Hidden Litter Box That Your Cats Will Love: Purrfect DIY Hack

We've all been there: trying to find the perfect spot for our cat's litter box so it's out of sight, doesn't take up too much space, and doesn't leave our home smelling, well, less than pleasant.

As fellow cat owners, we know the struggle is real. But worry not!

We've stumbled upon a brilliant DIY hack that's gaining immense popularity among the online feline-loving community.

The Game-Changing Hack!

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 5.8 million views and 254K likes, a couple shows how they transformed a 3-layered plastic drawer box into a hidden litter box for their feline friends.

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The video, posted by john_bananas7, shows the couple cutting and modifying the box with just a simple knife.

The process is simple and the result is a stunning and functional litter box that blends in perfectly with any room.

The video shows a before and after comparison, where the couple replaces two pet carrier travel cages with the new and improved litter box.

You won't even notice the litter box because it just looks like a regular plastic cabinet on the side.

The best part? Their cats are totally loving it! They confidently explore their new and improved litter box, safe and hidden from sight.

The couple was so thrilled with the results of their DIY hidden litter box that they decided to create another one for their furry friends.

With 5 cats in total, they knew they needed more than one litter box, and their improvised creation proved to be the perfect solution.

Viewers' Tips and Tricks

The couple's video has attracted a lot of attention, with many viewers offering their own tips and tricks.

One viewer suggested leaving the top shelf to store all their cat stuff, while another recommended using the dollar tree litter box tray to make the litter easier to dump.

However, some viewers expressed concern that the litter box would smell bad, while others worried that their cats might be too fat to fit inside.

Overall, this DIY hidden litter box hack is an ingenious solution for cat owners who want to keep their litter boxes out of sight.

With over 95.8K followers on john_bananas7's channel and 21K shares, this video is sure to inspire many cat owners to try this hack themselves.

And why not? It's not only functional and practical, but it's also affordable and customizable to fit your home's decor.

Plus, your cats will love having a safe and hidden place to do their business.

The Making of Hidden Litter Box: A Step-by-Step Guide

The process of making it is easy to follow, and even beginners can do it. If you're interested in trying this DIY hidden litter box hack for yourself, here are the steps that this couple did:

  1. Get a 3-layered plastic drawer box.
  2. Cut out the bottom of the top shelf and repeat the process on the next shelf.
  3. Cut the side off the drawer box.
  4. Fill the bottom shelf with cat litter.
  5. Enjoy your new hidden litter box!

Remember, you can customize this hack to fit your home's decor by painting or decorating the drawer box.

You can also use different types of litter to find the one that works best for you and your cats.

See a three-drawer plastic storage bin on Amazon.

In conclusion, this DIY hidden litter box hack is a game-changer for cat owners who want to keep their homes clean and stylish.

With just a few simple steps, you can transform a plastic drawer box into a functional and discreet litter box that your cats will love.

So, why not give it a try and see for yourself how easy and affordable it is to create a hidden litter box for your furry friends?

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