Meet the Dark Disco Techno Tabby Winning Hearts on TikTok!

Move over, Daft Punk. A new musical sensation is in town! Meet the dark disco techno tabby that's captivating TikTok audiences.

From its first meow into the mic, it's clear that this orange tabby has natural talent.

Watch this diva kitty in action here:

@ikarvski Your favourite techno cat is back for some kitty dark disco tunes #cattechno #technokitty #korgmonologue #ravecats #gingercatsoftikoktok #synthcat #technocats ♬ dźwięk oryginalny - ikarvs live

Meet the Star of the Show

This ginger tabby is a techno star in the making.

In this charming 34-second video, the feline star lounges around a home studio.

It saunters in confidence as it makes herself at home — on the couch, piano, producer's table.

Eventually, it even takes a well-deserved break on its owner's shoulder. As it should!

All the while, she meows a sassy, dark disco soundtrack.

Captions depict the kitty diva's inner monologue — flaunting cat-titude as an artist approving the music.

This funny video captures a relatable take on our cats' imagined thoughts as we create.

The techno cat's video has 5.2M views, 1.1M likes, 36.8K shares, and 5.2K comments. It's a sure hit!

What People Are Saying

One viewer commented, "it slaps tbh."

Another was delighted to see the cat bobbing its head to the beat, saying, "He bobbed his head too 😭".

The video has even inspired some viewers to show it to their own cats, with one user commenting, "I showed this to my cat and she liked it!"

Clearly, the techno cat's musical talent has won over fans around the world.

Why Cats Love Music

It's no secret that cats are known for their love of lounging and napping.

But did you know that they also have a fondness for music?

Cute persian cat listening to music, Do Cats Like Music?

Apparently, a study from the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery found that cats prefer music that sounds like them.

This means that they tend to enjoy music that has a similar tempo and pitch to the sounds they make themselves, like purring and meowing.

Also, another study found that cats also seem to enjoy music that is calming and relaxing.

Much like the music that veterinary clinics often play to help soothe anxious cats.

To create a calming playlist for your feline friend, choose music with a slower tempo and calming sounds that mimic the sounds of their species.

Who knows, maybe they'll start bobbing their heads like ikarvski's techno tabby?

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