Discover the Cat Paradise at Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii

Escape to a hidden gem on Hawaii’s Lanai Island, where over 600 cats roam free in the Lanai Cat Sanctuary.

But this purr-adise is not just for felines - it also serves as a protective shield for the island’s precious bird species.

Lanai cat sanctuary resident

What’s the story behind this extraordinary sanctuary?

Join us as we explore its impact on its inhabitants and step into a world where every purr is a melody of love.

Are you ready to find your own slice of paradise and unravel the secrets of this enchanting tale? The cats are waiting for you!

The Lanai Cat Sanctuary: An Unparalleled Haven for Cats and Conservation

Located in the heart of Lanai City, Hawaii, the Lanai Cat Sanctuary is a captivating destination that serves a dual mission.

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., this sanctuary isn't just a paradise for over 600 feline residents; it's also a vital stronghold in the conservation of Hawaii's unique biodiversity.

Screenshot from youtube video featuring Lanai cat sanctuary sign from hawaii saying "open daily 10am-3pm

Where Cats Roam Free and Thrive

As you step into this sanctuary, you're not just entering a place where cats roam freely and safely.

You're stepping into a haven where every cat, whether abandoned, stray, or feral, is not only given a name but also a second chance at life.

Each resident of the sanctuary is spayed or neutered, demonstrating a commitment not just to animal welfare but also to responsible population management.

Saving Birds, Saving Lives

But the sanctuary's mission extends beyond providing care to homeless cats.

In a remarkable blend of compassion and conservation, the sanctuary contributes significantly to the protection of the island's native and endangered bird species.

By welcoming feral cats from sensitive bird areas, they offer a life-saving alternative to euthanization and play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of Lanai's ecosystem.

Aerial photo of Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii showing beautiful oceans and blue sky

Cats & Conservation in Harmony

In the midst of the Pacific Ocean, the Lanai Cat Sanctuary truly stands as a beacon of hope and coexistence - a place where the well-being of cats directly aids in the preservation of native bird species.

Take a glimpse and fall in love with the cats at this sanctuary through the clip below.

It's a testament to the incredible impact we can make when compassion and conservation walk hand in hand.

Paradise Found: Unpacking the Lanai Cat Sanctuary Experience

Despite being an off-grid facility with no electricity, the Lanai Cat Sanctuary has transformed its 25,000 square feet of outdoor, fenced-in property into a paradise for cats.

Roughly half the size of a football field, this rustic haven is thoughtfully designed to cater to the cats' instincts and needs.

A photo of many cats in the grass at Lanai Cat Sanctuary In hawaii

From Trash to Treasure

Creativity shines throughout the sanctuary, with shelters made from repurposed materials and diverse climbing structures dotting the landscape.

These features not only provide the cats with shelter and amusement but also allow them to enjoy a bird's eye view of their paradise.

A Dedicated Dining Area for Feline Friends

The sanctuary also features a unique "catfurteria," a dedicated area providing cats with unrestricted access to healthy food and fresh water.

Cat giving stare as it chows down food at sanctuary.

This is particularly enjoyable for the cats who relish the luxury of not having to hunt for food​. Each day, the sanctuary needs 100 pounds of cat food.

The Catfurteria is part of a broader sanctuary setup designed to cater to all the needs and interests of the cats.

Maintaining a Healthy Environment for Cats

Despite its rustic charm and lack of modern utilities, cleanliness is a priority. Executive Director Keoni Vaughn emphasizes, "We keep it very clean."

Visitors can't help but be drawn in by the sanctuary's peaceful ambiance, underscored by the contented purring of its residents.

A photo of cats lounging outside at the Lanai Cat Sanctuary

Kathy Carroll: The Visionary Behind Lanai Cat Sanctuary

The story of Lanai Cat Sanctuary began in 2004 with Kathy Carroll, a woman deeply touched by the escalating feral cat problem in Lanai.

In response, she initiated the necessary steps to control the population, feeding and neutering stray cats.

However, Carroll soon realized that a more innovative solution was needed to address the broader issue.

Her solution? A sanctuary - a place where cats could live safely without posing a threat to the island's bird population.

This win-win concept led to the birth of Lanai Cat Sanctuary.

Today, Carroll's vision is a reality, providing a safe haven for many cats and protecting the island's native birds.

Her dream serves as a powerful testament to the power of compassion and pragmatic action in preserving the balance of Lanai's unique ecosystem.

The Cat Lover's Dream: Visiting the Lanai Cat Sanctuary

The Lanai Cat Sanctuary is the number one attraction on the island, with over 15,000 visitors from all over the world walking through their gates pre-pandemic.

Since then, the visitor numbers have dropped but are expected to pick up again as tourism rebounds​.

A closeup photo of a cat at lanai cat sanctuary

The Welcoming Cat Committee

Upon arrival, visitors are often greeted by a few senior kitties lounging in the entranceway. However, this is only a hint of what's to come.

When the sanctuary opens its front gate each day, the cats are not just waking up; they're clocking in.

An impressive lineup of about 40 cats competes for human attention, meowing and purring in anticipation of the treats they know are coming.

It's a heartwarming spectacle that Vaughn charmingly refers to as the cats "reporting to work" - a testament to their conditioned enthusiasm for human interaction.

Unique Visitor Experiences at the Sanctuary

Beyond the daily interaction, the sanctuary offers unique experiences such as hosting weddings and even a 'catchlorette' party, indicating a high level of visitor interaction and enjoyment​.

Be a Part of the Magic: Supporting Lanai Cat Sanctuary

This haven is powered by the generosity of individuals like you.

Each donation or sponsorship fuels this sanctuary, enabling vital tasks like microchipping, neutering, and spaying.

Imagine sponsoring a feline companion. It's not just a sponsorship; it's a bond, a unique story you become a part of through updates, photos, and shared experiences.

close up photo of a cat from Lanai Cat sanctuary

Consider the impact of your kindness - a visit, a donation, a sponsorship.

Each act, however small, contributes to the sanctuary's mission. It's more than financial aid; it's love, compassion, and hope.

Join this compassionate journey. Become a part of the magic that fills the Lanai Cat Sanctuary.

Visit the organization’s website to learn how to make a difference.

Your contribution will weave into the symphony of love and care that defines this sanctuary.

Lanai cat sanctuary

Lanai Cat Sanctuary: A Must-Visit Haven in Hawaii

The Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii offers a unique, heartwarming experience.

As a haven for over 600 cats and a crucial element in the island's wildlife preservation efforts, the sanctuary stands as a testament to compassion and balance​.

By visiting, you're not just exploring a paradise for felines, but also supporting a noble cause.

The sanctuary offers more than a glimpse of hundreds of cats in a serene environment.

It provides an opportunity to contribute, whether through the joy of interaction, adoption, or donation.

Your visit to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary isn't just a stop on your journey - it's a step towards making a difference.

So, come, visit, adopt, donate, or sponsor, and be a part of this beautiful mission where every purr matters!

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