How Much Does A Scratching Post Cost? [Answered]

Have you found your sofa or favorite chair becoming the preferred nail salon for your cat? Now's the perfect moment to explore getting a scratching post. But how much does a scratching post cost?

This is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Size, materials, brand — all these factors determine the price of a scratching post. But don't worry, we've consulted the experts and uncovered some valuable insights.

In this article, we'll dig into the cost details, what influences them, and even discuss DIY alternatives. Wondering which scratching post is considered the best? We'll review top picks.

Curious about how to get your cat to use a scratching post? We have some helpful advice. Read on for a comprehensive guide that every cat owner should have at their fingertips.

A cat scratching a cat tree looking excited, How Much Does A Scratching Post Cost?

The Cost of Scratching Posts

If you're noticing your cat is starting to scratch your furniture, then it's the right time to consider buying a scratching post. Scratching posts come in different shapes and sizes, therefore they will also vary in price.

The most significant factor in how much a scratching post would cost is the materials used to make it. We have consulted experts to narrow down how much a scratching post would cost you. Here is what we've got from them.

The average price for a scratching post will cost between $20 and $60 and could even reach above $100 for more complex scratching posts.

This price range has multiple styles of scratching posts available to you for your cat. It's good to remember that even if one scratching post is more expensive than the other, that doesn't mean that it's better. 

In the end, it's your cat that's going to decide if they want to use the scratching post or not, though if you really what them to use the scratching post you already got, they can still learn how to do so.

Please keep reading to learn the best way to pick a scratching post for your cat and how to encourage them to use it.

What determines the cost of a scratching post?

There are many different price ranges for scratching posts. The factors that decide how much a scratching post might cost are the brand and the materials used. While a higher-end brand of scratcher may cost more, that doesn't mean they use high-end materials.

The higher price of a scratching post is because you are choosing a pet accessory created by a well-established brand that has researched, tested, and gone through quality control before reaching the shelves of the pet store.

Unlike the brand of a scratching post, the materials and components used to make a scratching post will have a significant impact on the cost of the product.

Higher quality materials tend to cost more, therefore, increasing the final price of a scratching post. Having higher-end materials will raise the quality and durability of your scratching post, which in the long run will make your cat happy.

Cute funny cat is playing with a scratcher

What kind of scratching post is best?

Since there are a lot of available scratching posts out there, we have narrowed our top pick to only one, which is the SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post. This scratching post is highly recommended by pet owners. It is also tall and sturdy enough for even bigger cats to use.

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If this does not fit your cat's needs, here are some other great scratching posts options.

Lean-it Scratching Post 25"

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The Lean-it scratching post is a very affordable option while being versatile. You can lean this post against the wall to act as a standing post or lay it on the floor giving your cat different ways to enjoy it.

No need to worry about the post slipping because each end is rubberized to prevent it from slipping against any surface. The texture of this scratching post has a rug-like feel.

PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratcher

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The PetnPur cactus cat scratcher is a great alternative to the SmartCat scratching post. This scratching post does not disappoint in design and is made of high-end sisal materials. This scratching post also comes with a free dangling ball.

Amazon Basics Tall Cat Scratching Post

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The Amazon Basics scratching post is a tall and sturdy post that can accommodate larger breeds of cats. This scratching post also comes with a dangling ball. The material used to make this post is natural jute fiber.

The last thing to note is that the scratching post you should pick is a scratching post that will suit your cat's preference and not your own. After all, this is what will keep your cat from scratching and damaging your home's furniture, so you should make sure your cat will like it. 

Is it cheaper to buy or make your own scratching post?

Closeup of a household cat using a scratching post

It depends if you have the spare materials or can get your hands on cheap components, you'll surely save some money by building it yourself. The only drawback to making your own scratching post by yourself is time. If you have a basic knowledge of tools and have the time to build, this will definitely save you some money.

It'll be cheaper to build a bigger or more complex scratching post since it will usually cost more if you buy them at a store. Keep in mind that higher-end materials and components will always cost a lot more money.

By buying a scratching post instead of making one, you could save not only your money but a lot of time as well. There are some scratching posts on the market that are cheap and made with decent quality, this may be a better option than building it yourself.

If you're planning to purchase a scratching post, remember that you're paying for a product that's professionally designed and tested by a company, ensuring you'll get a quality product.

So it is best to plan this ahead of time. You should check out a scratching post from a store and look into what materials you'll need to build one.

Take note that you can always recycle materials from your house such as old pipes, rope, carpets, and much more. Below is a tutorial to make an affordable, PVC scratching post:

What Can You Use For A Cat Scratching Post?

The best material to build a scratching post from will be sisal fabric. This type of fabric can be found in a lot of scratching posts sold at stores.

The sisal fabric is a great choice since it is made out of biodegradable materials. You can also use ropes instead of sisal fabric, be sure that the type of rope you are using is safe for your cat's claws. 

Using sisal fabric compared to using carpet is a lot more beneficial for your cat since your cat's claw could get snagged in the carpet. Snagging their claw on a carpet will greatly annoy them and could potentially damage it if they rip it off after getting snagged.

Sisal rope is also a great alternative to use besides sisal fabric. But unlike sisal fabric, sisal rope doesn't get softer the more your cat uses it. Sisal rope can get dislodged if a cat keeps scratching in one spot and can be quite sharp. This might turn off the cat from continuing to use the scratching post.

If you're planning to build your own scratching post, check out this post: "How To Make A Cat Scratching Post From A Log."

Gray shorthair scottish striped cat scratching a brown post

Do Scratching Posts Sharpen Claws?

No, cats do not sharpen their claws using a scratching board. Cats like other felines have this natural urge to scratch stuff. Scratching is part of who they are. Scratching also helps keep their claws healthy.

If your cat begins to scratch your furniture, they are trying to remove the outer layer of their claws, revealing the healthier one underneath. Scratching can also mean they are marking their territory.

In the end, scratching is very natural for cats this is why you should try to get a scratching post for your cat to avoid further damage to your furniture.

The Essentiality of a Scratching Post: Key to Claw Health

Before you set out on the mission to either buy or construct a scratching post, there are certain criteria you need to bear in mind. The height and sturdiness of the post are prime factors. If the post is too short or wobbly, your pet might just give it a disdainful glare and walk away, making it an exercise in futility.

Remember that the scratching post needs to match your pet's size. A post that towers over your pet will instill a sense of challenge, compelling them to engage with it more often. Conversely, a post that falls short of your pet's stature might leave them uninterested.

To wrap it up, a scratching post is not merely an accessory; it's an integral part of your pet's life. It guarantees healthy claws and saves your furniture. Just remember, when choosing a scratching post, size does matter! Now, set off on that quest to find or create the perfect scratching post for your beloved pet.

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