Discover The Poezenboot: Amsterdam’s Unique Floating Cat Sanctuary

Have you ever heard of a place where cats command their own ship? A place in Amsterdam where felines don't just walk the streets, but also rule the canals?

This isn't a tall tale. It's the real story of the Poezenboot, a remarkable houseboat turned sanctuary that has become a floating home for our whiskered companions.

Nestled on the tranquil Herengracht canal, the Poezenboot is no ordinary tourist hotspot. Its story is one of innovation, compassion, and resilience, making it a true symbol of care and kindness.

But how did it come to be? And why is it so much more than just a quirky attraction? Whether you're a dedicated cat lover, passionate about animal welfare, or you're just intrigued, we've got some compelling tales to tell.

Get ready for a journey like no other... right here on Amsterdam's Cat Boat.

floating cat shelter on the canal in the city center

The Origin Story: How The Poezenboot Came To Be

Imagine it's 1966, and you stumble upon a family of cats seeking shelter under a tree near your canal-side house. What do you do?

If you're Henriette van Weelde, you welcome them in. This was the first ripple in the pond that started the Poezenboot, or the 'Catboat'.

As the word spread, more stray cats found their way to Henriette, quickly turning her into Amsterdam's beloved "cat lady". But the issue of space soon reared its head.

With her house filled to the brim with cats, Henriette needed a solution, and she found it floating right outside her window.

Setting Sail: The First Floating Sanctuary For Cats

Inspired by the houseboats bobbing on the Herengracht canal, Henriette launched the first-ever 'Poezenboot' in 1968.

She turned an old Dutch sailing barge into a cozy, cat-friendly home. This was a revolutionary concept - a sanctuary for cats, on the water!

The first residents were naturally the cats, and they were soon joined by a crew of volunteers dedicated to caring for them.

Expansion And Recognition Of Poezenboot

The popularity of this floating haven quickly soared, with visitors flocking in to meet the resident cats or even adopt one.

Henriette's initial boat soon became insufficient to accommodate the increasing feline and human visitors.

This unique floating cat's home began to draw visitors, not just to bring in cats, but also to adopt a pet or simply take a look.

The original barge served for over a decade before it was replaced by a Dutch houseboat in 1979.

By 1987, the Poezenboot had gained so much fame as a cat sanctuary that it was officially registered as a charity, the Stichting de Poezenboot - "The Catboat" Foundation​.

cats staring from the window of the catboat

Adapting To Change: Embracing The Modern World

The year 2001 saw a major overhaul of one of the boats to meet the legal requirements for a modern animal sanctuary.

The renovation was completed by early 2002, and the first new resident, a cat named Bloemetje - "Little Flower", moved in by April.

The digital age was also embraced, with the launch of the first website in 2003, and later, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were adopted to reach out to a larger audience​.

Endurance Through Challenges: The Legacy Lives On

When the sanctuary lost its founder, Mrs. Weelde, in 2005, it was a heavy blow. However, her legacy lived on through Judith, who had been assisting her and the Poezenboot since her teenage years.

The sanctuary faced another test in 2006 when authorities decided to remove the second boat. Despite this setback, the Poezenboot remained steadfast, continuing its mission with unwavering determination.

The Poezenboot's story isn't just about overcoming challenges or innovating solutions; it's about passion, perseverance, and the unending love for our feline companions. You'll experience this firsthand when you step on board.

Inside view from the 'Poezenboot'

Inside The Poezenboot: A Peek Into Amsterdam's Unique Cat Boat

Welcome to the Poezenboot, a sanctuary and home where cats reign supreme.

This unique floating refuge, nestled on the serene waters of Amsterdam's Herengracht canal, offers a delightful sight unlike any other.

The Cat Boat: Innovative Special Features

More than just an aesthetically pleasing houseboat, the Poezenboot is a feline's dream come true.

It offers a haven that has been thoughtfully adapted to cater to the needs of its special residents, providing a safe, comfortable, and enriching environment.

This floating sanctuary is replete with innovative features designed specifically for cats: climbing posts, scratching boards, cozy sleeping corners, and plenty of open space for play and exploration.

These amenities have been carefully designed and placed to replicate the natural habits of cats, promoting their physical health and mental well-being.

The Residents Of Poezenboot

Each resident of the Poezenboot has a unique story.

Some are old, some are young, some are playful, and others are more reserved, but all have found a safe and loving home in this floating haven.

The stories of these cats are a testament to the sanctuary's commitment to providing refuge to those in need, regardless of their age or health status.

black cat in the Catboat

Visiting The Poezenboot: A Memorable Experience In Amsterdam

Taking a trip to the Poezenboot is a memorable adventure that's not just for feline enthusiasts but for anyone appreciating unique concepts and charitable causes.

Here's what you need to know to make the most of your visit.

Welcoming Cat Lovers: Engaging With The Poezenboot's Feline Residents

Whether you're planning to adopt a feline friend or simply can't resist their charm, the Poezenboot is an inviting haven.

Open to all, this unique spot along Amsterdam's canal belt welcomes visitors to mix and mingle with the resident cats.

Cuddles are actively encouraged, especially with the more sociable felines​.

Practical Details: Opening Times And Donations

Entry to the Poezenboot is free, though donations are gratefully accepted. Monetary gifts or cat-friendly goodies like treats and toys are always appreciated.

The sanctuary welcomes visitors between 1-3 pm, except on Wednesdays and Sundays.

For detailed planning, check out the official Poezenboot website, where you'll find additional information and a convenient booking system.

Two embraced girls look at Catboat

Volunteer Opportunities: Join The Mission Of Poezenboot

Becoming a volunteer at the Poezenboot is more than just an opportunity; it's a journey of companionship and compassion.

The sanctuary welcomes volunteers from all walks of life to join its mission of providing a safe haven for Amsterdam's feline community.

The Role Of Volunteers

As a volunteer, your role at the Poezenboot is multifaceted.

From providing essential care to the resident cats to maintaining the boat's cleanliness, every task contributes to the overall well-being of the sanctuary.

Duties include feeding and grooming the cats, cleaning their living spaces, and ensuring their overall comfort.

In addition, volunteers may also assist with administrative tasks or public interaction during visiting hours.

The Perks Of Volunteering

While the tasks can be demanding, the rewards of volunteering at the Poezenboot are immense.

Testimonies from past and present volunteers highlight the unique sense of fulfillment derived from caring for the resident cats and contributing to the sanctuary's mission.

The joy of witnessing a once-stray cat find a new home, or the satisfaction of providing a clean and comfortable space for these felines, is an experience that words often fail to capture.

Your Guide To Donations And Cat Adoptions

Contributing to the Poezenboot can be a gratifying way to give back to the community and support a one-of-a-kind initiative.

You can make donations either financially or in the form of goods and supplies.

You can contribute financially through bank transfers, and the sanctuary also appreciates tangible donations such as cat food, toys, and cleaning supplies


Bringing Love Home: The Cat Adoption Process

If you're looking to welcome a new furry family member into your home, adopting a cat from the Poezenboot can be a rewarding experience.

The adoption process is designed to ensure that the cats find loving and suitable homes.

Adoption Criteria And Application

Potential adopters need to meet certain criteria, which may include proving a stable living situation and demonstrating an understanding of the responsibilities of pet ownership.

There is an application process, and a member of the Poezenboot staff will work with you to find a cat that matches your lifestyle.

Adoption Fee And Post-Adoption Support

There is often an adoption fee, which covers veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and other essentials.

After adopting, new pet owners can also expect post-adoption support, including advice on helping their new cat adjust to its new home.

Poezenboot's Impact On Amsterdam's Community

The Poezenboot, a lifeline for Amsterdam's cats, annually provides 200-250 strays with a safe haven and essential medical care.

Over the years, this sanctuary has significantly improved the city's feline welfare through its rescue efforts.

Educating The Public About Feline Welfare

In addition to its rescue and adoption efforts, the Poezenboot plays a crucial role in educating the public about cat welfare.

Through outreach, the Poezenboot staff educates the community about responsible pet ownership, feline behavior, and population control methods.

Garnering Recognition And Making A Difference

The Poezenboot's tireless efforts in cat rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption have not gone unnoticed.

The sanctuary has received various awards and recognitions, further emphasizing its impactful role in the community.

But the real testament to its success lies in the purrs of contentment from the cats it has saved and the grateful smiles of those who have adopted a furry friend from the Poezenboot.

Final Thoughts On Amsterdam's Remarkable Poezenboot

The Poezenboot is a testament to Amsterdam's spirit of innovation and empathy.

Whether you're a local, a tourist, a cat lover, or simply someone who admires unique concepts, a visit to the Poezenboot is an experience to cherish.

Your visit, volunteer work, donation, or adoption could make a world of difference in the lives of Poezenboot's feline residents.

So why wait? Discover the charm of this floating sanctuary and contribute to the noble cause it upholds.

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