Do Ragdoll Cats Travel Well?

There's no doubt about it, Ragdoll cats are uber-cute and make the best pets. They're the type who wants to always stay close with their humans. But what about when traveling, are they also great to bring along for a road trip? We've turned to the cat experts and here's what they have to say about it.

Ragdolls behave well when you take them traveling with you. They want to please you and stay close to you so they would like it or at least be tolerant of your traveling situations.

Hang on because we'll tell you more about what it's like to travel with these good-natured felines and give some helpful tips and recommendations when taking them with you to different places so that both of you can have an enjoyable experience.

A white cat with blue eyes in the car chair, Do Ragdoll Cats Travel Well?

Can You Travel With Ragdoll Cats?

Ragdoll cats are known for their pleasing personality. They are gentle, smart, and very loving creatures. They make the perfect indoor pet because they are more laid back. They get along well with other members of the household—from kids to seniors alike and even with other pets.

They do so well indoors that some pet parents are worried about how they would behave when they take these long-haired felines with them outside when they travel. After all, it is common for fur parents to like bringing their cats with them wherever they go since they are already part of the family.

According to some Ragdoll experts, there's no need to worry as there's no better pet to bring along on your travels than this furball who's just happy to follow you around no matter where you go, whether it be inside the house or outside.

If you're taking other pets with you or if there are pets where you're going, you can count on your Ragdoll not to fight with them. They are friendly creatures so you can be confident that they won't attack pets or people that they meet.

Another reason why Ragdolls are the purrfect travel companion in a car is that they are quiet. You won't hear them meowing and complaining all the time. But some pet parents say that it takes their Ragdolls some time to finally settle down and get comfy inside the car.

Ragdolls can tolerate car rides as long as they are with their humans. You can even dress them up for your Instagram photos. You can put them on a leash just like you do with dogs or use a stroller when you reach your travel destination since they can be quite heavy to carry around.

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Do Ragdolls Like Car Rides?

The good-natured Ragdoll cat will be tolerant of car rides. Whether they actually like road trips or not will depend on your cat's personality and how she associates these rides with happy memories.

It would help a lot if you train your pet to enjoy traveling inside a car. Ragdolls are smart, easy to train, and love learning new things. So if you like to travel a lot and plan to take your feline friend with you, you can teach them early on to appreciate car rides and traveling with you.

You can start by allowing your Ragdoll to be familiar with your car. You can put her in her carrier and stay close to her. If she behaves well, give her some of her favorite treats or just shower her with lots of praise and attention.

You can then turn on the engine and see how she will react. Just constantly assure her that you're there for her so she won't get scared. Practice driving around the block or short distances. Then you can gradually increase the distance or go at different speeds until she gets used to car rides with you.

Always observe how your Ragdoll is reacting to the experience. If she's enjoying it, that's good. But some cats can get motion sickness or get anxious while traveling. If this happens, there are techniques to get her to relax.

You can consider using calming sprays or treats to ease her anxiety. Be sure to put her in a secure carrier with her favorite blanket or toy. Have her food, water, and litter box ready also so she can still follow her usual routine even when you're out.

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Do Ragdoll Cats Need A Companion?

Woman hold her lovely Ragdoll cat with blue eye

In general, felines are independent beings. They are resourceful by nature and don't rely that much on their owners. As such, they do better in dealing with separation from their pet parents than their canine friends.

However, Ragdolls are no ordinary cats. They are sociable and affectionate. They long for attention and show a lower tolerance for solitude.

So, if you're usually away from home for hours or days, you might want to consider getting another pet as her companion. She loves the company of other pets and won't feel lonely when you're away as long as she has her furry friend to keep her company.

But even if you get another pet, make sure that you don't leave their side for a long time! If you really need to be away for more than 24 hours, at least have someone to check in on your pets or it would be best to get a pet sitter to be certain that they are doing well.

Can I Take My Ragdoll On Holiday?

A fluffy ragdoll kitten with blue eyes

There are some instances when you can't bring your favorite pet with you such as when the establishment you're going to has a strict no-pets policy. It can also be that you need to stay in a hospital or attend a business trip. It's natural for you to worry about who will take care of your feline pet.

You can ask the help of your trusted friends and relatives to look after your furball while you're gone. Being very sociable by nature, your Ragdoll will get along with them just fine.

You can also consider taking her to a pet hotel or hiring a pet sitter. Just make sure you do thorough research about these persons or service providers so that you can have peace of mind that your beloved pet is in good hands.

You should also ensure that your Ragdoll is updated on her vaccines so she won't get infected in case the other pets that she meets in those places have transmittable diseases.

Or if you have other pets at home, your Ragdoll will actually do better staying there and won't miss you as much since they enjoy the company of their furry pals.

How Much Space Does A Ragdoll Cat Need?

Ragdoll cat at home

Unlike other pets that require a spacious backyard, Ragdolls don't actually need so much space for them to be comfy and happy. They are perfectly fine staying indoors, lying on the floor as long as they're close to you. In fact, they have been bred to be that way.

But of course, no matter how small your place is, you have to create a loving and engaging environment for your Ragdoll. They are considered floor cats and don't enjoy climbing all the way up the cat tower. So you can just provide them with toys to give them something to do and for them to get some exercise.

Final Thoughts

The amiable Ragdoll is the purrfect travel companion for you. Just make sure that you've trained her to enjoy car rides and you've prepared everything she needs while on the road. This way, you'll both have a wonderful time going to different places and meeting other people and pets too.

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