Should Your Indoor Cat Wear A Collar?

Do you think it's weird to have your indoor cat wear a collar? After all, she's just staying inside your house, what will she need it for, right? Well, we asked pet experts if it's a good idea to put a collar on your indoor cat and we're sharing with you now what we got from them.

Indoor cats should wear a collar with their owner's contact details on it. This gives them proper identification and makes it easier for the people who find them wandering on the streets to return them back to you.

Hang on as we explain further why and how indoor cats could suddenly find themselves outside of the comforts of their home and usual environments and how having a collar will help them find their way back to their families. We'll give you the pet experts' stand regarding the cat collar controversy. We'll also tell you why breakaway collars are best and if calming collars work.

A cute indoor cat wearing a violet collar and starring at the window, Should Your Indoor Cat Wear A Collar?

Do you put a collar on indoor cats?

Cat collars usually come with a tag that bears the owner's contact details. This is very important so that your pet cat can be returned to you in case she goes missing. We all know how curious our pets can be and their adventures can lead them outside even though we try our best to keep them indoors.

As your cat explores the world around her, she might be able to get out of the house and not know her way back home. The person who finds your cat will be able to identify immediately that she's not a stray, that she belongs to a pet parent who must already be worried sick about her. Upon checking the tag on her collar, that person can reach out to you right away and you can have your baby back.

Even if your indoor pet is microchipped, it's still best to have her wear a collar all the time. You need a special gadget to read microchips whereas you can easily read the information printed on the collar's tag. This increases the chance of having your cat returned to you faster if ever she goes missing.

A cute cat wearing a collar staring outside

Should I put a collar on my cat ASPCA?

The ASPCA recommends putting a collar (with an elastic panel) around your feline pet, even if she is an indoor cat. Doing so will help with proper identification in the unfortunate event that your cat gets lost.

ASPCA also advises pet parents to have their cats microchipped and let them wear a collar with an ID tag so that they can be easily identified when the need arises.

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Do indoor cats need Breakaway collars?

Indoor kittens and cats are naturally curious about their surroundings. They love going up and down, exploring every nook and cranny inside and outside the house. While doing so, they might get themselves entangled in a tree branch or get stuck in tight places.

This is why they need breakaway collars even if they are supposedly indoor cats. The truth is, you can't watch over them 24/7. When they find themselves caught up in these troublesome situations, they will be able to break free.

Breakaway collars come with a clasp that has been designed to open when a certain amount of pressure is applied. This means your pet will be safe from harm as she could choke or hurt herself if her collar doesn't have a quick-release feature. This is why many pet experts highly recommend using breakaway collars for your indoor felines.

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Does a cat need a collar to go to the vet?

Kittens as early as 6 months old should get used to wearing a collar all the time. Yes, this includes all those times when you have to visit your vet. Your cat might wander in the clinic or try to escape because they don't like going to the vet. In these instances, people who see your pet will know immediately how to contact and you'll be thankful that she has proper identification on her collar.

It is best never to take off this accessory from your cat's neck at any given time, as long as it fits your pet well.

Are collars uncomfortable for cats?

Cat collars come in different sizes. They are made to fit a specific size from small to large cats. As long as you've prepared your pet to wear a collar and it comes in the right size, then they will get used to wearing it and feel comfortable having it around their neck.

There have been studies that show that felines aren't bothered by wearing collars. The majority of the cats that have been part of the research behaved better than their owners expected them to. This lends support during collar discussions that it isn't cruel to let our furry pets wear collars as they become accustomed to these neckpieces.

Always check the fit of your pet's collar as they can easily outgrow them. When this happens, that's when they'll feel uncomfortable wearing their neckband. It might even cause them pain or they could find it difficult to breathe. Some even end up hurting themselves as they try to remove the collars. Because of this, they'll associate collars with a negative experience and might refuse to wear them again.

The good news is that you can avoid the discomforts mentioned above. You only need to make sure you can fit your 2 fingers in between the collar and your pet's neck for a comfortable fit.

Do cat calming collars work?

There are various factors that cause our pet cats to become stressed. It could be a drastic change in their environment, a new member of the family, or unfamiliar people. Each cat is unique and may have her own reasons for being anxious and distressed.

When felines are stressed, they may have trouble sleeping, become restless, defecate or urinate outside of their litter box, overeat, or hide from other people. If your pet displays these behaviors, there are calming collars sold on the market that promise to help keep their negative feelings under control.

Cat calming collars make use of pheromone technology to instill behavioral changes among felines. A pheromone is a chemical that's released by certain animals to change the way another member of their species behaves. The chemicals in these collars are said to imitate the pheromones from mother cats as they soothe and calm their young when they are upset or in pain.

However, pet experts are undecided regarding the effectiveness of these calming collars. They seem to work for some and may have an insignificant effect on others. It would really depend on your pet's receptiveness to this product. If you observe that your pet is stressed, it's best to consult your vet to address the issue and get proper treatment.

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Final Thoughts

Have your indoor cats wear a collar all the time for your own peace of mind. It is her ticket back to you if ever her adventures lead her outside and she loses her way back to your home. Make sure it contains your contact details so that she can be brought back to you in no time. If you have concerns about these collars causing hair loss on your pet, you can read our article, Can A Cat Collar Cause Hair Loss?

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