Should You Add Water To Wet Cat Food?

Let's talk about water and our cat's hydration. Considering that felines can be quite fussy when it comes to drinking, some pet parents think it's a good idea to add water to their cat's wet food to increase their water intake. But is this a good idea? We asked the experts and here's what they say.

There is no need to add water to wet cat food since it already has high moisture content. Cats also need to drink fresh water from the bowl to fulfill the rest of their hydration requirements. However, if pet parents want to add water to their food to improve their water consumption, it would be a matter of preference for their cats. Try adding a teaspoonful first and observe how they like it. They can gradually increase this over the next few days up to 5 teaspoons.

Continue reading because we have so much more to discuss about cats and the recommended daily water consumption for them. We'll also let you know why cats on a wet food diet drink less water, whether they like to have their food and water together, and if you can let them drink tap water.

A young cat eating canned wet food, Should You Add Water To Wet Cat Food?

How much water should you add to cat wet food?

Water is essential to your cat's optimum health. It is needed for proper food digestion, blood circulation, and waste removal. Continuous hydration is necessary to replace the fluids lost when they urinate and defecate. The recommended daily water consumption according to experts is 4 ounces for every 5 pounds of your cat's weight, and pet parents need to adjust their intake accordingly.

The amount of water we give our felines would also depend on their diets. Wet cat food has almost 80% moisture content. This is one of the advantages of feeding your pet with this kind of diet because you can be sure that she'll get hydrated as she eats her food and can get by with minimal water intake from her water bowl. Those who are feeding their cats with dry kibble need to give their pets more water to fulfill their daily hydration needs.

Should pet parents feel the need to add water to wet cat food to increase their water consumption, they can do so. However, it would depend on your cat's preference. Some actually enjoy the added water since it makes their food soupy. If you want to try this with your pet, start by putting a small quantity first such as adding a teaspoon of water. Observe how she would like it and gradually increase the amount over the next few days. You can add up to about 5 teaspoons of water to a regular can of wet food.

How many times a day should a cat drink water?

Tabby cat drinking water

The amount of water that your cat needs to consume daily would depend on her weight. Experts say that for every 5 pounds of body weight, daily water consumption should be around 3.5 to 4.5 ounces. So if your cat's weight falls within the average weight of 10 pounds, she should be taking in between 7 and 9 ounces of water every day.

There are some cats that don't like to drink water. Some also lose water or bodily fluids excessively due to certain conditions such as hot weather, heatstroke, diarrhea, vomiting, diabetes, and fever. This is dangerous as it could lead to dehydration and if left untreated, cats could suffer from severe health concerns or even death.

Pet parents should always watch out for signs of dehydration. This could be heavy panting, dry gums, or sunken eyes. You would also notice that your pet does not want to eat and feels lethargic most of the time. You should seek medical attention right away to address dehydration immediately. Some home remedies that you can try while waiting for your vet appointment include feeding them wet cat food, putting ice cubes on their water bowl, or adding some chicken broth or tuna juice to their water.

Do cats drink less water when they eat wet food?

One of the benefits of wet food is that it has high water content. Experts say that wet food is composed of 80% water while dry food only has 10%. This means that it is natural for cats fed with wet food diet to drink less water. It shouldn't be a reason for alarm when they don't finish their water bowl because they get most of their hydration requirements from their diet.

On the other hand, pet parents of felines that are on a dry food diet need to watch their water consumption. They should be drinking more water since they don't get it from their food. To illustrate this point, a 9-pound cat who eats wet food only needs to consume 1 ounce of water daily whereas she needs to drink around 7 ounces if she's fed dry food.

Should cats drink tap water?

A cat drinking from a tap in a kitchen

Water is good for cats. It keeps them hydrated and helps flush out toxins in their system. However, as pet parents would attest to, felines have a reputation to be very picky and finicky when it comes to drinking water. Some cats are very particular with the taste and even the temperature of the water that they're drinking.

Tap water, or basically any water that we drink, is great for cats. It is safe, accessible, and very affordable so yay for us pet parents! The trick is for you to constantly change the water in their bowl because felines don't like old standing water. You can also let them drink from the tap itself as they consider it as a treat.

But then again, it all comes down to the personal preferences of your beloved cat. Some may prefer bottled or filtered water. Some pet parents also have to think of creative ways just to encourage their cats to drink up. Thinking about drinking fountains and flavored water, oh well, anything for our fur babies, right?

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Do cats like their food and water together?

One of the quirky things about felines is that they don't want their food and water together. They want their drinking water to be separate from the food that they eat. Experts say that there's a biological and evolutionary adaptation explanation for this. Cats have always hunted their prey far from the water source in the wild. Because of this, behaviorists explain that their bodies have been programmed to avoid food near the water source. One of the reasons could be the possible contamination of water.

If you want your cat to drink more, put her water bowl away from her food bowl. You should also clean the bowl thoroughly using unscented products and always refill it with fresh water. You can also try experimenting regarding the best spot for your cat's water bowl and the type of bowl that you're using as they can be pretty particular about these things. Some even hate having their whiskers touch the edge of the bowls so a wider brimmed bowl is needed. The end goal is to encourage your cat to drink more water!

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Final Thoughts

Adding water to your cat's wet food is a matter of the personal preference of your beloved pet. If they like the watered-down version of their food, then good because it means more water intake for them. But if they don't like it, find ways to encourage your cat to drink water from the bowl so that you can be sure she's well hydrated and healthy. If you're worried about your pet's drinking habits, it's always best to consult your vet.

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