How High Can Persian Cats Jump?

Persian cats are often reserved, but it doesn’t mean they can’t jump high. Wondering how high can these cats jump? Can this cat breed jump on counters frequently? We've consulted with the experts in the pet industry, and here’s what they tell us.

Many Persian cats can jump up to 8.75 feet in the air. However, these felines often have docile personalities, making them prefer the ground rather than climbing or jumping on counters and other tall structures.

Keep reading as we tackle the topic of Persian cats’ jumping abilities in greater detail. Moreover, we’ll discuss the maximum height a cat can jump and share some cat breeds that can jump the highest.

White persian cat looking at the camera, How High Can Persian Cats Jump?

Can Persians Really Jump High?

Two persian cats of different coloring

Persians can jump up to 8.75 feet. Despite having fairly stubby legs, many Persian cats have amazing jumping prowess. But the reasonably tame temperament of this cat breed will usually only make them spend the necessary energy to jump at required heights.

For example, the video below shows a Persian cat making use of the appropriate amount of energy to try and catch a wand toy by jumping:

Some Persian cats may also avoid jumping or doing other strenuous physical activities as the breed is quite susceptible to health problems.

For instance, the evolutionary trait of the Persian feline created a flat face and a small nose. In turn, this kitty will usually have tiny nasal passages, making it hard for them to breathe properly.

Therefore, Persian cats are often vulnerable to respiratory ailments. If a kitty of this breed will jump multiple times in a row, pet parents may often find their furry friend out of breath relatively quickly.

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How Does a Persian Cat Jump?

Persian Kitten

Understanding a Persian cat's ability to jump requires figuring out the anatomy of an average cat jump. Many if not most felines generally have two phases to their jumping maneuvers.

First, the cat crouches to place all four limbs flat on the ground. Then, the pet produces the required amount of jumping power to the heels while stretching his body vertically to produce momentum.

You can also check the video below to see this leaping motion in action:

Do Persian Cats Like High Places?

Persian cats, like other feline breeds, like to perch on high places. It's because today’s feline comes from the Proailurus, an extinct animal with a name that means ‘before cat’ in Greek.

This early kitty was a hunter and commonly lived in rainforests. One of this animal’s survival instincts is to settle on tall trees to scout and jump on prey. This behavior is still inherent in different cat breeds, including many Persian cats.

Certain Persians like to climb tall structures because the action makes them feel safe. On the other hand, some more playful Persian cats may climb elevated places for fun. Still, some of these felines would prefer to stay grounded than climbing or jumping onto high structures.

This indifference towards ascending and leaping to elevated locations might be because of the breed’s heavy-boned structure. Plus, if a Persian decides to climb a tall structure, it might take longer than average to make the kitty reach their preferred areas because of his stocky frame and stubby legs.

Additionally, take note that some tall objects, such as certain cat tree models, can be unsafe for Persian kittens. Find out more about the recommended height for cat trees by checking out these posts:

Do Persian Cats Jump On Counters?

Short-legged cats, particularly Persians, don’t usually jump on counters or other tall surfaces. However, some Persian cats may climb elevated structures, such as cat wall shelves and cat trees. But these felines are generally reserved, which may make them avoid spending more energy than necessary to climb high areas.

What Is The Highest Recorded Cat Jump?

At the time of writing, there’s no official record for the highest cat jump. On the other hand, the Guinness World Records recognizes Waffle the Warrior Cat to have the longest jump by a feline. The pet jumped 7 feet on January 30, 2018.

What Is The Maximum Height A Cat Can Jump?

Average adult cats can jump a maximum height that’s 5 to 6 times their stature, which is roughly 5 to 6 feet. One element that attributes to cats’ strong jumping abilities is their thigh muscles.

A study investigated thigh muscle activity when a feline jumps his highest to reach a suspended ball. The results of the research showed that many of the feline proponents were able to reach the ball that’s suspended at 5.2 feet.

You can also watch this video of a cat that seemingly makes little to no effort in reaching a dangling toy that’s 6 feet and 7 inches in the air.

It’s also worth mentioning that landing can be an issue if a cat jumps or falls from a considerably tall height. An average cat can fall from an 8-foot height without contracting serious injuries.

But cats that fall from tall structures, such as 5-story buildings, may encounter injuries like shock, dental fractures, and traumatic dislocations.

Which Cats Jump The Highest?

Some cat breeds that have the leg strength to jump higher than others include:


The Abyssinian is a short-haired cat known for his intelligent and playful personality. This cat breed’s fairly long legs can deliver a maximum jumping height of 6 feet.

Interested pet parents who want to adopt an Abyssinian should have tall perimeters around their properties. Otherwise, this curious cat can easily jump over fences to explore the surroundings.


Bengal cats are hyperactive creatures that possess athletic abilities, allowing them to jump 3 to 6 times their body length. An average Bengal cat may easily reach heights up to 8 feet in the air without putting significant stress on their limbs.


The tall and elegant Savannah cat has long legs that match their lengthy frame. These reasonably long limbs also allow this feline breed to jump up to 8 feet in the air.

Watch the video below to see a Savannah’s leaping abilities in action:


The Singapura is the world’s smallest cat breed with an average height range of 6 to 8 inches. This tiny kitty might not share the same jumping prowess as other larger cat breeds. However, the Singapura still finds it fairly easy to jump on kitchen countertops.

Final Thoughts

White persian cat looking at the camera, How High Can Persian Cats Jump?

Persian cats can jump up to 8.75 feet in the air. But pet parents should expect their Persians to stay on the ground as opposed to attempting to climb or jump on tall locations frequently. But like other cats, some Persian kitties may find it tough to resist the urge to perch on elevated structures.

Aside from Persians, other cat breeds, such as the Abyssinian, Bengal, Savannah, and Singapura felines, can jump reasonably high. In particular, the Bengal cat will usually leap up to 8 feet in the air quite easily.

Although these cats have great aptitudes for leaping into the air, the average domestic feline can only jump up to 6 feet.

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  1. Yes, Persian cats can jump. They should not be allowed to roam freely outdoors, however. They are not exactly the best breed to be outdoor cats. Their coats, for instance, require lots of maintenance.

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