You Won’t Believe This Kitten Rescue Story: The Real-Life Pixar Lamp!

Have you ever watched a Pixar movie? The familiar scene where the playful desk lamp, known as Luxo Jr., bounces across the screen and settles into place.

Our story begins in a similar way. Picture it.

Get this. There's a TikTok channel, @thekittencampaign, managed by the charismatic Kaitlyn Sullivan.

Kaitlyn is a Texas vet tech, spending days and nights saving kittens. Sound heartwarming, right?

But here's what's noteworthy: one recent video has seen a tremendous surge in views due to a rescue story that is sure to melt your heart.

Posted merely on 5.18.23, it has already stunned the internet with a staggering 11.8 million views, gathered an impressive 3.1 million likes, and garnered a whopping 257.3k comments.

Let's dive in and unravel this sweet story.

Klondike's Tale: A Real-Life Pixar Lamp Springs to Life

The video starts with the heartfelt text "You and me. A forever kinda thing".

Now, you can't see the kitten initially, but Kaitlyn is kneeling down on the floor under a table, patting the floor in a gentle, enticing rhythm.

Image of foster and kitten playing hide and seek under the table

It's a game of hide and seek, an invitation for the kitten to come play.

As Kaitlyn softly claps and murmurs "Come here...", it's a clear attempt to coax the kitten to come out from hiding.

There's an expectancy in the air, a quiet moment of anticipation.

Now here's the magic moment: An adorably small, orange kitten, sporting a tiny head cone, comes bouncing out from under the table, seemingly accepting the invitation to snuggle.

A foster and kitten playing hide and seek under a kitchen table

Its leap into Kaitlyn's outstretched hands is one for the books.

With the kitten's tiny size and the comical cone on his head, it's quite literally the most adorable sight you'll ever see.

foster and kitten playing hide and seek under the table

But the cuteness doesn't stop there. The final scenes show Kaitlyn and the kitten, snuggling and playfully exchanging kisses, the human's hands gently cradling the tiny creature.

That is the heartwarming charm of @thekittencampaign.

kitten and foster playing hide and seek under the table

The caption on this video paints a poignant picture: "After everyone and everything that has failed this kitten, he finally gets the chance at life he deserved from the beginning."

This is not just about cat hashtags. This is a tale of redemption, of second chances.

See the full video below.

@thekittencampaign after everyone and everything that has failed this kitten, he finally gets the chance at life he deserved from the beginning. #fostercare #animalrescue #foster #rescuecat #rescuekitten #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Ctess68

Viewer Reactions: The Internet Weighs In

The comments section is abuzz with reactions.

One user quips "Oliver and Company," a reference that seems to resonate because it's echoed by another who chimes in: "Someone said Oliver and Company and that makes this even cuter."

Get ready to grab a tissue, because one of the comments will tug at your heartstrings.

Hana, a viewer, confesses, "Did I SOB when he jumps into your hands? Yes. His whole world is you."

Another user likens our fluffy companion to the "Pixar lamp." This comparison resonates with forty thousand users, as indicated by their clicking on the 'like' button.

Yet another viewer adoringly remarks, "the little hop thoughhhhh. Cutest thing on the internet."

If you're curious about this kitten's backstory, the same creator offers a series of videos to fill us in.

Klondike's Backstory: A Fight for Survival

Brace yourself, because this tiny kitten started out in terrible condition.

The story goes, "Klondike was at an outside shelter, scheduled to be euthanized. This is the only pic I ever saw of him. He had worsened from the time it took to transport him from the shelter to me."

Klondike a rescue kitty looking rough

Now we get a closer look at Klondike, the little orange kitten, whose eyes reveal a tale of his challenging past.

Be aware: if witnessing an animal in distress is difficult for you, this video might not be suitable.

The narrative unfolds further, "He has a corneal ulcer in his remaining eye, but he can still see.

However, his other eye began to rupture. Day by day it worsens. But he’s on a lot of meds to stay comfy. And I’m watching his weight closely.

Because the day he gets to 2 lbs, he will have surgery to remove the worse eye."

The creator then answers some pressing FAQs: "We have no idea why his one eye worsened so much. Yes, he will lose his worse eye.

Klondike in his cone looking up at the camera

His other eye is safe but he may be partially blind in it. He can’t have surgery before he is 2lbs because it is too risky."

The creator ends with a note of hope and gratitude, "Hope this helps and thank you for your support."

Addressing Viewer Concerns: Kaitlyn's Interview

An additional video unveils an interview with the devoted kitten foster. Many viewers have been curious, raising questions about testing for conditions like FIP.

Ready for the answers? Here they come straight from Kaitlyn, Klondike's foster.

klondike the rescue kitten in a cone

"Hi everybody," she begins, "If you don’t know me, my name is Kaitlyn. I am Klondike’s foster. I wanted to address something crucial."

Kaitlyn reveals, "I am merely a foster for a no-kill shelter. So our resources are pretty limited on what we can test and what we can’t test."

It turns out that testing for conditions like FIP, calicivirus, and panleukopenia is not possible through the shelter.

Kaitlyn continues, "They are beautiful people. They took on this medical case. And they are completely willing to take out the eye.

But as far as in-depth testing goes it’s just not an option. Once I fully adopt him, yes. I will be doing all of the fun medical things that I can’t do through this shelter."

What's next for Klondike, then? Here's what Kaitlyn has to say: "...until then I just have to micromanage his environment, keep him on his meds, keep him safe, happy, and healthy. And just wait till he gets to 2lbs for his surgery."

photos of all the meds that klondike is on

How much does Klondike weigh now? He's at a healthy 1.8 lbs, and you can see the excitement in Kaitlyn's eyes.

One user probes, “I don’t mean to be callous here, I’m just genuinely curious… under what condition, if any, do they say “there’s a no-kill option here”? Because that cat looked ROUGH. I know some “no-kill” places that would just pass it along to the kill ones.

Kaitlyn's responds, “I don’t find this callous at all! My rule is as long as they are eating, drinking, and thriving in their condition, then it is a yes!”

And guess what? The comments section is brimming with gratitude, with many users expressing their thanks to Kaitlyn for the work she's doing.

The Future of Klondike: A Promising Journey Ahead

Though there have been no new updates on Klondike's situation on May 19, stay tuned. We'll be checking in!

For today, the story of Klondike, the tiny orange kitten, and his foster mom Kaitlyn has touched hearts and captivated millions on TikTok.

Their journey, fraught with trials and tribulations, underlines the profound bond between humans and animals, and the tremendous difference a bit of compassion can make.

Despite limited resources, Kaitlyn is giving this sweet kitty a fighting chance at life. Through her channel, she has ways of contributing to her cause.

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