Why Is My Ragdoll Cat So Small?

Size matters for our pets because it is our gauge if they are on the right track in their growth and development. Some Ragdoll owners are worried why their pets are so small when they are expected to be a larger breed. Worry no more if you're one of those cat parents. We consulted pet experts, and here's what we found out.

Your Ragdoll might be small because she hasn't reached her full growth yet. They take a long time to become fully mature which happens when they are around 4 years old. But if after this period your Ragdoll is still small, then you may have gotten the runt of the litter.

Continue reading to learn more about the average size of Ragdolls, and how they compare to other breeds of cats. We'll discuss their growth and development and how male and female Ragdoll cats are different from each other. Let's get started!

Ragdoll cat leaning head on the air. Why Is My Ragdoll Cat So Small

Do Ragdoll Cats Stay Small?

According to the Cats Fanciers' Association, Ragdoll cats are categorized as a medium to large breed. Their average weight is between 10 to 20 lbs while the average height is 10 inches, with males being heavier and taller than female Ragdolls.

Given these statistics, pet parents of these gentle creatures have set an expectation regarding their Ragdoll's size and do get worried when they feel that their felines are not within the normal weight and height as they are growing up.

This is a normal reaction since we usually base our pet's development milestones on these figures. However, new owners of this lovely breed of cats need to know that they take so long to reach their full-grown size which is very different from the average Tabby.

Their growth spurts happen in a span of 4 years compared to other cats that usually reach their full growth at the age of 1 year old.

Ragdolls do start out as tiny kittens during which they require so much food. Yes, they eat a lot more than other kittens. They need this to develop their bodies into the large muscular build that we're familiar with. They need proper nutrition as they are growing up to be able to achieve this.

As time passes by, you will notice that your once tiny kitten is turning out to be one of the largest cats you've ever seen.

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Ragdoll Size Vs A Normal Cat

Cats come in different sizes. There are small and large breeds and there are also those that fall in between. Knowing a cat's size, especially when they're fully grown, helps would-be pet parents to make the necessary preparations so that they can provide a happy and comfortable life for their pets.

Ragdolls are classified under the medium to large breed. They have a broad body and muscular feet. The average weight of full-grown Ragdolls falls between 10 lbs to 20 lbs. They typically grow up to 11 inches in height and up to 21 inches in terms of the length of their body without including their tail.

Meanwhile, the average Tabby just normally weighs an average of 10 lbs. That's why Ragdolls are considered bigger than most breeds.

However, it is not really recommended to compare your Ragdoll pet to other cats especially from other varieties because their weight would really depend on their specific breed and body frame.

To get a more accurate basis for assessment, compare your Ragdoll with those from her own breed to give you an idea if her growth and development are along the right lines.

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How Long Does It Take For A Ragdoll Cat To Grow To Full Size?

It takes some time before Ragdoll cats are fully grown. If you expect them to reach their full-grown size after a year, just like most cats do, you'll be disappointed.

Ragdolls reach maturity and achieve their full growth potential when they are around 4 years of age. Imagine that? That's 4 times the length of time for most breeds of cats!

No wonder some first-time fur parents to these affectionate pets get worried that their Ragdolls aren't as big as they'd thought they would be when they turn a year old. They would also be concerned when they compare their pets with other breeds.

Ragdolls have growth spurts within the period of 4 years. This means their growth can be gradual or they can take you by surprise that they're suddenly the gentle giants that they are meant to be.

You can expect a full-grown Ragdoll to weigh around 10 to 20 lbs. It is important that you have enough space for a cat of this size and make sure that all their cat stuff from their beds, litter boxes, to cat trees are big enough for them.

How Old Are Ragdolls When They Are Fully Grown?

As mentioned earlier, Ragdolls take around 4 years to reach maturity and develop into a full-grown adult cat. When they reach this age, their weight can be within 10 to 20 lbs, their height can be between 9 and 11 inches, and their length can be anywhere between 17 and 21 inches (not including their tail).

Based on these figures, you've got yourself a larger cat than most breeds. That makes them even cuddlier, right? However, take note that since they are bigger than the average Tabby, make sure you make the necessary arrangements within your home so your Ragdoll can live a happy and comfortable life.

Now, if after 4 years your Ragdoll is still smaller than what's expected of their full-grown size, you might have gotten the runt of the litter.

Stunted growth is one of the peculiarities in the runts but if you're doing your regular vet checkups and the vet says that your Ragdoll is healthy, then there's no need to worry. Your pet may be a little smaller for her breed but her love and devotion to you won't certainly be any less.

Do Ragdolls Have Short Legs?

Ragdolls may appear to have shorter legs, especially in the front. But this is only because the fur in their front legs is shorter while they have longer fur in their hind legs.

The standard description of the Ragdoll breed says that their lengths have a moderate length so they aren't considered short-legged. Their legs are just the right length to support their solid and heavy-boned bodies.

Is It Better To Get A Male Or Female Ragdoll Cat?

For those who are interested to get a Ragdoll cat as a pet, it is natural to wonder whether getting a male or a female will make much of a difference. It is the so-called battle of the sexes.

You might be thinking about which sex behaves better so you won't have much of a problem while raising them or which one is bigger or more dominant. These are all valid and important things to consider as you do your research about the pet that you're getting.

Ragdoll experts say that there are obvious differences between males and females when it comes to size and behavior. Males are heavier than their female counterparts. Males typically weigh between 13 lbs and 19 pounds. Meanwhile, females are on the lighter side of the weighing scale at 9 lbs. to 13 lbs.

Knowing their size difference plays a major part in assessing if you can offer them the space that they need inside your house. They need enough room to move and play aside from having their own space to be able to rest comfortably.

When it comes to their personality, male Ragdolls are more dominant and can be more demanding of your time and affection. They have the tendency to be attached to one person only. They are also more outgoing, mischievous, and can become stubborn as they grow older.

Female Ragdolls, on the other hand, have a more laidback personality. While they also enjoy your attention, they are not as demanding. They would also enjoy the company of other members of the family.

It is good to take note of these personality differences to find out which one will suit your lifestyle. But in the end, their sex won't matter. It all boils down to how much love, time, and discipline you give your pet that will shape their overall personality.

Ragdoll Cat Laying Down, Looking Uninterested. Why Is My Ragdoll Cat So Small

Final Thoughts

Ragdolls grow up to be large cats. These gentle giants take a long time to reach maturity and full growth so be patient with their development. Meanwhile, shower them with lots of love and cuddles so that they'll be happy and healthy as they are growing up.

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