Hunting Instincts: Why Your Cat Loves Putting Toys in Your Shoes

When it comes to cat behavior, many of their loveable quirks leave us scratching our heads.

One such behavior is the tendency to put toys in shoes. It's a behavior that many cat owners have witnessed firsthand, but few understand.

Tiny kitten inside of a human shoe

Instinctual Traits Of Cats

Cats are natural-born hunters with a strong instinct to stalk and catch their prey.

This instinctual trait is hardwired into their DNA, and even though domesticated, cats still exhibit these behaviors.

In their playtime activities, cats showcase their natural hunting instincts by pouncing, stalking, and attacking toys.

These activities not only provide them with exercise but also stimulate their minds, allowing them to practice their hunting skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Additionally, cats have an innate ability to discover hidden toys and objects.

This skill comes in handy when they need to catch their prey or protect themselves from danger.

Shoes make for an excellent hiding place for their imaginary prey!

The Science Behind It

Research and studies on cat behavior have shed some light on why cats put toys in shoes.

In one study published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, researchers found that cats enjoy playing with objects that mimic the movement and texture of prey, such as small, lightweight toys.

These findings support the idea that cats put toys in shoes as part of their natural hunting behavior.

By hiding their toys in shoes, cats are practicing their stalking and capturing skills in a safe and playful way.

Putting the Instincts to Work: Personal Accounts of Cats and their Toy-Shoe Obsession

As we've discussed, cats putting toys in shoes is a behavior that stems from their natural hunting instincts. But what does it look like in real life? Here's a great example in the video below:

@kiwithecat89 Cute vid #cute #cat #kitty #toy#smol ♬ original sound - Seth or kiwi if u msg for cat

In this adorable video, a kitty can be seen diving headfirst into a shoe.

The narrator explains, "So this little furbaby put his toy in my shoe and is trying so hard to get it."

This is a perfect example of how cats use shoes as a hiding place for their toys.

Cats and Hunting Instincts

It's clear that cats have strong hunting instincts that persist even when they're domesticated.

Their playtime activities, such as placing toys in shoes, are a manifestation of these natural behaviors.

So the next time you find a toy in your shoe, remember that it's just your cat doing what comes naturally.

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