All Hail Sir Leo, SPCA Feline Prince for Adoption

Bow down, peasants.

A recent Facebook post from the SPCA of Wake County introduced the world to Leo, an impressively majestic FIV+ cat available for adoption.

Leo’s larger-than-life personality and adorable quirks shine through in this viral post now melting hearts across the internet.

Check out the viral Facebook post here:

The caption reads:

He is beauty, he is grace, he is blind as a bat.
This is Leo. Leo has FIV, which you could probably guess from his overall vibe, but it's fine — he's fine with it. It adds to his charm. We love our FIV cats.
Please also note his belly. His feets. His extra-wide cheeks. He is a glorious specimen — indeed, the statue of David of cats.
As much as we would like to hold him in our laps and touch his toe beans until the end of time, we acknowledge adoption would probably be best. So here we are, begrudgingly sharing him on Facebook in the hopes that you'll want him for yourself, and we'll be forced to hand him over so he can have, like, a real family or whatever.
Hurry up before we change our minds — the adoption survey is at 🥴 Just promise to share lots of post-adoption pictures. And maybe a video of him walking into the couch while he figures out the layout of your house — followed by some consolation belly rubs, of course 🥲 #weloveleo

SPCA Of Wake County, Facebook Post

Introducing Sir Leo, Graceful Feline Extraordinaire

The post playfully describes Leo as “beauty, grace” and the “David of cats” — a glorious specimen indeed.

With endearing wide cheeks, luxurious belly floof, and toe beans for days, Leo oozes charm and grace (metaphorically, that is — he’s actually blind!).

This handsome ginger boy has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), likely contributing to his chill vibe.

But the staff assures Leo feels great, and his condition adds to his lovable character.

Now Leo seeks a home to call his own and a family to cherish all his wonderful uniqueness.

A Bittersweet Goodbye for the SPCA Staff

While the SPCA wants the best for Leo, their post hints at the reluctance to let this darling cat go.

They joke about holding him forever, touching his toes, and basking in his presence.

But they acknowledge a loving home would be ideal, “forcing” them to share Leo on social media.

The SPCA promises to request ample pictures and videos post-adoption, hoping to stay involved in Leo’s new adventure.

They will no doubt miss this unforgettable and sweet boy.

What's Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)?

Leo's viral Facebook post mentions he has feline immunodeficiency virus or FIV.

This cat-specific virus impairs the immune system, leaving cats more prone to infections.

FIV is primarily spread through bites between cats. The risk comes from exposure to outdoor cats since indoor cats rarely acquire it.

FIV kitties can live long, healthy lives with vet care and monitoring.

While contagious to other cats, FIV poses no infection risk to humans. And it does not prevent FIV+ cats from living happily with other pets.

Rest assured that with some precautions, they can enjoy full lives.

Leo's post reassures that his FIV simply adds to his character. With treatment, cats like Leo have years of love ahead of them.

Clearly, his condition does not detract from him making a wonderful companion!

Could Your Home Be Leo’s New Kingdom?

If Leo sounds like the perfect addition to your castle, visit the SPCA of Wake County’s website to fill out an adoption survey.

Give this extraordinary cat the fairy tale ending he deserves.

And let the SPCA know they made the right choice trusting you to cherish their beloved Leo!

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