How Big Should A Cat Tree Be?

Many felines like heights, and so, appeasing that desire may necessitate that you give your pets cat trees. But how big should a cat tree be? We researched and asked pet experts to give you the answer to this question. Here's what we found out.

Preferably, cat trees that are 5 to 6 feet tall are sufficient for many domesticated cats. At that height range, adult household cats won’t be at high risks of contracting injuries if they fall. However, kittens should only use cat trees that are no bigger than 2 feet tall.

Continue reading to learn more about the correct height of cat trees, the best locations to put them, and the important factors to think about when shopping for them. We’ll also answer questions about the need for cat trees and if there are options for large felines.

A cat resting in his small carpeted cat tree inside a living room, How Big Should A Cat Tree Be?

How Tall Should My Cat Tree Need to Be?

The height of the cat tree you buy depends on your pet’s current age. Kittens should use shorter trees than their adult counterparts. In detail, kittens should only climb and play around cat trees up to 2 feet tall. On the other hand, adult felines should remain safe on top of cat trees around 5 to 6 feet tall.

A big cat tree inside a contemporary living room

Additionally, you should pay attention to your pet’s height. For example, munchkin cats have legs that are about 3 inches shorter than most breeds. These felines also have an average height of 5 to 7 inches, which means that they might be at a higher than average risk of getting injured if they fall from a 6-foot cat tree. Therefore, it’s best for these short breeds to use shorter trees.

Senior felines should also follow their younger counterparts in climbing relatively short cat trees. Many senior cats don’t have the flexibility and mobility like when they were kittens. Replace your cat’s tall tree with a shorter model if you find your pet having difficulty climbing tall structures.

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Can a Cat Tree Be Too Big?

Yes, a cat tree can be too large for both the animal and the household. The product should fit in a room without taking up a significant amount of space. Also, the tree’s height shouldn’t put the feline in great danger if the cat falls from it.

Do Cats Really Need a Cat Tree?

A cat standing in his small cat tree

Many cats have a desire to climb tall places, which means that it’s ideal for pet parents to give their felines cat trees. Otherwise, your pets will climb other reasonably tall locations around your home, including (but not limited to) your refrigerator, shelves, and the TV.

The reason for these actions differs for each cat. For instance, the folks at the International Cat Care organization, a charitable association of loving cat lovers, explains in a post that some cats will claim certain areas as their territories, which may include cat trees. It’s because a feline’s domain generally consists of a den or care area. This place gives the pet security while still enjoying comfort and social interaction.

Furthermore, many cat trees have poles that your pet can scratch. Aside from climbing tall places, cats need to scratch to mark their territories. This act can help keep cats' claws from growing beyond safe lengths. So you need to give your cat a tree with a scratching post to prevent them from digging their claws on things like your sofa or bedpost.

Are there Cats That Don’t Like Climbing Cat Trees?

Like humans, different cats have varying personalities. Therefore, some cats like to climb trees and tall places while others love to keep their feet on the ground. Some of these ground-dwelling felines also like to stay out in the open than hiding in bushes or under coffee tables. Pet owners with cats that don’t like heights can still consider buying reasonably short trees.

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Are There Cat Trees For Large Cats?

Large cat breeds, such as the Maine Coon, Savannah, and the Norwegian Forest Cat, may not find stable footing when they’re staying on top of conventional cat trees. Large-capacity cat towers are the ideal choices for these breeds. It's because these options have sufficiently large surfaces, perfect for the larger than average bodies of these cat breeds.

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How Do I Pick a Good Cat Tree?

Thinking about important factors when shopping for good cat trees will be beneficial for cats and their pet parents. Some of the elements that you should take note of include the following:

  • Size: Take note of your cat’s current age and the dimensions of the room. Pick a model that won’t bring safety risks to your pet while ensuring that you still have enough room to walk in the room.
  • Level: Cat trees with 1 to 3 levels are generally reasonably small and are fairly inexpensive. Large models, such as 4- to 6-level towers are great for cats that love tall places. However, these options tend to be more expensive.
  • Features: Choose a cat tower that can offer the best value for your money. Some options have extra features, such as catnip toys, sisal scratching posts, and comfortable carpets, for your pet to enjoy.

If you’re not in a hurry, take the time in looking at the different options on the market. Read online reviews before making your purchase to avoid feeling regret after the transaction.

Where is The Best Place To Put a Cat Tree?

A domestic cat lying in his small cat tree and playing with his hooman

Although many cats like to climb tall places, some felines won’t climb cat trees if these items aren’t in ideal locations. Take note that it can take some experimentation to find the perfect place for your pet’s tree. The following are some great options for you to place the cat tree:


Some pets, particularly cats, like to sleep in the same room with their human parents. If so, the bedroom can be an ideal place for a cat tree. A model with a small, comfortable hammock for your kitty can improve the animal’s comfort while staying in the room.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is great for cats who want to stay away from high-traffic areas, such as the living room. Place a cat tree in this location to help your pet hide from the hands of overly attached visitors. Plus, the dryer can become a warm place for the animal to rest during the cold winter months.

Living Room

If you have a social feline who likes to go near guests, placing the cat tree in the living room can be a good idea. This area is also ideal for pet parents since you can always keep an eye on the feline, especially if they’re the mischievous type. Additionally, certain cats like it in the living room because it might be the place in your household that gathers the most natural light.


Some cats want a place that they can always return to after spending time outdoors. If your pet feline has this type of personality, you can place the cat tree in the garage. However, make sure that the area is reasonably clean. Otherwise, your cat might bring and hide dead prey in the nooks and crannies of your garage.

Final Words

A cat tree that’s about 5 to 6 feet tall should suffice for many adult cats. Buy a small cat tree of about 2 feet tall if you have a kitten or senior feline. Also, make sure that you put the cat tree in an optimal location. Otherwise, your pet might not bother using the tree regardless of the product’s features.

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