12 LOL-Worthy Star Wars Cats Pics: May the 4th Be Furry

In a galaxy fur, fur away...

It is a purriod of civil paw. Rebel kitty spaceships, pouncing from a hidden litter box base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empurrire.

During the catfight, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empurrire's ultimate weapon, the FURBALL OF DOOM, an armored space station with enough pawer to hurl massive furballs, covering planets in a sticky mess.

Pursued by the Empurrire's sinister feline agents, Purrincess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her furrends and restore freedom to the galaxy...

Meet the fearless feline heroes of the galaxy, banded together in their fight against the sinister forces of the Galactic Empurrire.

These adorable allies are ready to pounce into action and save the day, proving that size doesn't matter when it comes to heroics!


A large, furry Wookiee cat, Chewpawcca is the loyal co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon and faithful sidekick of Cat Solo.

His roaring meows strike fear into the hearts of enemies, while his furball-shooting bowcaster helps to save the day.



This wise and ancient feline Jedi Master has retreated to the swamps of Dagobah, where he meditates and trains aspiring Pawdawans.

Despite his small stature, Meowda's connection to the Feline Force is strong, and his guidance is invaluable.

Meowda, meditating in the swamp

While scouring the galaxy for more feline heroes, we stumbled upon an extremely rare and adorable find: a picture of Meowda as a young kitten!

baby Meowda

Luke Skywhisker

A young and brave tabby, Luke Skywhisker is a skilled pilot and Jedi in training under Meowda's guidance.

He's determined to defeat the evil Galactic Empurrire and restore balance to the Feline Force.

Luke Skywhisker

3CPaw and R2-Mew2

These two droid companions, 3CatPO and R2-Mew2, traverse the galaxy together, helping their allies in the fight against the Empurrire.

3CatPO's feline-like anxiety and R2-Mew2's mischievous curiosity create a pawsitively dynamic duo.

3CPaw and R2-Mew2

The Ewokittens

Native to the forest moon of Endor, these Ewok kittens, dressed in their brown hoodies, use their cunning and agility to outsmart the Empurrire. Their cuteness is as disarming as their treetop traps.



These majestic Pawdawans are powerful members of the Feline Force.

Sworn to protect the galaxy from the dark side, their wisdom and prowess inspire hope and courage in those around them.



Feline Foes of the Galaxy

Behold the cunning and treacherous feline villains who rule the galaxy with an iron paw, spreading fear and chaos in their quest for ultimate power.

These dastardly feline foes will stop at nothing to achieve their dark goals, so be prepared to hiss in disapproval!

Darth Meowder

Once a powerful Jedi, Darth Meowder is now the furrocious enforcer of the Galactic Empurrire.

His menacing suit and helmet (with room for his ears) strike terror into the hearts of his enemies, and his mastery of the dark side of the Feline Force is unparalleled.

Darth Meowder

Clawth Sidious

Cloaked in a dark gown and hood, Clawth Sidious is a mysterious figure who manipulates the shadows, orchestrating the fall of the Jedi and the rise of the Galactic Empurrire.

With sinister intent, he seeks to rule the galaxy with an iron paw.

Clawth Sidious

Jabba the Cat

This massive, hairless fat cat is the notorious crime lord of Tatooine.

With a slimy, insatiable appetite for power and luxury, Jabba the Cat preys on the weak and holds influence over the galaxy's criminal underworld.

Jabba the Cat


These white-armored Stormpurrer cats serve as loyal enforcers of the Galactic Empurrire.

Although they may be clumsy and their aim may be off, their dedication to the Empurrire's cause is unwavering.


Pawsome Finale: A Furry Farewell to Our Galactic Stars

These feline forces, both heroic and villainous, have pounced their way into our hearts and whiskered us away to a galaxy fur, fur away.

May the Feline Force be with you, always!

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Until our next intergalactic catventure!

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