Why Do Ragdolls Follow You Around?

We've been used to the idea that cats love their independence and enjoy keeping to themselves that you might find it confusing when a Ragdoll follows you around constantly. We've asked experts of this breed regarding this behavior, and here's what they have to say.

The affectionate and gentle Ragdoll follows you around because she enjoys spending time with you. She's asking for your time and attention. She will be more than happy when you play with her, rub her belly, or give her lots of cuddles.

Hang on so we can tell you more about this part of a Ragdoll's personality. We'll also answer your questions about differences between male and female Ragdolls, if you can leave them alone, or if they'll prefer having another furry pal to keep them company.

A beautiful eyed ragdoll cat staring at the camera

Why Is my Ragdoll So Clingy?

Ragdolls are popular pets because of their great temperament and pleasing personality. They are easy to care for and don't need so much space to keep them satisfied. All it takes is a lot of love and attention and they'll be fine.

This breed is very affectionate. They love to follow you around wherever you go because they crave your companionship. They would love it if you carry them in your arms or let them sleep on your lap for some snuggle time.

However, some of them can get quite clingy. Based on their personality, they do require more of your attention than other cats who tend to be more independent.

A cute ragdoll cat staring at the camera, Why Do Ragdolls Follow You Around?

They can be quite demanding. They'll keep on meowing at you until you shower them with love and affection. They'll gladly flip over so you can give their tummy a soft rub. And in return, they'll also show their love for you by licking you or looking at you with those big bright eyes.

Ragdolls also get more clingy as they age as they get more dependent on you. They know that you will provide for their needs—not just when it comes to food and water but more so when it comes to love and attention. They become more affectionate as they age and they would be happy to have that reciprocated.

Do Ragdolls Have A Favorite Person?

It is normal for pets to be attached to one person. They feel that person could understand them the most and responds to their needs. Their favorite human is their source of comfort and security in this world.

You would think that with Ragdolls' affectionate nature, they're one of those pets who get all clingy with their owners. But this isn't the case for this sociable and friendly breed of cats.

For Ragdoll cats, everybody in the household is their favorite person. They get along so well with everybody from children to seniors alike. It makes them happy to be in the company of other people.

This is good news since you don't have to worry about your pet being lonely when you're away. As long as Ragdolls have a companion with them, they'll be happy and content.

However, this poses a problem as well. Since they basically like all people, you should always supervise them closely especially when you're outside. Watch out because your Ragdoll might go with strangers that you'll lose your pet before you know it.

Do Ragdolls Get Jealous?

A blue eyed ragdoll cat staring at the camera

Cats have a reputation for being indifferent and independent. But obviously, these descriptions do not fit a Ragdoll cat. They are very affectionate and crave intimate relationships with their humans.

Because of this, they can also get jealous when they feel that they don't get the same level of attention and affection that they used to get. This may happen when there's a new member of the family as a baby or a pet.

Some signs that point to having a jealous Ragdoll are biting, excessive meowing, scratching, urinating to mark her territory, or swatting at things. She may also try to come in between you and the object of her jealousy.

When this happens, it's best to spend time with your pet and assure her that you still love her. Make sure also that she's got her own space and no one will intrude in her territory. This is her safe refuge when her world suddenly changes.

Ragdolls don't do well with surprises so introduce them gradually to this change that's about to happen. Teach them to get used to the situation and reward their appropriate behavior with treats and more affection.

Can You Leave A Ragdoll Cat Alone?

This is the main concern for those who have to go to work and there's no one left at home to care for their pet.

It's good to know then that Ragdolls have a sense of resourcefulness and could probably keep themselves entertained until you get back home. It also helps that they sleep a lot during the day.

But it isn't recommended that you leave a Ragdoll for more than 9 hours or a whole day. She will get lonely as she craves companionship. If you're away most of the time, maybe a Ragdoll isn't the best pet for you.

A nice option would be to get another pet so she won't be alone. It could be another Ragdoll or any breed of cats or even a dog! Your Ragdoll will surely appreciate their company and won't notice your absence that much.

How To Safely Leave Your Ragdoll Cat At Home

Here are things you need to prepare before you leave your Ragdoll alone:

  • Cat-proof your house. Make sure that all the doors and windows are locked. Check for any small opening that she could get into then get stuck on later.
  • Train your Ragdoll how to use the food and water dispenser (if you're not free-feeding her). You can also leave some treats for her to discover.
  • Give her toys she can play with while you're away. These will keep her busy and eventually tire her out so she can go to sleep.
  • You can play cartoons or fun cat videos on the TV to keep her entertained.
  • Install a camera so you can always see what she's up to.

But again, even when all of these things have been set up, don't leave your Ragdoll alone for a long time. Toys and videos can amuse her for a while, but she's always happiest in the company of other people or pets.

Is It Better To Have One Or Two Ragdoll Cats?

If you're wondering if you should get your Ragdoll a companion, another Ragdoll perhaps, the answer is yes! Two is better than one when it comes to these social creatures.

This breed thrives best in the company of humans and other pets and of course, they would appreciate having another of their own kind in their circle.

Ragdolls are very friendly so you won't have a problem with them getting along. They can hang out together and will always have each other to keep them company.

A cute blue eyed ragdoll cat on a purple background

This is good for them especially when you have to be away during the day for your work. With another Ragdoll as their BFF, they won't miss you as much.

It would also lessen their neediness when it comes to your love and attention. They won't keep on following or bothering you when you just want to rest after a full day at work.

Is It Better To Get A Male Or Female Ragdoll Cat?

Experts say that the main difference between a male and female Ragdoll is their size. The male ones are heavier, weighing around 13 to 18 lbs while females average between 9 and 13 lbs only. This would have an impact on the space that they need inside the house.

When it comes to their personalities, the males can be more demanding of your attention. They are also more mischievous and more stubborn as they age so you've got to start training them early on proper behavior and grooming.

Male Ragdolls are more likely to be attached to one person whereas female Ragdolls will be happy to be with other members of the family. So the females would be better as a family pet or those with multiple pets in the house.

But when it comes to which gender is better, it's not for us to decide. It depends on the cat's unique personality and the owner's personal preferences so they can find the perfect match.

Final Thoughts

Know that you have a very affectionate pet when you have a Ragdoll. They can be the most loyal and loving pets you can have, and all they ask is that you give them the love and affection that they deserve.

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