How Big Should A Cat Collar Be?

Cats owned by pet parents need to wear collars. Unlike dogs, some cats tend to have the itch to wander and roam outdoors. A collar can help other people identify that your cat belongs to your household. Still, it can beg the question, how big should a cat collar be? Also, how much does it need to weigh? We consulted pet experts and here’s what they say.

A cat collar shouldn’t restrict the animal’s regular breathing nor should it be loose that it falls off from the slightest movement. The collar you should get for your cat can depend on your pet’s current size. For instance, a kitten can be comfortable wearing a 6.5-inch collar while an adult feline might prefer a 12.5-inch option. Plus, cat collars shouldn’t weigh over 3 lbs.

Continue reading to learn more about the appropriate size for your cat’s collar. Additionally, we’ll tackle the correct weight for your pet’s collar, along with the method on how to measure your feline’s neck properly.

A gray tabby is wearing a pink collar, How Big Should A Cat Collar Be?

What Size Collar Does My Cat Need?

The appropriate size for your cat’s collar can largely depend on the animal’s current size. The following is a quick list of collar sizes and cat neck measurements you can follow while you shop:

  • Kittens: Up to 7 inches
  • Small (e.g., Singapura, Burmese, and American Curl): 8 to 10.5 inches
  • Medium (e.g., American Bobtail, Oriental Shorthair, and Havana Brown): 10 to 12.5 inches
  • Large (e.g., Maine Coon, Savannah Cat, and Persian): 12 to 14.5 inches

Take note that a cat’s collar generally falls under two main categories: adjustable and non-adjustable. Adjustable collars are ideal for growing kitties while non-adjustable variants can be better for felines that already achieved their maximum size as an adult.

You may also use a dog’s collar if you’re also a proud parent to a pup. If you want to know more information about using your dog’s collar for your indoor cat, check out our post on Can You Use a Cat Collar on a Puppy.

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How Much Does A Cat Collar Weigh?

Portrait of a Ginger kitten with collar

Standard cat collars tend to be reasonably lightweight. If you take a look at some collars for felines sold online, you’ll see that many options weigh roughly .04 lbs. However, some cat collars with extra features such as bells and GPS tracking devices can weigh about 3 lbs, which can be fairly heavy for small cats.

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How Do You Know What Size Collar To Get?

The collar to get needs to be sufficiently tight around the cat’s neck. But it should not be loose that your cat can remove the band from their neck easily by pushing with their feet or pulling with their teeth.

You’ll know if you have the correct size if you can slide about two of your fingers into the collar while still feeling a slight pressure from the collar’s tightness. The accessory is loose if you can fit more than two fingers into the gap.

However, the collar is too tight if you can’t slip two fingers into the gap. You should also see your pet showing signs of discomfort if they don’t like the fit of the band around their neck.

A tight collar can also cause hair loss in cats, particularly around the neck. If you want to know more about how collars bring about hair loss in cats, read our post on Can a Cat Collar Cause Hair Loss?

Additionally, you can also bring your cat shopping with you, if it's possible. Ask the salesperson if you can let your pet feline try the collar on before purchasing it.

How Do You Measure A Cat's Neck?

If your cat is already wearing a collar, you can remove it temporarily and measure its circumference from the inside. The measurement should be the same or close to your cat’s neck size. Otherwise, you can wrap a tape measure around your cat’s neck and make sure it’s snug without choking your pet.

Can A Collar Be Too Heavy For A Cat?

To many humans, 3 pounds might not seem like a significant amount of weight. But think of it like wearing a 3-lb band on your wrist all day; although the accessory might not feel heavy at first, your arm will feel heavy after wearing the item for extended periods.

Does My Cat Need a Collar?

A cat with collar on a fencing

A cat collar might not seem like a necessity for your indoor kitty. If you’re having second thoughts about letting your cat wear a collar all day, the following are a few different reasons that may help you with your purchasing decision:


Some cats like the outdoors more than being cooped up inside your home for the entire day. Some experts agree that certain felines are happier staying outside than being inside. But it can also lead to your pet going to unknown locations, which can cause the animal to become lost.

A cat collar can carry an ID tag, which can help others know the animal’s pet parents if the feline is deemed missing.

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Warning Predators

Cats that like to roam outside can also be susceptible to attacks from their natural predators. This includes coyotes, snakes, and even some birds.

Help increase your kitty’s protection against these attackers with a cat collar that has safety features like a warning bell. The item can emit a loud ringing sound, which may scare away certain predators.

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Activating Feeders

Pet parents may forget to feed their cats before leaving home for work. If so, the felines might stare at their empty food bowls for the entire day, causing stress-related destruction around the house.

Modern technology helped solve this issue by creating automatic feeders for cats with microchipped collar tags. Some models will have short-range microchip readers that will pour food for your kitty if they get relatively near.

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Control Fleas

Flea collars work by emitting a toxic gas that will either repel or eliminate fleas that might be living in your cat’s skin and fur. Some variants will also release a substance that will dissolve and spread throughout the animal’s body when worn to remove the pests.

However, only let your cat wear flea collars from reliable sources. Certain options come with harsh chemicals that can harm your cat’s skin and fur, causing issues like rashes and hair loss.

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Final Words

A cat collar should be sufficiently snug around your pet’s neck. The animal shouldn’t be able to remove the collar easily by biting or clawing on it.

Your pet shouldn’t also show signs of discomfort while wearing the band around their neck. You’ll know if the feline is wearing a reasonably comfortable and appropriately sized collar if it doesn’t seem to mind wearing the accessory for extended periods.

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