How Many Beds Should Each Cat Have?

Cats love to sleep most of the time. If you want to give your cats comfort and peaceful sleep, it's best to invest in cat beds. But just how many beds should each cat have? We did the research to bring you the answer.

You can provide as many beds as you want for your cats. Lone cats can be given one bed. If you have many cats at home, each cat should have one bed. This way, you can keep them from fighting over a bed.

If you decide to buy multiple beds, you always have to ensure that they are suitable for your cats. You can help your cats get the right amount of rest they need if they love to lay in their beds. If you still have some additional questions about cat beds, don't worry. In this post, we'll discuss the topic at length. Just keep reading!

funny looking cat while sleeping on its pillow bed. How Many Beds Should Each Cat Have

Why Do You Need To Give Your Cat A Bed?

Cats need to feel safe and relaxed when they sleep. Cats sleep around 12 to 20 hours a day. Sleep is essential so that your cats have the energy to be active during the day. Your cats can also recover from anxiety, injuries, and behavioral issues with the right amount of sleep.

Cat sleeping patterns will also vary depending on the age and condition of your cats. Younger cats will be more playful and have unpredictable sleeping patterns. Most mature and senior cats need more time in bed because they are less mobile and don't have as much energy.

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It is best to give your cat a bed instead of letting them use a cardboard box, stay on any home furniture, or sleep with you on your bed. Especially if cats have injuries or are old, they must get the best care while staying at home.

Aside from the safety and comfort, you also have to maintain the cleanliness of the cat beds. A clean cat bed is important to prevent fleas, hairballs, and other health-causing germs. The more cat beds you have, the more time and effort it will require to keep them clean.

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Can 2 Cats Share A Bed?

If you have a pair of cats, giving each cat a bed is better than them sharing one. Cats are territorial in nature. Having to share resources with other cats can cause stress to your cats.

Even if cats don't like to share their belongings, it can still be possible for them to stay in one area. You can buy a cat tree with separate cat condos for your cats. Allow your cats to mingle with your other cats to reduce the tension around them.

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Best Places To Buy Cat Beds

There are many varieties of cat beds available in the market to meet the needs of different cats. To help you find the best places online to shop for quality cat beds, you can refer to the list below:

Click here to see this hammock cat bed on Amazon.

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Regardless of where you buy your cat beds, you should give your cats a bed they will love. Read below to see how to choose the best bed for your cats.

How To Select The Best Cat Bed

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With so many designs, sizes, and materials of cat beds to choose from, you have to narrow your choice to the bed that is suitable for your cats. Read some tips below on how to choose the right cat bed:

  • Picking the right size - Measure your cat. Then choose a cat bed with ample space for them to curl, stretch, or roll.
  • Considering the shape - Donut, igloo, and hooded beds can make cats feel more secure and less anxious.
  • Choosing the right material - Pick a durable material for the cat bed. If your cats have allergies, you have to pick a cat bed that won't add to the problem. Some materials are resistant to moisture which can help prevent mold. Consider choosing natural fabrics like cotton and wool.
  • Heating features - You can buy radiator cat beds if you want your cats to feel warm during the colder seasons.
  • Easy washing and cleaning - Choose a cat bed that is easy to maintain. Even if the design and style are great, some beds might be difficult to clean.

What Type Of Bed Do Cats Prefer?

Although you can select from various cat bed types, there is a type that the general cat population loves. Most cats like round-shaped beds that allow them to curl up and feel secure while sleeping. The raised sides allow your cats to lay their heads at every angle.

To avoid picking a bed that cats dislike, you must observe your cat's behavior. Also, there are certain cat beds vets recommend depending on a cat's condition. So choose a bed based on your cat's perspective.

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Do Cats Actually Use Cat Beds?

It might disappoint you if your cats do not actually use the beds you bought for them. Cats can sleep anywhere as long as long as they feel safe and comfortable. Thus, you might find your cat lying on the stairs, the couch, or even on your bed.

If you see that your cat does not want to use the bed, you can train them to adapt to their designated sleeping place. It would be best not to force your cats to sleep in the new cat bed to avoid stress and trauma. But you can employ a few techniques to try to get your cat to use their bed.

How To Make Your Cat Use The Cat Bed

You can make your cat use their bed by following some tips below:

  • Sprinkle some catnip to encourage your cats to use the bed.
  • You can also give rewards or treats to your cats while training them to use the bed.
  • Try leaving some of your clothing in the bed. The scents of their owners can make cats feel comfortable.
  • Place the cat bed in a spot where your cats usually sleep.
  • Pick the right bed for your cat.
  • Make other spots in your house undesirable for sleeping. You can cover the areas, spray some citrus-scent, or block the places with physical barriers.

Are Cat Beds Worth It?

Cat beds can be quite pricey, but it is best to give your cats a bed where they can be safe while napping or sleeping. Providing your cats with a suitable cat bed can also help strengthen your bond with them.

In the long run, your cats will have healthy sleeping habits and feel comfortable in your home if you provide them with their own suitable beds.

cat sleeping on its wooden frame bed. How Many Beds Should Each Cat Have

In Closing

Providing your cats with a bed can help them feel secure and comfortable while sleeping inside your home. Cats are naturally territorial, and they don't share well with other cats. You can avoid conflict among your cats if they have their own beds.

Cats also have their preferred type of bed. Most cats love round-shaped beds that allow them to curl up and get a cozy sleep. There are times that cats don't use the cat bed you provide. But after some training, your cats will learn to love the bed. Overall, cat beds are worth it for both owners and cats.

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