Watch: Bobcat Family Rescue in Scottsdale Home Attic

What would you do if you heard strange noises coming from your attic?

For one Scottsdale homeowner, the source was a delightful surprise – a bobcat family had moved in!

Here's the heartwarming story of how this temporary tenant trouble led to an adorable attic discovery.

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The Case of the Mystery Attic Sounds

The adventure began when a Scottsdale resident heard odd noises from their attic on June 8th.

Venturing up to investigate, they discovered the culprit was a cute bobcat kitten!

Young Lynx in green forest. Wildlife scene from nature.

But where was mama bobcat? The kitten was rescued, yet the search continued...

Later that day, the plot thickened when the homeowner stumbled on another furry stowaway – mama bobcat!

Hiding in the bathroom shower, her golden eyes peered out.

Arizona Game and Fish officers arrived to safely capture the protective mother and reunite her with the baby.

How Did Bobcats Get in the House?

AZGFD explained recent roof damage allowed the bobcat pair to sneak inside the comfy attic.

And they seemed to love their new digs!

Officers removed the squatters, who were soon released together back into the wilderness.

While having wild animals in your home can be startling, this story has a happy ending.

The residents got a rare glimpse into bobcats' family bonds! And the mama got her kitten back.

Bobcats one, attic zero in this unexpected wildlife adventure!

Are Bobcats Dangerous?

Seeing a wild bobcat in your home may cause alarm.

But in most cases, bobcats avoid confrontations with humans.

Large Bobcat High Up In Cottonwood Tree Looking For Dinner

Bobcats are solitary and territorial animals that tend to reside in remote areas away from neighborhoods.

Attacks on humans are incredibly rare, even when defending dens with young.

However, bobcats with rabies may act aggressively and can be dangerous.

This highlights the importance of keeping rabies vaccinations for pets up to date.

Overall though, healthy bobcats pose little direct threat to people.

So while startling, the presence of the mama bobcat likely didn't put the Scottsdale homeowners in grave danger.

Still, removing wild animals humanely is the safest approach for both people and the animals.

What To Do If Bobcats Invade Your Home

While rare, bobcats occasionally do wander into homes.

If this happens to you, remain calm and call wildlife authorities right away.

Do not attempt to interact with or capture bobcats yourself. Cornered wild animals may lash out, even if normally timid.

Secure pets safely in another room too.

Try closing doors to isolate the bobcat in one area until help arrives. Turn on lights and make noise to encourage them to leave if possible.

But avoid taking risks or threatening their space.

Wildlife officials have the proper training and equipment to humanely remove bobcats. Let the experts handle them!

They can assess if the bobcat needs medical care before returning them to suitable habitat.

With the right help, wayward bobcat intruders can have happy endings, like the Scottsdale mother and kitten.

Alert authorities at the first signs of bobcats in your home for everyone's safety.

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