal from physical pain. If you want your cat to recover, buying a suitable cat bed is the way to go.

Top Picks for Calming Cat Beds

Finding the right cat bed can be challenging. There are different designs and materials available for your cats. Here are some calming cat beds you should consider for your cat:

1. Bodiseint Soft Plush Round Pet Bed

With material made of faux fur, this donut-shaped bed would make your cat feel warm and safe.

You also don't have to worry if your cat always moves because this bed has a non-skid bottom. 

Click here to see this product on Amazon.

2. Cat Ball Cat Bed

This cat bed offers enough space and comfort without any additional padding.

The design allows your cats to move in and out of bed easily. The washing instructions for this bed are also easy to follow. 

Click here to see this product on Amazon.

3. 4Claws Convertible Furry Pet Mat/Bed

If your cat loves kneading, this mat is a great choice. This flexible cat mat becomes a bed by folding the sides using built-in buttons and loops. 

Click here to see this product on Amazon.

If you have big cats, you can check out our post for the best cat beds for large cats

Are Cat Beds Worth the Investment?

Love for your cat often means going the extra mile. A cat bed might cost a bit, but the long-term benefits for your pet are worth it.

A bed trains your cat to sleep in a designated area, saving your furniture in the process. It provides peace of mind, knowing your cat is safe while sleeping.

For multi-cat households, cat beds are a game-changer. They grant each cat their private retreat, minimizing skirmishes. Large cats and kittens can coexist peacefully.

Seeing your cat overcome anxiety will truly underscore the value of your investment.

Understanding And Addressing Cat Anxiety

Cat anxiety is more prevalent than one might imagine, affecting up to 25% of feline patients, and it can manifest in various behaviors.

The triggers are diverse, including pain, trauma, loud noises, aging, environmental changes, and lack of socialization. If your cat is experiencing such issues, investing in a calming anti-anxiety bed could be an effective step towards relief.

These beds provide a safe, comfortable space tailored to your cat's needs and sleeping habits, facilitating their relaxation and recovery.

With the right cat bed, you not only make a valuable investment in your pet's well-being but also witness the joy of their improved demeanor, reflecting your love and care.

A cat sleeping in his calming cat bed, Do Calming Anti-Anxiety Cat Beds Work?

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