Do Ragdolls And Siamese Get Along?

Domesticated or wild cats have distinctive attitudes and characteristics. But this hasn't barred cat lovers from having a few furry friends. As a cat lover, you might want to have more than one breed of cat. Are you wondering if your darling Ragdoll will get along well with a Siamese? We consulted with the expert cat whisperers, and they gave us some answers.

Ragdolls and Siamese get along purrfectly! The energy and personalities of these two breeds match well. They become buddies fast and hardly get tired of each others' company.

Most animals love having playmates, especially the playful kind. Cats generally love attention and interaction. Interesting? Well, continue browsing to find out what makes Ragdolls and Siamese get along despite having different origins. Without further ado, let's get into it!

A ragdoll and Siamese cat sitting on top of a table, Do Ragdolls And Siamese Get Along?

Similar Character Traits Of Ragdolls And Siamese

Animals of the same group tend to have similar traits and characteristics. This fact doesn't always guarantee that when put together they'd live in perfect harmony. Sometimes unlikely species get along if they have the same character traits.

When it comes to Ragdoll and Siamese cats, they probably get along well since they have a lot in common. Their most common traits include:

  • Looks: Both Siamese and Ragdolls have long light colored bodies with dark legs and faces. The dark fur on their legs is sometimes referred to as "mittens." To differentiate the two, you'll see below that Siamese have magnetic blue eyes with darker faces.
  • Outspoken: Ragdolls and Siamese cats are very outspoken and meow a lot. Sometimes it sounds as if they are having a conversation. In this manner they let those around them pay attention or notice them.
  • Very affectionate and sensitive: These cats are very affectionate and can easily sense your mood change. They then swoon in to comfort or calm.
  • Highly intelligent: The dog-like characteristics make these felines very intelligent and alert. They notice any slight changes in their environment which they immediately react to.
  • Sixth sense: Although this hasn't been scientifically proven, cat owners believe that Siamese and Ragdolls can sense danger coming from people or surroundings.

Are Ragdoll Cats Related To Siamese?

Although they look like they have a resemblance like in the video above, there's no clear information on whether or not Ragdolls are related to Siamese cats. According to The Cat Fanciers' Association, Ragdoll cats are a cross-breed developed by a Californian woman named Ann Baker in the 1960s.

She cross-bred cats she found or owned. Thus, it's suspected that there might have been a cat of Siamese origin. She did this for temperament and appearance, and it resulted in the Ragdoll cats we see today.

One of the distinctive character traits of Ragdolls is that they are tolerant of pain. Their docile nature makes cat breeders believe that they don't feel any pain at all.

What Other Cats Does Siamese Get Along With?

Siamese cats get along well with other popular breeds, namely Maine Coon and the Siberian cats.

The Maine Coon is an original American breed and one of the oldest breeds in the United States. Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed. These cats have distinctive looks and very good hunting skills, which makes them a favorite for cat breeders.

Siberian cats are native to Siberia, a region in Russia. They have strong bodies and a very thick waterproof fur coat due to the climate. They are rather playful just like Siamese cats.

What Cats Get Along With Ragdolls?

Just like the Siamese cats, the Ragdolls get along with the Maine Coon. These two have equally relaxed personalities and are friendly and affectionate. A weird aspect about both breeds is they are dog-like and act as though in a pack.

Another breed that gets along very well with Ragdolls is the Burmese. Burmese cats are climbers and very playful, which makes them ideal playmates for Ragdolls.

Birman cats can't be left out of the picture when talking about cats that get along amazingly with Ragdolls. These low-maintenance cats are great companions for Ragdolls.

Note: The Siamese, Ragdolls, Birman, and Burmese cats have a lot in common—the almond-shaped eyes, pointed ears, long sleek bodies, and interesting color shades of the fur coat.

Do Siamese Cats Get Along With Each Other?

Yes, they do. Siamese cats get along marvelously with each other. If both Siamese cats have the same level of energy and playfulness, they become perfect companions for each other.

As you are aware by now, Siamese cats love attention and interaction. Therefore cats of the same breed are the best playmates for one another.

Can Ragdolls Be Left Alone With Other Cats?

Ragdolls love company, therefore leaving them with other cats only makes them happy. They get lonely when left alone. Ragdolls will find playmates in other cats particularly those that share their playful nature.

They have a mild temperament which aggressive breeds of cats might consider a weakness. Therefore, Ragdolls can't just be left around with certain undomesticated cat breeds.

Why Are Ragdoll Cats So Friendly?

Ragdolls are very affectionate by nature and will follow you around to get that affection. The friendliness of Ragdolls can be attributed to the character traits of this breed. They willingly socialize with anyone around them. They have such irresistible personality traits as shown in the video below.

This breed is well suited for indoors and doesn't fare well outdoors. They have an easy-going character which makes them good pets for introverts.

Are Siamese Cats Good Indoor Cats?

Siamese is a mischievous breed of cats and needs interaction from their owners. When left alone for long, Siamese can cause a mess in the home due to their playfulness.

Ensure that you keep Siamese cats thoroughly entertained indoors. When they get the necessary stimuli, Siamese cats will be contented to stay wherever they are.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Special?

Their looks and history make Siamese cats special. These vocal felines always make their opinion on everything known to those around them from food to the weather.

Siamese cats have a very interesting history. They are believed to have been domesticated in the 14th century in Thailand (formerly known as Siam). This makes them one of the oldest cat breeds on earth.

The Siamese cats got special treatment from royalties because of their unique and fascinating appearance. It was believed that when any of the royalties died, they would reincarnate into these cats.

The Siamese cats appeared in the United States in the late 1800s as a gift from a US diplomat serving in Thailand. Later on, members of this breed became movie stars in popular American movies.

In Closing

When you have both Ragdoll and Siamese cats, you find that they are a match made in heaven. Their playfulness, love for attention, and lots of energy make them very compatible with each other.

Their similarities are not only limited to their looks but include character traits as well. Other breeds such as the famous Maine Coon, Burmese, Birma, and the Siberian cats get along with either the Siamese or Ragdoll rather well despite their different origins.

Although some breeds are low-maintenance, it doesn't mean that they don't deserve as much attention as high-maintenance ones. Before taking on the responsibility of rearing or keeping cats, read the following posts for more insight:

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