Kitten Explosion! Flatbush Cats Needs Your Help Naming New Rescues

A recent viral video from Flatbush Cats highlights both the joys and challenges of kitten season.

Their tweet asks for name suggestions for two of five adorable new fosters — a plea for help during this overwhelming time.

Check out the Twitter video here:

Kittens, Kittens Everywhere!

In the video, Flatbush Cats rescues handfuls of kittens from a dusty basement.

These are just a fraction of the countless homeless kittens born outside yearly. Others sadly don't survive without intervention.

Flatbush Cats rescues many neonatal kittens. But caring for masses of homeless litters is unsustainable.

Spaying/neutering is the lasting solution to this overwhelmed system.

Flatbush Cats' Mission to Address Overpopulation

Flatbush Cats began as a small TNR group helping Brooklyn's stray cats.

But seeing endless litters still flooding shelters, they're taking drastic action.

Their new clinic will provide 7,500+ spay/neuter surgeries annually to fix the overpopulation crisis at its root.

Getting to the Root of the Crisis

Flatbush Cats recognizes that rescue is vital but not a permanent solution. Endless litters still arrive yearly.

As such, Flatbush Cats' clinic gets to the root, stemming the endless influx of kittens.

The key is addressing the root cause — unchecked breeding.

By systematically providing spay/neuter access, fewer unwanted kittens are born. This prevents burdening overwhelmed groups and crowded shelters.

Otherwise, rescue groups remain locked in an unsustainable cycle of temporary bandaging.

The population continues growing exponentially faster than it can cope. Tackling overpopulation at its core is the only path to lasting change.

Their visionary goal is not just to rescue — but to eventually make rescue unnecessary.

About Flatbush Cats

Flatbush Cats was formed to solve Brooklyn's cat overpopulation crisis through accessible spay/neuter care.

Their vision is "no cats on the street, no cats in shelters."

They started as a small TNR group but saw endless litters still flooding shelters yearly.

So they're building a high-volume clinic providing 7,500+ spay/neuter surgeries annually to address the root cause.

Flatbush Cats' Goals

By increasing affordable vet access, Flatbush Cats aims to:

  • Get cats off the streets through increased rescue/TNR
  • Keep cats out of packed shelters through preventative care
  • Bring equity to animal welfare so all can experience pet companionship

About Flactbush Cats' Founder

Flatbush Cats founder Hannah Shaw, known as Kitten Lady, is a longtime rescuer working to end the kitten crisis.

She says their new clinic will "provide vital services that address the kitten crisis at its root."

You Can Help Brooklyn's Kittens!

By supporting Flatbush Cats' clinic, you enable life-saving care for both owned cats and rescue kittens.

Affordable vet access keeps cats off the streets and out of packed shelters.

Follow Flatbush Cats on social media as they creatively battle the borough's kitten crisis.

And help name those adorable fosters!

Check out their website to see how you can help.

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