How High Can Ragdoll Cats Jump?

Cats are known for their fantastic ability to jump. But does it apply to the gentle Ragdolls too? We've been so used to seeing them relaxed on the floor so we're wondering if they can jump and how far they can reach when they do. Our curiosity led us to inquire with the cat experts and here's what they said.

Ragdoll cats are not known to be jumpers but they have the natural ability to do this. Cats can jump as high as nine times their body lengths, so that means that Ragdolls can reach anywhere between 12 to 15 feet if they're feeling active and playful.

Keep on reading so we can tell you more about Ragdolls' ability to jump. In this article, we'll also answer if Ragdoll cats can jump on counters, if they can climb, and if they like to be in high places. We'll also share with you the domestic cats that can jump the highest. Let's get started!

A ragdoll car curling around the backend of the sofa, How High Can Ragdoll Cats Jump?

Are Ragdolls good jumpers?

Ragdoll cats are known for being well-behaved indoor pets. This breed was developed in the 1960s in the hopes of producing domestic cats with very endearing personalities. They have a laidback character and prefer staying close to their humans, lying at their feet, or cuddling on their lap.

Ragdoll cat lying on the ground

In other words, we don't really see them jumping from one place to another or even climbing to the window sill to see what's going on outside. This leads us to wonder if they are as good at jumping as other cats.

Cats are known for their jumping skills. The average cat can jump from 7.5 feet to 9 feet above the ground. Larger cats can jump even higher than that! They can jump up to nine times their average body length.

Jumping is natural for cats. Their strong bones and muscles combined with their low body weight make it so easy for them to propel themselves high in the air to reach soaring heights. Their tails help them to maintain their balance as they perform this act.

This ability is also essential to their survival in the wild. Being in a high position allowed them to see the whole area. They could hide from their predators and hunt for their prey.

Going back to Ragdoll cats, this breed is not known to be jumpers. They prefer running around to chase their prey or toys, which is also their form of exercise.

But since jumping is innate among cats, Ragdolls can jump too. Their bodies are designed for this. They have a medium to large body frame that's supported by heavy bones. They also have a long tail to help with balancing.

A blue eyed ragdoll cat and his human

Since we've said earlier that cats can jump as high as nine times their body length and Ragdolls have a length of between 17 and 21 inches, they can reach as high as 12 to 15 feet if they would want to jump!

Although Ragdolls are regarded as ground dwellers, they have the natural ability to jump to be able to leap to high places as attested to by several cat owners. That's why pet parents still need to ensure that their homes are cat-proofed to ensure the safety of their beloved Ragdoll pets.

Do Ragdoll cats jump on counters?

As mentioned above, Ragdolls have natural leaping abilities so yes, they can jump on your counters. If it bothers you, the good news is that Ragdolls are smart creatures and you can train them not to jump on your kitchen counter.

A Ragdoll, especially when she is still a kitten, has a lot of energy. She likes to follow you around so if you're near the counter, she'll also go there to be close to where you are.

Your pet could also be curious about the running water from the faucet, the smell of the food that you're preparing, or just enjoy being on top of the counter.

When you observe and understand what draws your Ragdoll to the counter, you can provide her with more acceptable alternatives by putting a stool beside you where she can sit or strategically placing her toys and cat tree near the counter so she can use these instead.

You can also put sticky tape or tin foil on your counter to deter your Ragdoll cat from climbing this area. Cats don't like smooth or sticky surfaces so they'll avoid these places. This is how you can teach your Ragdoll pet not to jump on your counter so that you won't be bothered anymore.

Do Ragdoll cats climb?

Ragdoll cats are floor cats. This means they prefer to stay low on the ground. But it also doesn't mean that they can't climb. It's just that they like the ground much better than high places.

Ragdolls can be laidback or playful creatures. It really depends on the personality of your Ragdoll if she would love climbing or not. Some Ragdolls enjoy climbing while others are perfectly fine lying on the floor.

A fierce looking ragdoll cat looking straight to the camera

The way you interact with your pet and the toys and accessories that you provide her will also determine if she would like climbing. In the end, it's how you stimulate this action from your pet and how she would react.

Do Ragdoll cats like to be high up?

Cats, in general, love being perched on top of the wall, window, cabinet, and other high places inside and outside of the house.

Understanding this side of your pet's personality will allow you to make the necessary preparations to make her home environment safe and responsive to her needs.

For example, if your cat loves to jump, you can put different accessories and cat furniture that would give her the opportunity to jump around whenever she wants to. You can make your home a safe and enjoyable place for her and you won't worry about her destroying your furniture and other valuables.

Ragdolls are known to be ground dwellers or floor cats. They prefer low places, enjoy lying on the floor, running around, or following their humans wherever they go.

This means you don't need tall cat trees and high perches to keep them entertained. Instead, you can buy them interactive toys that you can place on the floor so that they can play with them all the time.

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But you still have to ensure that their scratching post comes with the right height so that they can stretch their bodies all the way. This is how you can make your home environment responsive to your cat's needs.

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What domestic cats jump the highest?

Cats are terrific jumpers. Some of the domestic cats that flaunt their natural leaping abilities are:

  • Abyssinian
  • Bengal
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Manx
  • Ocicat
  • Oriental
  • Savannah
  • Siamese
  • Somali

Should there be a jumping contest, you can expect these breeds to outdo the rest.

These are active cats that enjoy being perched on a high platform inside your home so they can see the whole place. As we mentioned earlier, it's up to you to provide them with access to high places to feed this need while ensuring their safety at all times.

Final Thoughts

A ragdoll car curling around the backend of the sofa

Although not known to be jumpers, Ragdoll cats have the natural ability to jump as high as 12 to 15 feet. This means that pet parents should supervise these felines and make sure that their home environment is safe when these gentle giants are feeling adventurous.

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