Should Each Cat Have Their Own Bed?

Part of making your new pet cat settled in your home is ensuring that you've prepared her own food and water bowls, cat food supply, litter box, and scratching post. But for those with multiple pets at home, do you need to buy a separate bed for your new pet or can she sleep with your other cats? We've asked the pet experts about this concern and here's what we got from them.

Each of your cats should be provided with her own bed. This will make them more comfortable when they sleep and establish individual territories among pets. A cozy bed will also help you manage their health conditions better and meet their particular needs. Put your cat's bed in a high or warm place. You should also take into consideration your pet's preference when choosing the best location for the bed.

Hang in there as we explain further why cats need to sleep in their own beds. We'll also share tips and recommendations on what kind of beds our feline friends prefer and where you should put your pet's bed within the night so that they're comfortable. We'll also answer your questions about cats not wanting to sleep in their own beds or if they would use another cat's bed or if you should let them sleep with you.

A domestic cat sleeping soundly in its bed in a residential home, Should Each Cat Have Their Own Bed?

Do cats like to have their own bed?

Cats are known for sleeping a lot. They are in slumberland for an average of 15 hours a day. This is mainly because of their makeup as predators. This is their way of conserving energy so they can hunt their prey during the night.

Felines are crepuscular. You will notice that they're asleep on most parts of the day and are wide awake from dusk until dawn. They have adapted this sleeping behavior from their ancestors.

It would be good if cats have their own beds since they sleep for a long time. Here are the benefits of letting each of your pets have her own bed:

  • It gives them a comfortable place to sleep in.
  • They know that they have a designated spot for sleeping and won't intrude on yours or other pets'.
  • Some cat beds have been specially designed to help you manage your pet's health such as the orthopedic cat beds for those with arthrithis.
  • There are cat beds that come with special features like heaters or hoods to make them more comfortable.

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What kind of beds do cats like?

There are different types of cat beds in the market and it can be confusing to choose the best one for your pet. Well, experts recommend that you observe your cat so that you'll know what kind of bed she prefers.

Each cat is unique and requires a different type of bed. These are just some of the recommended cat beds for your beloved pet:

Bedsure Cat Cave

A cat cave is recommended for cats who like enclosed spaces. They will sleep better when they're in their hideaway or private place.

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Furhaven ThermaNap Bed Pad

This plush sleeping pad works best for felines who like to stretch out their bodies when they sleep. It also comes with an insulating feature to keep your pet warm and toasty.

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Midwest Bolster Pet Bed

Some pets like to sleep with their head and neck properly cushioned. The polyester-filled bolsters provide a soft place for your feline to lay her head as she sleeps.

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Pefunny Cat Window Perch

Cat perches are perfect if your feline likes to look out of the window before she falls asleep. They can be mounted securely on the window. The fabric mat and soft flannel pads make for a cozy hammock by the window.

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When choosing the perfect bed for your cat, it would ultimately depend on her preferences, size, medical needs, and particular conditions to make her sleeping space more comfortable for her.

Where do cats like to sleep at night?

Cute kitten sleeping on its bed

Cats like to sleep in high places. They have inherited this from their ancestors who were predators. This is a way to protect themselves and gives them an opportunity to see if there's any danger lurking around.

Felines also love to sleep in a dry and warm place. They seem to enjoy the heat and have a lower sensitivity to hotter temperatures. That's why it is common to see them snoozing by the window or inside a box.

Cats have individual preferences, so don't be surprised to find your cat sleeping inside your bathroom or even in the sink. So, while it's recommended to put your cat's bed in a high and warm place, you should always consider your pet's desires when choosing the right location for her bed.

Why won't my cat sleep in her bed anymore?

Cute red Maine Coon kitten sleeping

As pet parents, we're bothered about this because we've given them their own comfortable beds yet they choose to sleep somewhere else.

The thing is, cats have a mind of their own. One day they might like sleeping on their own bed then the next day they want to sleep on your favorite furniture and on your bed the following day. They like turning things around.

Some say that this could be traced to the sleeping habits of African wildcats wherein they looked for different places to sleep in so that they could reduce the risk of obtaining parasites in their bodies. It is also their way of protecting themselves from other predators.

However, should you observe that there are unusual changes in your cat's sleeping behavior, you should address your concern to your vet immediately as there might be something else bothering your pet other than the place where she should be sleeping.

Will a cat use another cat's bed?

If you have two or more cats at home, it's best to let them have their own beds and give them enough space apart from each other. This will establish their individual territory.

You see, cats don't really like sharing. They are territorial and solitary creatures. Conflict can arise once they feel that someone's intruding in their territory. This could lead to aggressive behavior and your cats hurting each other.

To resolve this issue, pet parents should ensure that each cat has her own bed among other stuff that should solely belong to a particular cat. Their personal resources should be kept away from each other to minimize conflict.

Why should you never let your cat sleep in your bed?

Red cat in basket close up

Felines are soft and cuddly and for some pet parents, it's only natural to share their bed with their beloved cute cats. Our pets also like being near us when they sleep because they love to cuddle and simply because they love us.

There are advantages when you let your cat sleep in your bed. It gives both of you a sense of security. There's warmth and comfort and this could help you sleep better. However, health experts say that there are some risks involved when you co-sleep with your cats. These risks include the following:

1. They can disrupt your sleep

As mentioned earlier, cats are more active in the hours from dusk until dawn. They are also light sleepers. This means they will instantly jump into action at any moment when something catches their attention.

This means you might be awakened by your pet's movements throughout the night. This becomes more of a problem for those who can't go back to sleep right away. They'll become restless and end up losing sleep which would affect their health in the long run.

2. They can cause allergies

Cats regularly shed danders. These can accumulate on your bed mattress and pillows and trigger your allergies. The dirt on their paws can also irritate your skin. There are also some cats that have fleas that can transfer to you and get you red and itchy all over.

3. They can cause physical harm

It is a natural reaction for cats to bite or scratch when they get startled. They may unintentionally hurt you when this happens. These scratches also make the transfer of diseases possible.

We aren't saying that it's wrong to have your cats sleep with you. We just want you to be aware of the risks involved if you decide to co-sleep with your pet. It's also best to have them updated on their vaccines and practice good pet hygiene to reduce these possibilities.

Final Thoughts

It is important for pet parents to provide each of their cats with their own separate beds. This will help them become more comfortable and secured when they sleep so that they get enough rest. This way, they're ready for another day of fun with you!

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