11 Types Of Cat Trees You Should Know

One way to keep your cats entertained in your home is by investing in cat trees. Your cats will love to play and climb up high to stay active. With cat trees, your cats stay in one place instead of roaming around the house.

There are many types of cat trees available. From single to multi-level trees, your cats can enjoy both rest and play. Cat trees also have fun features that add excitement while your cats are playing. No matter what feature you want, there is a cat tree that your cat will love.

To help you in your search, we have compiled a list of 11 cat tree recommendations. Check them out below.

A brown tabby cat on its tree, 11 Types Of Cat Trees You Should Know

1. Single Level Cat Trees

A single-level cat tree is a great choice if you have a cat who likes to hide under the bed. Cats who are heavier or older can quickly jump on the cat tree to get some rest. Also, if your cat is timid, a single-level cat tree can give them a sense of security.

Most single-level cat trees also have hanging toys and scratch posts that your cats can easily reach. Even with differences in the material and style, this cat tree gives the comfort your cat needs. You can invest in a single cat tree when it is your first time introducing one to your cat.

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2. Two-Level Cat Trees

If you want your cat to get more adventurous, you could start with two-level cat trees. Even with two levels, the distance from one level to another is enough for cats to stretch and transfer to the next level.

If you have two cats at home, it would also help to buy two-level cat trees. Each cat can have their resting place on the cat tree. Observe how your cats behave to see if having only one cat tree is enough. One cat might prefer more privacy or a bigger bed for sleeping.

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3. Three-Level Cat Trees

For young and athletic cats, consider a three-level cat tree. Cats can go on higher levels to keep themselves active. Aside from the extra challenge for your cat, some three-level cat trees have perches where your cats can nap.

With added levels, some manufacturers add other toys and scratching posts. Other features include ramps and condos to suit your cat's needs.

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4. Four-Level Cat trees And Higher

For households with many cats and ample space, consider multi-level cat trees. The higher the cat tree, the more your cats can feel they are in their natural habitat. Cats feel more challenged as they go up to another level.

You can give your cats more choices where they can play and rest on the cat tree. More perches, condos, ladders, ropes, and toys are available in multi-level cat trees. But with the extra features, you will also spend more.

There must also be a careful evaluation of the location where you wish to place the cat tree. If your space is too cramped, multi-level cat trees may not fit.

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5. Cat Trees With Carpet Scratchers

Cat trees become more functional with scratchers. You can choose cat trees with carpet scratchers to make your cats more comfortable.

Carpet density and quality will vary among the cat trees available in the market. So you have to be careful when choosing the cat tree. High-quality carpet scratchers also mean higher prices.

The main disadvantage of cat trees with carpet scratchers is that they can be difficult to clean.

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6. Cat Trees With Sisal Scratchers

Another common material for cat tree scratchers is sisal. According to PurrfectPost, sisal fabric is the best material for cat scratching posts.

Other cat trees use sisal rope, but cats prefer sisal fabric because it encourages healthy scratching. You also can rely on the durability of sisal fabric for long-term use.

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Check out the types of scratchers for your cats in this other post: 12 Types Of Scratching Posts And Scratchers

7. Cat Trees With Exposed Wood

Exposed wood adds a natural vibe to cat trees. With the wooden elements, you also enhance the style of your home. Aside from the design, cat trees with exposed wood are durable. Wood makes a sturdy cat tree, which is great if you have big cats.

Even if the wood is a strong material, it may not survive if cats scratch too much. You can preserve the wood by gluing sisal rope around or covering it with carpet.

If you choose a cat tree with exposed wood, be careful of sharp and slippery edges. Check the wooden parts before buying the cat tree.

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8. Wall-Mounted Cat Tree Systems

To shy away from the traditional stationary cat tree, you can select a wall-mounted system. From its looks, this cat tree adds to the design of your home.

Aside from the creative design, this type of cat tree saves space. Instead of consuming vertical height and floor space, you only have to dedicate your wall to this cat tree system. This type of cat tree is great if you have limited space.

For your cats, they can do activities from a wider perspective. Your cats stay healthy and active while enjoying the various features of the cat tree. Cat tree systems also help with behavioral issues and help cats maintain their feline instinct.

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9. Geometric Cat Trees

If you want to show some flair, you can buy geometric cat trees. You can maintain a cohesive modern style with simple lines and planes. The sizes and levels will vary depending on the design of the cat tree.

Some designs for this type of cat tree may not have the usual features like scratching posts or hanging toys. So if your cat loves scratching or playing, you might want to look for another cat tree.

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10. Tree-Shaped Cat Trees

Most cat trees do not look like a tree. But some creative cat tree manufacturers offer tree-shaped cat trees. Your cats would feel like they are outdoors while staying in this cat tree. With some leaves around the cat tree, your cat can also feel more secure.

Some drawbacks of having this cat tree include:

  • Lacking scratchers or scratch posts
  • Difficult to assemble for some cat trees
  • Limited suitable sizes for large cats
  • Made of not so durable materials

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11. Wheel-Shaped Cat Tree

Get a wheel-shaped cat tree for a unique way to keep your cats in an active and comfortable place. One way to battle obesity in cats is by letting them have at least 15 minutes of exercise every day. If your cats do not like to go and play outdoors, this type of cat tree can be the solution.

When picking this type of cat tree, you should consider the following:

  • Size of your cat - Large cats will need bigger wheels, which will consume space.
  • Cat's personality and behavior - Check how your cat responds when you introduce the cat tree. It may take some time for cautious cats compared to adventurous ones.

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In Closing

Whatever cat tree you select for your cats, you have to keep it safe and clean at all times. Your cats should be able to reach the levels of your chosen cat tree with ease. Also, be sure that you pick a cat tree that is durable and easy to maintain.

To add some fun, you can buy cat trees with perches, hanging toys, and scratchers. Different materials give varying levels of comfort to your cats while staying on the cat tree. From this guide, select a cat tree from the point of view of your cats. Give your cats the best cat tree that they will surely love.

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