Which Wet Cat Foods Have The Most Gravy?

Some cats like the smell and taste of gravy. Open a can of wet cat food with this savory sauce and watch your pet’s tongue smack around their lips in anticipation. Now that you know that your pet likes this ingredient, what wet cat foods have the most gravy? We researched the best options on the market so you no longer have to do it.

After comparing different cat foods, we found three options that have a significant amount of gravy in them. We listed these selections so you can choose which gravy-infused cat food is the best for your pet:

  1. Weruva B.F.F. OMG Oh My Gravy Rainbow Variety Pack
  2. Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy
  3. Purina Pro Plan Entrée in Gravy

Keep reading to learn more about these products. You will also discover relevant information about wet cat foods and gravy.

A bowl of wet cat food placed on top of different kinds of cat food, Which Wet Cat Foods Have The Most Gravy?

3 Wet Cat Foods With the Most Gravy

Each of these wet cat food options contains rich amounts of gravy that your pet feline will love. Take note that these options have their unique benefits for your cat.

1. Weruva B.F.F. OMG Oh My Gravy Rainbow Variety Pack

The name Weruva comes from this family-owned business’ three rescued cats, namely WEbster, RUdi, and VAnessa. This business offers different cat and dog products, including foods and supplements. One of the company’s many options is the B.F.F. OMG Oh My Gravy Rainbow Variety Pack.

This product line comes in many different flavors, including beef, chicken, lamb, and salmon. Additionally, each flavor-rich pack comes with cat food chunks covered in a gravy specially made to appease a cat’s picky palate.

Take note that each pack in the B.F.F. OMG Oh My Gravy line has different nutrition profiles. For instance, the Tuna Pouch Charm Me variant has a 58.70% protein profile, whereas the Chicken Pouch Charge Me Up pack only has 28.50%.

2. Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy

Sheba is a wet cat food company that takes pride in providing cats with premium edibles for optimal health. At the time of writing, this cat food supplier has four categories in its Perfect Portions line, which are the Bistro, Premium Patés, Garden Medleys, and Cuts in Gravy.

In particular, Sheba Cuts in Gravy cat food is a favorite among many pet parents. The broad range of flavors ensures that your cats won’t get bored of eating their gravy-rich food soon. These flavors include chicken & tuna, chicken & turkey, and salmon & tuna. The packs come in 2.6-ounce twin packs, and the amount should suffice many adult cats.

Open up a Portion Cuts in Gravy pack, and see a gravy-filled surprise for your cat. Each pack contains a tasty, flavorful sauce, filled with nutritious ingredients, such as thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), taurine, and folic acid.

3. Purina Pro Plan Entrée in Gravy

Like other reliable pet food brands, many pet parents trust Purina for supplying them with quality cat and dog consumables. The company has decades of experience in the pet food industry. This expertise allowed the business to source its products’ ingredients from quality suppliers, such as USDA-certified meat facilities and grain from the US’s Midwest, which is America’s breadbasket.

Throughout the years, Purina developed a broad range of pet foods, including the Prop Plan Entrée in Gravy wet cat food. This cat food comes in different flavors, such as chicken & rice, beef with carrots, and turkey & vegetables. Additionally, you can buy the cat food in two different sizes, which are the 3- and 5.5-ounce options.

This specific wet cat food with gravy also has numerous essential vitamins and minerals for your kitty. These nutrients include crude protein, crude fiber, and taurine. Plus, each can contains 80% moisture for your pet’s optimal hydration.

What's The Best Gravy Cat Food?

The ‘best gravy cat food’ is relative because different cats have varying food preferences. For instance, one feline might prefer a gravy-infused chicken & vegetable meal while another cat may want a beef, rice, and gravy puree. Pet parents will go through experimentation to see which gravy cat food their household felines love the most.

What Cat Food is Mostly Gravy?

A cat eating his cat food in his bowl

Among the three wet cat foods mentioned above, the Purina Pro Plan Entrée in Gravy option is one of the top variants on the market regarding the amount of gravy in the container. The 3-ounce pack has a reasonable amount of gravy that doesn't overwhelm other ingredients in the dish. Additionally, the sauce has a sufficient amount to prevent cats from becoming hooked to its scent and taste.

Is There Cat Food that is Just Gravy?

There's no cat food that's only gravy. If a particular cat food only contains gravy, it doesn't promote optimal nutrition for the animal.

One important nutrient that may be missing in only-gravy cat food—if ever they exist—is protein, which cats require more than dogs as per the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University. An article from that institution states that the minimum protein requirement of adult cats is 6.5 grams per 100 kilocalories compared to adult dogs' protein needs of 4.5 grams per 100 kilocalories of the nutrient.

Why Does My Cat Only Eat The Gravy?

An up close photo of wet cat food on a white background

Some cats only eat the gravy-filled parts of their food, leaving other areas of the dish untouched. One of the reasons is the flavor; the smell and taste of cat-friendly gravy can be irresistible for many felines.

Certain felines might even find it more challenging than usual to resist the aromas and flavors of the gravies in their dishes that it becomes a slight problem. Make sure to give your cat different cat foods to reduce the risks of your pet getting extra picky with their food.

Is Gravy Good For A Cat?

It’s not ideal to give gravy for humans to cats. It’s because some gravy recipes have ingredients that can be harmful to cats. For example, cats consuming garlic in gravy can experience adverse reactions as that ingredient is poisonous to them. On the other hand, the gravy found in many wet cat food options comes with special formulations to provide optimal nutrition to felines.

Can Cats Have Chicken Gravy?

Cats can eat chicken gravy, as long as the ingredients cater to the animals’ well-being. Prepare chicken gravy with ingredients like olive oil, butter, and chicken breasts. Furthermore, add it to grains to enhance the fiber content in the dish. That way, your cat can enjoy the dish with chicken gravy while also staying at peak health.

Can Cats Have Turkey Gravy?

Yes, you can give your cat turkey gravy. However, make sure that it doesn’t have ingredients that can harm their health. Furthermore, avoid feeding your feline turkey gravy frequently. Unlike other types of cat-friendly gravy, the turkey variant is quite fattening. Therefore, feeding it to your pet habitually can cause unwanted weight gain.

Final Words

Wet cat foods, such as some products made by Weruva, Sheba, and Purina, have a sufficient amount of gravy, which many felines love. Take note that the gravy in these cat food options has ingredients that are formulated considering the animal's well-being. Avoid feeding cats gravy made for humans to avoid bringing complications to your pets' health. If your cat only eats the gravy in their meal and leaves the other foods untouched, change your pet’s meal plan to avoid worsening this concern.

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