4 Things Reddit Users Do to Groom Their Cats [And One They Don’t]

Cats are largely independent pets but they still rely on humans for things such as affection and food.

However, there may be less time and opportunity to do things such as bringing them to a professional groomer, so it's important to take care of them as much as possible.

We bring you some tips as recommended by fellow Reddit cat lovers.

Brush your cat regularly

woman using a comb brush the Persian cat

Take the opportunity to check the condition of your cat’s coat. Are there any bald patches, ticks, or fleas? Are there any unusual bumps?

You may also need to trim your cat’s coat in case of feces are attached to the fur.

Brushing your cat also gives you a chance to interact and bond with your feline friend and keeps cat hair off your furniture and clothes.

Some people like like Reddit user MrsBarneyFife prefer to use a glove brush so it’s “more like petting” the cat.

Always remember to be calm, and patient and to stay in control during brushing. The best time to brush your cat is after eating right before they go for a nap and ideally should be done once or twice a week to help your kitty keep their fur healthy.

Clip your cat’s claws

A cat will grow long and sharp claws that can cause injuries accidentally or unwanted damage to your furniture. 

Most cats make a fuss more about having the rear claws clipped, so start with the front before the rear claws. It’s also common to clip only the front claws unless the rear claws have gotten too sharp.

Clip your cat’s claws one at a time. Most cats aren't patient to have all of their claws clipped at once. You can return to clipping at the next opportunity such as what Reddit user Novel-Sea-3308 does. Giving treats to a cat while they are having its claws clipped also works for some.

It’s also best to trim your cat’s claws every 2 to 3 weeks, according to the American Humane Society. While it can be a challenging task, all it takes is patience, practice, and a little bit of incentive for your kitty.

owner's hand holding pink clippers nail and cat's paw.Trimming cat's nails.Vintage tone.

Clean your cat’s ears

The ears are usually one of the spots cats have difficulty reaching, and sometimes you may need to help your kitty with this if a small or moderate amount of debris or discharge can be in the visible part of the ear.

The best way to clean your cat’s ears, according to one Reddit user, is to apply liquid ear cleaners onto a clean cotton ball or gauze, fold the cat’s ears gently, and wipe away with the cotton ball while squishing to release the solution for about 30 seconds to loosen the debris.

Only clean when needed every few months as healthy cats do not need routine cleaning. A good quality feline ear cleaner solution is a must. Don’t use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide which can cause discomfort. Q-tips are also a no-no as they can risk rupturing the eardrum or pushing the debris too deep. 

Woman cleaning cat ears for the good health of the orange cat sleeping to clean on the floor

Avoid bathing your cat regularly

Any cat owner knows that water is a cat’s worst enemy, and bathing is probably the biggest challenge of owning a cat. There are also differing opinions on whether or not to bathe your cat regularly or at all.

Reddit user This-is-Pepperment never bathed her cat at all. While cats regularly do clean themselves, there are some exceptions such as if they can’t wash something off themselves or has long fur that has become matted. 

Washing the cat in the bathroom. Wet cat in the bathtub having shower. Confused or angry cat fear of water

If you recently adopted a new cat and are wondering whether they need a bath, check out this article on our site: Should you bathe a cat after adoption?

Even cat expert Jackson Galaxy says that you should avoid bathing your cat regularly as it is stressful for your cat and can cause undesirable behavior and possible health issues.

Remember - cats clean up for themselves.

Invest in grooming accessories

So far, you got some tips for home grooming your cat, but not every cat will react the same to what you are doing. 

Some cats may be fine with getting their claws clipped, or fine with water, but the majority of them will make a fuss if you so much as so accidentally brush against their belly. 

A new trend among cat owners is the use of cat grooming bags to help with several of the tips discussed above. Reddit user nefrititipinkfeety recommends getting one for clipping the claws of multiple cats. The bags can also help with bathing without a fuss.

With the tips above you can easily take care of your cat, and keep them happy and healthy in your own time. 

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