Types Of Ragdoll Cats [Coat Colors And Patterns]

With their gorgeous blue eyes and soft fur, Ragdoll cats are definitely one of the prettiest looking cat breeds out there with multiple coat colors and patterns. These colors and patterns will determine what type of Ragdoll your cat is. We have consulted cat experts about the different Ragdoll cats out there; here is what we learned.

Though cat associations only consider the traditional Ragdoll to be show or breeder worthy, there are other Ragdolls that are still purebred. Ragdolls' colors and patterns can be as follows:

Ragdoll Patterns:

  • Colorpoint
  • Mitted
  • Bicolor

Ragdoll Colors:

  • seal
  • blue
  • chocolate
  • lilac
  • red
  • cream
  • cinnamon
  • fawn

It is also possible for Ragdolls to develop three possible pattern overlays such as lynx, tortie, and torbie. If you are not planning to get a breeder or show cat, consider getting one from a breeder or adopting one from an animal shelter. Mixed patterned and colored Ragdolls are also very pretty and can be as loyal as a traditional Ragdoll if cared for properly. For more information about Ragdoll cats, keep reading below.

A fluffy Ragdoll cat licking his tongue while lying on the table, Types Of Ragdoll Cats [Coat Colors And Patterns]

Ragdoll Patterns

If you're curious which of the three patterns we've specified is your Ragdoll, here is a brief explanation.

A colorpoint patterned ragdoll has a white body with a colored face, ears, feet, and tail. Mitted cats' white feet appear as though they are wearing mittens. They also have a white chin and a white belly stripe.

The last of the three patterns is bicolor, which has a white chest, legs, and stomach. They also have an inverted "V" pattern under their faces.

What Is The Most Expensive Ragdoll Cat?

A beautiful Ragdoll cat with blue eyes staring at the camera

Ragdolls are a cat breed known to be a bit pricey. With long beautiful hair and big blue eyes accompanied by a loving and loyal personality, this cat is for sure worth your money. There are multiple factors that will affect the price of a Ragdoll, such as age, pedigree, the origin of birth (country or state), and the breed's purpose.

The most expensive type of Ragdoll would definitely be a show and breeder Ragdoll. The show and breeder Ragdolls would range from $2,000 to $5,000. These types of Ragdolls would only be sold by a reputed breeder.

Getting a purebred Ragdoll from a reputed breeder is expensive and the reason for that is they have done a lot of work and research to get the best possible qualities you want from a Ragdoll. That's why for these Ragdolls, only the purebred or traditional Ragdoll is sold.

Breeder & Show Cats

Having a breeder cat means your cat is close as it can get to a perfect purebred Ragdoll. Female Ragdolls considered breeders will typically cost more than male breeders. When a Ragdoll is a kitten they are checked for genetic defects that may pass on to their offspring. If there are any defects found, the cat will not be deemed as a breeder. 

Show quality Ragdolls are perfect cats and are free from any physical blemishes or disfiguration. Show quality cats are always kept to be in their prime condition. This means watching their diet, keeping their fur nice and silky, and making sure that the cat's health is in great shape.

Pet-quality Cats

On the other hand, there are also pet quality Ragdolls. Pet quality Ragdolls are also considered to be purebred, but they lack the requirements to be classified as a show or breeder. A pet quality ragdoll will cost you around $1,000 to $1,500, depending on the breeder you'll get your cat from.

There are also situations where a type of Ragdoll like Mitted, Bicolor, Lynx, Tortie could cost more.

Do Ragdolls Shed A Lot?


A Ragdoll cat enjoying his combing while on the table

Ragdolls do shed but not as much as you think, even if they have thick coats. Since Ragdolls do have long hair, it is expected that they will shed a bit.

Ragdolls will typically grow thicker hair before or in winter and then they will start to shed a lot during spring to get rid of all that excess fur they grew. The shedding season for a Ragdoll will typically be in spring, when they shed the most.

Your Ragdoll's shedding can also differ depending on the climate. If you live in a warm climate, you may experience more shedding since your cat will try to cool themselves. So expect to see patches of fur here and there but expect a lot more when shedding season hits.

Here are some great accessories to have before your cat's shedding season starts.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

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A slicker brush is a good and simple way to groom your cat's fur. A feature that this slicker brush offers is a retractable bristle allowing you to easily remove the fur off the brush.

Pet Pull Complete Professional Pet Grooming Kit

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This pet grooming kit is great because it comes as a bundle. This bundle includes a cleaning glove, a grooming brush, and a slicker brush.

Penn-Plax VacGroom Shedding Vacuum Attachment Kit

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The Penn-Plax VacGroom is a kit that you can attach to your vacuum. This helps get your cat's fur off your rugs and furniture. This is a great and easy way to clean your cat's shedding.

Do Ragdolls Like To Be Held?

A Ragdoll cat with blue eyes resting on his owners arms

Yes, Ragdolls love being held and will try to get your attention when they want to be held. The name Ragdoll also comes from the way they react when picked up because they will turn limp on your hands.

Though Ragdolls aren't considered to be lap cats they are very loving and have their own way of seeking your affection.

When a Ragdoll seeks your attention, they will follow you around or sit beside you. This is a sign that your cat is seeking affection, so it's best to play or pick your cat up and hold it for a bit. A good thing to remember is all cats have a unique personality and your cat may not want to be held as much as others.

Do Ragdolls Need Another Cat?

Two cute Ragdoll kittens sitting on a small basket

No, you don't really need another cat for your Ragdoll. But having another cat will help keep your Ragdoll stay active and it won't feel lonely when you leave your house for long periods of time.

Since Ragdolls have a puppy-like trait they easily get attached to their owners, leaving them along for long periods of time will make them lonely.

If you plan to leave your home longer than usual, it's best to make sure your cat is safe and has enough enrichments to keep it busy while you're away. When arriving you should spend a bit of time with your cat giving it the affection it needs.

Having another cat could also be good because it will also fulfill your cat's need for affection while you're away. If you find that sometimes your cat feels lonely, another cat might help solve that. Ragdolls love receiving affection, so for your cat to have a buddy to cuddle with will be great.

If you do get another cat, it's also possible that both cats could be dependent and might feel lonely when you leave. Keep in mind cats have a unique personality and that your Ragdoll may be alright with being alone.


A fluffy Ragdoll cat licking his tongue while lying on the table

Ragdolls come in many different colors and patterns. Though only purebred traditional Ragdolls can be classified as show or breeder cats, you can still register other types of ragdollRs to be purebred. Make sure you care for your cat's fur and prepare well before their shedding season starts.

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