Rescuers were shocked to find Six Kittens at this location

In an incredible act of compassion, a team of dedicated rescuers with the TikTok channel @catsofsanbernardino undertook a daring mission to save six helpless kittens trapped in a junkyard.

The Incredible Journey of Rescue

The journey began when the team returned to a junkyard colony they had worked with to rescue an ailing kitten named Gamble.

This time, they discovered six more kittens in dire need of help.

Trapped with barely room to move, the kittens were suffering from dehydration, malnutrition, and illness.

Determined to save them, the rescuers strategically lured them out with food and gently gained their trust.

One by one, each kitten was located and removed from its hiding spot amidst the hazards of the junkyard.

The team made painstaking efforts to calm their fear and scoop them to safety. Tragically, they discovered one kitten had not survived.

@catsofsanbernardino New Rescue Alert! First, we know many people are asking about the white kitty from yesterday. We put an update in our Instagram stories @catsofsanbernardino These sick kittens were rescued when we went out to do TNR last week. This is the same colony that we rescued Gamble from. It was a mission trying to get these kittens out. There was barely any space for us to move and A LOT of places for them to hide. Of the 6 kittens rescued, there are at least 3 different moms. With the number of adult cats there, we don't know who the moms are, but the smallest litter didn't look like that were being cared for anymore. All of these babies have been to the vet and are currently on oral antibiotics and eye drops. They are dealing with a virus, so the antibiotics are to protect against secondary bacterial infections. Unfortunately, with viruses, we just have to support their immune system with b12, hydration, and making sure they are getting nutrients. It's been a lot of worrying and sleeplessness, but we do still have all of them alive and fighting ❤️ We do know that there are more kittens on the property and a ton of adult cats that need to be fixed. We will back out there tomorrow, and we will be LIVE if anyone wants to join us for the adventure. We should be starting the live around 530 Pacific Standard Time. We want to thank everyone who has donated to Gamble and these 6 kittens. Without you, none of this would be possible. #kittens #kittenrescue #catrescue ♬ original sound - catsofsanbernardino

A Mission of Heart: Saving the Six

With the remaining five rescued, the team urgently administered medical treatment.

The kittens were battling a virus and secondary infections, requiring antibiotics, eye drops, and round-the-clock care.

Funds poured in from supporters moved by the kittens’ plight. With compassionate medical treatment and nurturing, the team helped the kittens defy the odds and grow stronger each day.

Their inspiring recovery can be seen on the rescue’s TikTok.

A New Beginning: The Journey to Healing

While still recovering in foster care, the kittens’ future looks bright. Their heroic rescuers aim to find them loving forever homes once they are healthy.

Until then, they continue to share their remarkable story to raise awareness and help more cats in need.

This selfless team has shown dedication spanning months to aid vulnerable cats at this colony. Their compassion has given these kittens a second chance at life.

You can witness their progress here: TikTok Junkyard Kittens Update.

To follow the kittens' ongoing journey and support the rescue efforts, visit @catsofsanbernardino on TikTok. Their valiant work is saving lives, one cat at a time.

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