When Do Maine Coon Cats Become Fully Grown?

Maine coon cats are known to be large cats; they are even considered the largest domestic cat breed. And because of their size, it takes time for the cat to reach full maturity. For this article, we've researched to find out how long does it take for a Maine coon to be fully grown.

It takes 3-5 years for a Maine coon to fully grow in size. Their height can reach 10-16 inches and they can weigh 8-18 pounds. It is also worth noting that genetics is one of the main factors influencing your cat's size. Looking at a kitten’s parents, you can have a rough estimation of how big your kitten will be when they've fully grown. And of course, with proper diet, nutrition, and maintenance, you can help your cat grow to its maximum potential size.

Now that we know how long it typically takes for a Maine coon to fully mature, let’s now discuss other possible points of inquiry about them. Continue reading to know more details about their size, care, and lifespan.

Close-up of Maine Coon sticking out tongue, When Do Maine Coon Cats Become Fully Grown?

How Big Should A One Year Old Maine Coon Cat Be?

At this stage, your Maine coon should be as big as a regular domestic cat and possibly even bigger. One tip when getting a Maine coon kitten is to fully cat-proof your house. Despite the reputation for fully grown Maine coons being mellow and laid back, young Maine coons are just like any other kitten but bigger. 

Their size can present a challenge as they are bigger than most kittens, thus, their mess could also be bigger than a typical kitten. Cat-proofing your home will not just save you the trouble of having big messes because of your cat’s playfulness, it also helps in keeping the safety of your cat.

By catproofing, you reduce the chances of heavy fragile objects such as plant vases, un-secure mirrors, and things alike. These can all be potential causes of very severe injuries to your kitten or even worse, death. 

How Long Does A Maine Coon Cat Live?

Cats, in generally good health, typically live from 2-16 years. The big and gorgeous Maine coon cat is also known for having a relatively long lifespan that ranges from 10-13 years some even reach up to 15 years. 

Tortie Maine Coon Kitten


There are many factors to be considered when talking about the Maine coon’s life expectancy. One is their size. Despite being one of their most attractive traits, size also contributes to their health.

Hip dysplasia is one common condition of Maine coons where their hip joints are not formed properly. This is more common in dogs but because of their size, they too can also suffer from this condition.

Diet & Exercise

It is also very important for your Maine coon to have a good diet and make sure that it is getting enough exercise. Giving your pet some toys to play with will be beneficial as it helps in stimulating your cats physical health. And it can also serve as bonding time for you and your pet. 

One activity that Maine coons also love is playing fetch, that is why they are sometimes referred to as “dog-like." So don’t be afraid to play with your pet because it is good for their health, and you get to spend some quality time with them as well. 


Genetics again is also a factor when talking about your cat’s health. Some diseases are hereditary and can be passed down from the parent cat to its offspring. That is why it is important to get a kitten from a certified cat breeder, or you can go to accredited shelters near your area to make sure you won’t be getting sickly kittens. 

You can look up certified cat breeders registered in these major cat associations:

  • The International Cat Association (TICA)
  • Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA)
  • Fédération International Féline (FIFE).

There is only so much that we can do in taking care of our beloved Maine coons, that is why consulting your vet is still the best thing to do; especially if you are noticing something wrong with your pet. 

Are Maine Coon Cats High Maintenance?

Although Maine coon cats have long and thick fur they are surprisingly not high maintenance because their fur is naturally dust and dirt repellant. Brushing them 2-3 times a week is enough. Brushing your cat’s fur is very important as it helps its skin breathe. This is also just like any other cat breed with long thick fur.

By brushing your cat’s fur, you help stop the accumulation of oil produced by their skin, and also help in maintaining the growth of their fur. Additionally, this also provides prevention against skin infections. This can also be a way of checking your Maine coon for lice or any bump in their skin caused by injuries or wounds. 

Maine coons are also fond of water, so bath time won’t be a problem. It is also best if you occasionally take them to a professional groomer. A recommended 3-4 times a year should be enough to keep those thick and lustrous furs in top condition.

What Cat Is Bigger Than A Maine Coon? 

The Maine coon breed is the biggest cat breed being domesticated by humans. The only close competition that the Main coon has in terms of size is the Norwegian Forest Cat. 

Non-domesticated cats, however, are larger than Maine coons. These are not recommended as pets.

Summing It All Up

Close-up of Maine Coon sticking out tongue, When Do Maine Coon Cats Become Fully Grown?

Maine coon cats are not just any ordinary cats, they’re the heavyweights of the domesticated cats. Since they are such large pets they take time to fully grow into their mature size, so patience is key. And never forget to shower your pet with love, affection, and attention if you want them to grow to their ultimate size.

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