Does A Scratching Post Dull A Cat’s Nails?

Scratching is part of a cat's lifestyle habits. Their nails become an essential tool as they grow. Aside from scratching, cats' nails can be used for climbing, pouncing, or defending themselves from harm. If you are thinking of buying your cat a scratching post, that is a great idea! But, will it dull a cat's nails? We've researched how a scratching post can affect the health of your cat's claws.

A scratching post will not dull the cat's nails, but it will shorten the outer layers. If you look at your cat's nails, you will see that their nails file down but are still sharp. A scratching post allows your cat to improve maintain their nails so they are a healthy length yet still sharp. 

Now you know a scratching post is a healthy toy for your cat. It enables your cat to enjoy playing with their claws while keeping your furniture and other things from getting wrecked. Keep reading to learn about some highly recommended scratching posts. We'll also discuss where to position the scratching post in your home and encourage your cat to use it often.

A cute gray cat clawing and biting his scratching post, Does A Scratching Post Dull A Cat's Nails?

Best Cat Scratching Post to File Nails

It is a natural habit for cats to scratch so that their nails will be healthy. You can redirect your cat's scratching behavior away from the furniture in your house by buying them the best cat scratching post.

When you look for a scratching post, choose the one made of sturdy fibers. One of the best examples is a sisal rope post. You might also consider various shapes for the post, such as triangular, circular, or square.

We found several products that we think you and your cat will love! Let's take a closer look at some highly recommended scratching posts.  

Three Sided Vertical Scratching Post

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This triangular PetFusion Cat Scratching post is the best if you are uncertain of your cat's scratching style. The two sides of the triangle are 18 inches tall, and the third side is 16 inches, with an overall width of 10.5 inches.

Your cat can do any stretching exercises and scratch at any side of the triangular post to file their nails. Made of heavy-duty cardboard—the bottom part also is scratchable so it can accommodate cats of different sizes. 

Ultimate Scratching Post 

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This SmartCat Ultimate vertical scratching post is comfortable for your cat's scratching habits. Made of sisal fibers and wood, it is a 32-inch high vertical scratching post. It is also easy to assemble and a great purchase that helps file your cat's nails.

Horizontal Scratcher with Comfy Curve

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A curved scratcher may be the most comfortable option for cats who like to scratch horizontally. This scratchpad is all-purpose because cats can also use it to relax and sleep. This 17.7-inch cardboard-type scratching pad is wide enough to comfortably accommodate most adult cats. 

Vertical Scratching Post with Interactive Toys

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This sisal fiber vertical scratching post has an interactive pom-pom and balls at the bottom with two feathery toys on the branches. This scratching post not only helps your cat to keep their nails healthy but also to enjoy playing with the toys. Designed with recyclable materials, this scratching post is also durable and easy to assemble. 

Should I Get My Cat A Scratching Post? 

A cute ginger cat clawing and having fun with his scratching post

Owning a cat can easily become expensive, including cat food, grooming kits, and accessories. If you browse for toys and accessories, make sure your choices are essential for your cat's needs. This way, you ensure the best care for your pet using affordable options.

If you feel awful about the furniture getting scratched by your cat, then you should get a scratching post. A scratching post is essential for a cat because it provides an outlet for their desire to scratch.

A scratching post not only gives your cat a healthy body and claws but also reduces stress. You can also save your furniture or other household decor from destruction. 

Buying a scratching post for your cat will help them get away from boredom, especially indoor cats who aren't outside too much. This can help you bond with your cat because you've provided for an essential need, and encouraging playfulness as well. 

How Do I Get My Cat to Scratch His Post?

A cute fluffy house cat hiding behind his scratching post

If you're going to stop your cat from scratching your furniture, it is necessary to train them to use a scratching post. Choosing the right scratching post is the first step, next is determining the best location to place it. 

Best Location for Cat Scratching Post

Finding the best areas in your home for your cat's new scratching post is a crucial step because it will assure you that your cat will use the scratching post. If you already have an understanding of your cat's scratching behavior then it will be easy to find a location they'll enjoy, but some of the corners aren't the best spot for your pet. Consider observing your cat's behavior, even the fibers or areas they like to scratch. 

Scratching is also a form of marking for cats. If you still don't know where to place the scratching post, try to put it near the door or window. Most of the cats like to mark their territory in these areas.

Another good spot for your scratching post or scratching pad is atop an area of carpeting. It will help your cat understand that you want them to use the scratching post or pad instead of the carpeting.

You can encourage your cat to use the scratching post by actually demonstrating scratching it yourself. Applying a catnip on the scratching area also entices your cat to use the posts or pad. 

If your cat likes to go outside, buying a wooden scratching post will also help your cat to like it, since it resembles natural landscapes they encounter. Place it near a doorway if you don't want them to go outside as often. 

Do not punish your cat for scratching. If you succeed in getting your cat to use its scratching post, praise your cat amply by giving their favorite treat. This will help your cat enjoy their scratching post more. 

Clipping your Cat's Nails 

Trimming your cat's claws is part of your cat's good grooming and will lessen the damage done by sharp nails. You can use a clipper that is suitable for cats. Do not encourage your cat to play roughly with its hands and feet, give them a toy to play with instead.

In closing

A cute domestic house cat having fun with his scratching post

Scratching posts are essential for your cat's lifestyle. It will not dull its nails but it will make them healthy and strong. Be practical and patient when choosing the right scratching post and the right placement for it. 

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