How Long Do American Shorthair Cats Live?

Some of you may have an American Shorthair cat at home, or perhaps you're considering owning one. As pet parents, you'll want to know as many details as possible about your cat's breed to be familiar with how to properly take care of them. One of the most important things to know is how long they live. We've done the research to give you an idea of their average lifespan.

A purebred American Shorthair lives as long as most cats do. Their life expectancy ranges between 15 to 20 years.

Keep reading as we elaborate on the topic. We'll talk about where the American Shorthair cats came from, and we'll give you some tips on how to take care of them. We'll also talk about whether they belong indoors or outdoors, how long an indoor cat lives, and which cat gender lives longer. Without further ado, let's get into it.

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The Lifespan Of American Shorthair Cats

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Whether your American Shorthair cat will live for a minimum of 15 years or a maximum of 20 years will depend on the following factors:


Random and unplanned breeding might cause problems for your American Shorthair cat's overall health.

You may want to ask your veterinarian to run through some DNA tests and screening to check on possible hereditary conditions or genetic diseases before purchasing or breeding your American Shorthair cat.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a common form of heart disease that develops frequently in the American Shorthair cat breed. Cats with this kind of heart disease tend to develop heart failure, blood clots, and even death.

Therefore, it is important that your American Shorthair cats be screened and tested to make sure that they are free of this disease before breeding or purchasing one.


American Shorthair cat breeds are susceptible to being obese. Hence, they should always have an active lifestyle to prevent them from developing all sorts of health issues brought about by obesity.

Obese cats will typically have a shorter life expectancy. To prevent this, you may consider giving your cat plenty of toys and always set aside time to play with them.


It is always a good idea to give your American Shorthair a high-quality diet with complete and balanced nutrition to help maintain optimal health. This will surely contribute to a healthier and longer life for your cats.


It is also important to note that American Shorthair cats will live longer depending on the kind of living environment they are in. If they are indoor cats, they will most likely live longer compared to outdoor ones.

Outdoor cats are more exposed to dangers and toxic substances that may harm their health.

Vet Care

Vaccinations and regular check-ups are necessary to make sure your American Shorthair cat is safe from any viral and bacterial diseases that may cause life-threatening problems. Your cats will live longer if given the required medication early on.

Preventive vet care is important when it comes to dealing with health dilemmas before they happen or get worse.

Neutered Or Spayed

One of the factors that matter when considering the lifespan of your cat is if he or she is neutered or spayed. Spaying or neutering your cat will help prevent reproductive health problems in the future (such as cancer) that would shorten their lifespan.

Where Do American Shorthair Cats Come From?

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Historically speaking, a calico cat from Europe was on board the Mayflower ship that transported families from Europe to America. Upon arriving in Massachusetts, it immediately gave birth. The breed then quickly spread across America, as they became well-known for getting rid of rodents.

How Do You Take Care Of An American Shorthair Cat?

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The following are simple ways to take care of your beloved American Shorthair cats:

Exercise And Diet

Obese cats tend to develop life-threatening illnesses. So make sure that your cats exercise regularly since they get overweight easily. Consider giving them toys to play with or build them cat towers.

Aside from regular exercise, always watch their diet. You may use puzzles or slow feeders to make their meals become interactive in order to lessen boredom and make them be more active.

Don't forget to give your American Shorthair cats plenty of water when they are exposed to heat, especially during summer.

Hygiene And Sanitation

Brush your cat's teeth at least twice a week to prevent dental disease or infection that may lead to loss of teeth—or worse, damage to internal organs.

Check their ears regularly for any dirt, wax, or infection, and clean them if necessary. Always provide your cat with at least one clean litter box and dispose of the waste daily.

Parasites such as worms, mites, fleas, and ticks can infest the entire body of your American Shorthair cat, which they can get from the water they drink or from their surroundings. Always make sure to give them fresh and clean water only. Don't forget to brush their coat, too.

Visit To The Vet

American Shorthair cats, like any other breed of cat, need their regular vaccine and booster shots since they are susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.

As pet parents, you should make sure to spay or neuter your cats. Aside from preventing your cats from producing plenty of litter, this will also decrease their chance of developing certain kinds of cancers.

A regular visit to their veterinarian twice a year for a wellness exam and necessary check-up is also recommended.

Pet Insurance

Another way of caring for your cat is through pet health insurance. Over time, your cat will need to undergo medical tests and procedures that will cost you a lot. Signing up your cat for pet health insurance will help you in covering those costs.

Are American Shorthair Cats Outdoor Cats?

Due to their history, American Shorthair cats are considered great outdoor cats.

However, they are perfectly fine with staying indoors. Generally, they adapt well to indoor life.

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What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of Indoor Cats?

Statistics show that a cat's dwelling largely affects their lifespan. It is said that an indoor cat is healthier and stronger compared to an outdoor cat. Indoor cats live three times longer than outdoor ones. Thus, the average life expectancy of an indoor cat is between 15 and 20 years.

Do Male Or Female Cats Live Longer?

According to a study, female cats live longer than male cats, on average. Female cats live for about two years longer than male cats.

In Closing

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A purebred American Shorthair cat may live for 15-20 years, which equates to the typical lifespan of most cats. This will depend on the many factors that may affect their overall health and well-being.

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